Counter Display Product ID: 20

Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes

Stock / material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add-ons: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing

Packaging: Assembled and shipped flat

Structure: Eco-friendly assembling.

Have you went to a shopping mall with a list of few supplies you needed but ended up spending money on beauty products that you already had a full stock of at home? While most of us are not spendthrifts, from time to time we all are enticed by the bewitching packaging to buy things we don't necessarily need.

Captivating packaging, in the shape of custom counter display boxes is the bait every company uses to lure customers into their shops. Be it a cosmetic product, cigarette, or even a baked good, well-designed counters display boxes are used to effectively showcase high-end products on the shelves of retail shops.

If you're a retailer, looking for custom counter display boxes at wholesale prices, you've come to the right please because we, at Urgentboxes, will equip you with the highest quality counter display boxes at the most budget-friendly rates! A thoroughly personalized display box will help attract a legion of customers, expanding the customer base, and increasing overall sales. With the help of this 3-step process, you can put together the box of your dream, in mere seconds. 


Hand-picked top-tier materials

The quality and durability of the material used to craft your retail display boxes speaks volumes about your product since people associate it with the quality of your product. Therefore, our diligent team goes through several sedulous processes to ensure that only the finest materials available in the market are used for the manufacture of your personalized boxes. Some of the high in demand materials we offer include are;

·         Cardstock

Also known as cover stock and pasteboard, cardstock ranges from 14pt for cosmetics and food boxes and 12 for very light-weight boxes. It is thicker and more durable than normal paper boxes, however, it does not provide much protection against physical knocking so is not used while shipping products.

·         Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated counter display boxes are best suited for shipping purposes as the highly sturdy cardboard forms a protective shield against any wear and tear and keeps your product safe during transportation.

·         Eco-Friendly Kraft

As the name suggests, eco-friendly kraft is both recyclable and biodegradable so alleviates pressure on energy resources. It is durable, flexible, and lightweight, therefore, cutting down shipping costs. Kraft paper has a range from 14pt to 22pt and like cardstock, is used for all types of boxes except for shipping purposes.

We'll also equip you with a myriad of unique styling options for your cardboard counter display boxes. Some widely chosen styling options for counter display packaging boxes by customers include; straight tuck-end, seal-end, auto-lock with bottom, sleeve, and pillows boxes.

Add-ons, Coatings, and Unlimited Customization

Unadorned plain display boxes have little appeal and cannot hold the attention of potential customers for long while highly personalized counter display packages boxes, garnished with a number of ravishing toppings draw customers' attention to your counter like moths are drawn to light. For the aid of this purpose, we offer a colossal range of add-ons like Spot UV, embossing, debossing, gold and silver foiling, PVC window, etc.

The coating has a huge influence on the overall look of your cardboard counter display boxes, turning a basic product into a high-end product. Different types of coatings complement different themes; gloss lamination gives a polished look to your packaging, adding a sheen that bedazzles customers from a mile away, matte lamination is a better suited option for luxury brands that are looking for a refined and posh finish while Spot UV is a comparatively less expensive option that beautifully fuses the effects of the aforementioned coatings to make your packaging pop!

You can also ornate your counter display box with your company's name and logo, using the following styling processes; embossing, debossing, and raised ink. If you want to take your packaging to a whole new level of ostentation, you can coat your boxes with gold or silver foiling.

Noteworthy Printing Experience

Premium printing and exemplary customer care are the trademarks of our company. Our adept team equipped with state-of-art machinery, top-notch digital and offset printing presses, and top-of-the-range color models, amounts for an unrivaled printing experience. We highly dislike a packaging box that possesses brittle material, ill-shaped designs, and contaminated color combinations therefore, our team works painstakingly to ensure that your custom printed counter display boxes are perfect from every aspect! Since we're a company that endorses human and animal rights, we use only the cruelty-free color models PMS and CMYK. While the CMYK is a comparatively inexpensive model, PMS is the one that offers a wider range of dazzling colors!

Why choose UrgentsBoxes?

Our around the clock available customer care service, cost-cutting strategies and fast turnaround shows our unwavering dedication towards gratifying the needs of our customers. What sets up apart from other rival companies is that not only we provide a surfeit of services, we provide it at the lowest rates at market without compromising on our excellence! Keeping your expenditures within your budget is our top priority therefore, we offer the following cost-cutting services; free delivery across the USA, flat rate shipping, the wholesale price and free graphical assistance.

You can also request a free template of the following types to please your inner critic;

  • 2-D Die-cut: A 2D sample to let you get a flat view of the box in an image format.

  • 3-D Mockup Video: A 3D sample, in contrast, allowing you to get a rotatory view of the custom box.

  • Physical sampling: Giving your abstract idea a tactile appeal.

What is waiting for? Don't you want to uplift your sales? Well if you do, get your hands on our custom counter display boxes and watch your sales spiral upwards at a neck-breaking speed! Order today to avail our discount offers!

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