Custom Beauty Box Wholesale with Logo Design

19 Dec 2022, By Jessica

Custom Beauty Box Wholesale with Logo Design

Choose UrgentBoxes for Exceptional and Innovative Cosmetic box Designs:

Are you in a beauty business and want to upgrade its status? Contact us! We are the leading packaging manufacturer. We will guide you on getting the lead in the beauty industry through customized cosmetic boxes. Our expert designers are at your service. They will make their utmost effort to provide you the best. If you need lipstick box or eye-liner box they know how to create a perfect box in accordance with the product’s requirements.

Cosmetic Box Packaging Designs to Captivate the Customers

We are living in the 21st century. Compared to the past, people have now become more mindful regarding their skincare. That's why, contest is increased in the market. Each brand wishes to establish its distinct identity and is searching for strategies to allure clients towards its products. So, we will brief you about the most unique and appealing cosmetic box designs that will entice customers at first sight.

What are Our Material Options for Cosmetic Boxes?

First, we will guide you about material selection for the packaging of beauty items. Mostly, we make sure to use sustainable and long-lasting materials. Beauty products are susceptible to get damaged and breakage. Therefore, we prefer kraft, cardboard, and rigid material. Three of these stock options are perfect for cosmetic box packaging. You can customize these boxes in the required designs and prints.

Reverse & Straight Tuck End Boxes:

Brands and manufacturers prefer tuck-end boxes for the packaging of beauty products. Reverse and straight tuck ends are among the most popular box styles due to their easy endings and closures. You can quickly draw out and put in the things.

Cosmetic Boxes with Die-Cuts:

Are you selling the best quality eye-shades, eyeliners, and lipsticks but invisible from the eyes of the onlookers? It's time to disclose them. Nothing could be more appropriate than a die-cut box. For example, a Die-cut lipstick box will showcase the product in front of the audience. They will be no need to unpack the box to see the color shade.

Two-Piece Cosmetic Box:

A two-piece box functions well for the packaging of various beauty items. You can add make-up kits, nails, lipsticks, eye shades, etc., in one package. The lid of the box keeps things protected.

Rigid Box with Magnetic Closure:

A rigid box is an optimal option for packing fancy and costly beauty items. Rigid boxes are composed of thick paper and give excellent protection. You can choose between a two-piece rigid box or a box with magnetic closure. Besides this, you can add foam inserts to the box. Their addition will give a wonderful unpackaging experience. If you have to use the rigid box as a gift package, you can customize it with colorful ribbons, bows, etc.

Mailer Box:

The majority of online businesses prefer mailer boxes due to their sturdy nature. There can be no stock option that can be better than corrugated. Corrugated with various flute options adds thickness to the box. Corrugated mailer boxes make sure the safe shipment of breakable items.

Custom Beauty Boxes with Logo Design:

We can customize any package, whether for promotional or personal purposes. You can print the box with the logo design and business tag lines. A customized box printed with the company's details looks awesome and acts as the best marketing tool. Besides this, the sign of your company's logo sets your brand's products apart from the rest. We suggest you emboss the logo. Embossing gives a three-dimensional effect and highlights the images' colors.

Subscription Beauty Box:

Subscription boxes are the best kind of boxes to pack a plethora of beauty items. They come in corrugated and cardboard forms. The sturdy corrugated will be an apt option if you want to ship the products from one place to another. However, you can use cardboard for display purposes. The cardboard is durable and custom printed as well. So, you can print the box with appealing artwork and designs to make them more alluring.

Need Design Support? Get Free Guidance from Our Expert Professionals:

As mentioned above, our company consists of skilled professional designers. They have years of expertise in packaging. They can customize any package as you wish. Do you need guidance regarding customization? You can request to share design templates created per your specifications without cost or get free design support from our qualified team.

Short Budget? Avail of Our Wholesale Services:

Are you low on budget and looking for reliable and reasonable services? You are at the exact shop. You can avail of our wholesale services. First of all, it will be best help in the continuous running of your business. Secondly, you will be able to save a lot of amounts from your budget.

An Ultimate Packaging Solution: UrgentBoxes

UrgentBoxes is one of the leading names in the packaging industry. We have served customers from different parts of the world for several years. 100% of customer's approved, and our remarkable services have made us notable among the audiences.

  • We offer free of cost shipping.
  • You can get a fast quote reply within 24 hours
  • We do not charge for plates or die-cuts.
  • Our creative design assistance is also free.
  • We offer digital 2D and 3D design mock-ups for the customer's satisfaction.
  • Our minimum order quantity starts from 100.
  • Our standard delivery time is 14 to 17 business days.
  • Choose the rush service to get the order within 9 to 12 days.

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