Corrugated Boxes Product ID: 19

Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes

DimensionsAll Custom Sizes & Shapes

Printing: CMYK, PMS, No Printing

Paper Stock10pt to 24pt (80lb to 200lb)(250gsm to 600gsm) Eco-Friendly Kraft, Corrugated and Flute Stock

Quantities: 100 - 500,000

Coating: Semi Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV, Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination

Default Process: Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, perforating

Options: Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink

Proof: Digital PDF Proof, 3D Mock-up

Turn Around Time: 10 - 12 Business Days

Shipping: Shipped Flat and Assembled. No Shipping Charges For Deliveries to the USA, UK, Australia and  Canada

There are a lot of ways to make a certain product successful in the market. Some brands uses one way while the others, the other. Hence it is different for everything yet so closely related. In the case of corrugated boxes, you can choose your approach according to the use of these boxes.  Urgent Boxes is very competent to understand what its customers looking for and they try to make it out if perfection. We try to give importance to every step of the procedure of manufacturing the creative packaging boxes. We know that each and every detail counts hence we always make sure that our boxes are just about that. The procedure that we follow guarantees high quality results to the customers.

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Creating a box from scratch is not a one person job and we already know that. Therefore, we have a perfect group of designers, manufactures and assemblers who do their respective work with dedication. Our corrugated boxes have the curved high satisfaction from every customer. Using these boxes on your display with increase the worth of your products and make them look just fantastic. Therefore, it is noticeable that you also recognize the right quality boxes and start using them.

Get creatively designed boxes from the expert designers:

There are a lot of packaging brands which do advertise about creative packaging a lot but their products are totally opposite to their claims. We are not like that. We have never tried to deduce our customers and ensured them with the best packaging. There are even some brands which offer very little creativity in the designs and limit it to just a few customers. For all such customers, they need to try our corrugated packaging. It is rightly customized with the proper details so that there is no question about their credibility. Besides this, we have also made it relatively easy for our customers to get their favorite designs on the boxes. Unlike others, we don?t limit our designing options and don?t charge any extra amount for optimized designs. You can simply share your selective designs with us and get them printed in the boxes.

If your company is just a startup, it requires a lot of efforts and struggles to be successful. How can you help it? There are many ways to that but packaging is the most reasonable way. Everyone comes in contact with the packaging at first and then opens it up to check the product. Our boxes are famous for their unbeatable quality, excellent designing and wonderful creation of absolutely amazing designs. This can be very helpful in different ways and you can accurately benefit from it. We always try use the most creative designs for all our packaging boxes and they are just excellent.

Only a suitable material with significant value:

The concept of packaging starts with the material. It is the first thing that the process of manufacturing a box is started with. Therefore, it is not ignored both the customers and the manufacturers. We at Urgent Boxes give special attention to it and try to create high standard packaging boxes. Corrugated packaging is one of the most genuine packaging boxes which are created in different ways. It has always been created with the excellent materials so that customers can always find it very attractive. In addition to that, we give our customers multiple options to choose corrugated packaging. They can select their favorite material for these boxes and it is truly fantastic. During the delivery and shipmen of the goods, there are some boxes which are easily damaged. Our boxes are not one of them and fulfil all kinds of conditions very easily. Hence, it becomes very comfortable and yet so productive to use them.

Never skip customized boxes, but why:

After you have confirmed the quality of the boxes and satisfied from it, there are several ways that you can proceeds with these boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes are excellent packaging boxes providing excellent service to the customers. Therefore, we just try to make you understand how effective it can be. After checking the quality of the boxes, customization is used to significantly design the appropriate packaging boxes. We have an entire group of team members who develop the designs and present them before the customers for approval. After they approve, the designs go on the cardboard corrugated boxes. Giving a chance to your customers to use excellent boxes with wonderful qualities is a great achievement. This can help them as well as you in so many ways.

Try to inculcate variety of options on one category:

If you are presenting or using the same kind of boxes over and over again, it becomes very boring and unattractive. Therefore, the best possible solution to it is the use of different options. Limiting them to just a few is very unattractive way to style the boxes and can lack the interest of views. Therefore you can introduce the styles like corrugated mailer boxes, corrugated shipping boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes. These boxes can be conveniently used both for the simple packing as well as the shipping of the products. However, you need to pack your products in a style which needs a well manufactured packing solution. All these mentioned options on corrugated packaging can be good for all sorts of products but mostly the clothes, toys and other shopping items.

Don?t forget the environment while benefitting from a good packaging:

Packaging has a great effect on our environment. In fact its effects are so grave that we cannot sideline them completely. It can also disturb our lives I?d it has cheap stuff in them. Therefore it is important that you always use a responsible packaging which has certain good effects and can be used in different ways. Corrugated boxes are one of the highlighted boxes and they are always available in different options of materials. Therefore, you must try to use them in such a way that they have good purpose without disturbing your environment. So don?t wait and start placing your orders now. You will be thoroughly satisfied with what we have to offer you.

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