Customized Paper Bags

Customized Paper Bags

Paper Bags Convenient Packaging Style!

Paper bags have eased the packaging concerns of businesses and retailers. Being a flexible yet chic packaging style, they add to the aura of your brand name while complementing the product well. Brown paper bags are now commonly used in emerging businesses. Moreover, their packaging paper can vary as to the preference of clients. Be it Kraft paper bags or custom wax paper bags; all are now easy to access and available under one roof i.e. Urgent Boxes!

Customization has helped businesses grow and develop the ideal forms of packaging. Amongst the several packaging options, custom paper bags have been able to stand out the most. This packaging can be used for any product such as bath bombs, organic soaps, edible products, cloth packaging and all that you may think of. Their flexibility of accommodating any product is the reason why they appeal to brands more and let them own the lead in the market!

Have an Eco-friendly Packaging option for your Products with Custom Paper Bags!

Paper bags can be easily recycled, which serves as a favorable point. Brands and the markets are now in search of eco-friendly options for their product packaging. The use of paper, cardboard or Kraft in paper bags helps the retailers and industries tackle this issue well.

We offer all the stocks that our clients require. Moreover, our stocks are finely formulated to serve you in their best possible forms. High thickness in the paper bags can be achieved by adjusting and increasing the thickness of the packaging stocks!

Personalize Attractive Prints and Brand Logo on your Paper Bags!

Brands prefer custom printed brown paper bags as they look eye-captivating once personalized. The printed paper bags let the manufacturers have ownership to their packaging. An ordinary packaging won’t set a trademark for your brand as you may prefer. With custom printed paper bags, it is easy to style, design and curate a rather laudable packaging!

There is no restriction at Urgent Boxes. You can get your bags customized on any stock. Usually, custom printed Kraft paper bags are preferred more because with their high eco-friendly properties, designing and styling on them looks top-tier!

We offer free design support. Our team will assist you to style your paper bags. For your personalization, we offer digital, onset and offset printing techniques.

A master tip is to embrace the brand logo on the packaging with foiling and embossing/debossing. Highlighting the logo and making it look high-end is paramount as it reflects and resonate the brand name.

Facilitate and Ease Your Customers By Adding Handle to the Bags!

While you’re benefitting from customization, why not add elements that may ease your customers? Make your products easy to carry for your buyers by opting for custom brown paper bags with handles. 

The use of brown paper bags with handles looks exquisite while holding and since it is handy; you get a 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction.

It is surprising how by adding a handle to your personalized paper bags, you ease the stress of your customers and let your products be carried easily. 

Get Paper Bags at an Economical Wholesale Rate!

We at Urgent Boxes offer brown paper bags wholesale. A wholesale purchase is a better way to get a bulk of your customized boxes at an affordable price. We offer the best possible rates to our customers without adding any extra charges. Our aim is to deliver quality and while we’re delivering quantity; assurance of delivering quality in this aspect is our top-most priority as well!

We offer Kraft paper bags wholesale as well as an affordable offer for wholesale wax paper bags; an opportunity hardly available.

Get a Free Quote!

Our clients can now get a free quote prior to their personalization. This will allow you to manage your budget better. Increasing your business and enhanced marketing is everyone’s aim, easily achievable with a transformed personalized packaging. However, the stress followed due to budget restrictions cause chaos. Our sole reason to offer free quotes is to let our clients heave a sigh of relief by learning about our economical customization process.

We offer Free Shipping Worldwide!

With the purpose of assisting our clients, we offer free shipping. Our shipping services are not countrywide, but worldwide. Clients from all over the world are now witnessing their business reach heights with our top-notch personalization and expert guidance. Hence, we care for all our clients, spread across the world and ensure to deliver their ready to use packaging right at their doorstep!

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