Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind? Navigate through these questions to find answer. However, if you cannot see your question in the list, feel free to drop a call.

You will feel glad to know that our shipping is completely free. And you can also have the tracking ID so that you can trace your order in which phase it is.

The more amount of packaging you order us you can avail more discounts on the packaging. Other than this you can have the wholesale rates so that you can have the massive amount of packaging at affordable rates. Moreover, we offer minimum 100 boxes for your product.

You can have the packaging with free sampling so that you can make sure that it is the exact order that you want for your product. Or you can also make changes if required.

To have your packaging you just have to wait for 10-12 days for the manufacturing and having your order on your doorstep. We promise for fast and accurate packaging for your product.

CMYK and PMS are amazing color patterns that are used in the manufacture of the packaging. But it is different from each other as CMYK consist of four colors in it and PMS consist of three colors in it.

We use the best durable and stable packaging stock for your packaging. These can be cardboard, Kraft and corrugated materials that are most sustainable and suitable packaging materials.

You can have cardboard and Kraft for packaging of your materials as both are two different packaging materials. Cardboard is in plain white color and is strong and long-lasting. On the other hand, we have Kraft that is of brown color and is less durable than cardboard.

We offer various stock options that are ecofriendly, cost-effective, sustainable, water-resistant, weather-resistant, FSC and FDA approved.

No, we do not provide pre-made or standard packaging. We customize the packaging according to the customers requirement as well as customer guideline.

Yes! We offer you to a place a request for a quotation. You can place the quotation with the help of live chats or via email.

Before submitting a quote for your packaging make sure about the specifications of your product. You should know about the dimensions of the product and the packaging you are selecting.

These are really helpful to provide high-end gloss coating on some part of the packaging so that it can give smooth and decent look.

Box styles are the way to assemble your packaging and make them give trendy and stylish look to the packaging. These box styles make it easy to open and close as well as unboxing of the packaging.

Your designs are highly considered so that we can have an idea that which type of packaging you want from us. For this purpose you can share designs in the form of PDF.

The number of colors in the packaging means the number of colors that are using in the customization of the packaging. Such as red green and blue are the three colors that are used in customizing the packaging.

You can add color, 2colors, 3 colors and many more according to your choice. You can also have the box styles and all other features of the packaging according to your choice.

To measure the units of the thickness of the material of the packaging we use GSM (Gram per square meter) and PT (point).

To transfer payment, you can use the best and most authentic services i.e. E-transfer, Bank wire, CC form, PayPal.

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