Vape Packaging

Vape Packaging

Smart Vape Packaging Options for your Vapes!

Vape requires a packaging that is technically built; perfect for the vapes to reach their customers. With the massively growing competitors in this industry, having a packaging that speaks for your product is paramount. A neglected packaging will tarnish the brand credibility as it won’t be able to protect the vapes.

The first and foremost step to increasing your sales is recognizing, accepting and contemplating the need for customization. Manufacturers neglect and look past to the need of a better formulated and well-structured packaging; harming both, the brand name and vapes. While purchasing a vape, customers expect everything to be exquisite, consisting the packaging of the vape.

Hence, customization becomes essential as it helps formulate a laudable display and look for the vapes!

Premium Quality Printed Vape Boxes!

Having custom printed vape boxes is a significant plus point. A packaging styled, designed and given life by the manufacturers themselves lets the brand own it. The vape packaging is yours to work on and hence, all you need to do is style as better as you want to succeed.

A successful vape oil boxes print would include brand logo, basic details of the brand, a section that includes details of the vape, guidance of how to refill vape oils (if any provided) and additions that you’ve given to your vape. As an obvious fact, a basic box won’t be able to serve all the elements manufacturers demand in their print.

At Urgent Boxes, our customization helps you to regain your sales and brand worth. With our high quality printing services, we offer ideal printing on your vape packaging boxes. Hence, the prints will last long and won’t get damaged easily.

To increase the appeal of your customized packaging, we finely layer your selected coating style on the printed vape box to enhance and make the print far more vibrant.

A Guide About our Top-Quality Stocks!

Manufacturing quality over quantity must be the topmost priority. In the race of manufacturing more boxes, brands pick out low quality stocks that are unfit to protect the vapes. A vape cartridge packaging needs to be highly durable, strong and sturdy which ensures the protection of vapes. Only this way a manufacturer can earn the satisfaction they look forward to.

We offer the premium quality stocks, nowhere to be found. Our stocks go through a process of fine formulation in order to achieve their perfect forms. You can pick show your preference and choose a stock from paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and Kraft.

Our stocks have managed to stand out in the packaging industry for their fine eco-friendly qualities. Despite the nature of the product, whatever you offer won’t appeal to the market unless the packaging is eco-friendly. The constant awareness and conscious of people has led them to pick a product that ensures its nature friendliness. Our stocks are here to assist you in this aspect!

Basic Guidelines

A sturdy box packaging appeals more to the manufacturers than an attractive print, as a matter of fact. Protecting the vapes has to be the prime concern of the vape manufacturers. Hence, you can now adjust and increase the thickness of the vapes to achieve an increased durability.

Our Delivery Services have Extended Worldwide!

Team Urgent Boxes felt the need to cater every concern of their customers; and so we did. We now offer free shipping for clients that trust us worldwide. Our partners that consist of multi-national firms as well as startups, all are welcomed and offered the plethora of services and offers we provide!

Free shipping is a significant opportunity for people who look forward to have an enhanced branding, within a budget!

Affordable and Highly Economical Wholesale Offers!

Our wholesale services are highly economical. Providing vape boxes wholesale is another way for us to be the perfect partners for our clients. With our wholesale purchase, it is easy to manage budget. We believe in empowering our partners through services that matter!

Free Design support!

Customization, perhaps, can be a new concept to many. Thus, we at Urgent Boxes let our clients rule their industry with their customized cbd boxes by availing our free design support. With experts assisting throughout the customization process, it will be easier for our clients to have ideally styled packaging.

It is true that customization has helped brands grow and flourish. The impact a unique and eye-captivating packaging holds cannot be neglected. Therefore, offering our panel of designers was necessary to let you customize right!

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