Cookie Boxes

Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes

Stock / material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add-ons: Die-cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing

Packaging: Assembled and shipped flat

Structure: Eco-friendly assembling.

Cookies are the most loved snacks of individuals of all ages and classifications. Their packaging is viewed as similarly obligatory in its quality as the actual item; various kinds of exclusively styled and planned Custom Cookie Boxes present fabulousness and fascination in the retail location racks and other market shows. These boxes can be printed with additional security to hold the quality and newness of the treats stuffed inside. They are accessible on the whole shapes and estimates and can have many custom parcels and spaces as required.

We are given to consumer loyalty ? and our massive choice of Custom Cookie Boxes reflects exactly how far our commitment goes. Not exclusively do our boxes arrive in a wide assortment of sizes, shapes, and styles, yet we likewise convey various shading alternatives, so our clients never need to make do with items that miss the mark concerning ideal.

Which Material Will Be an Apposite for your Boxes?

We have with us four exciting materials, and every material is remarkable for its particularity. You can examine.

Card Stock 

It goes from 12pt-14pt, so it might be applied to make boxes that can get things for a long time.


It goes from 14pt-22pt. It can use again and again as it is recyclable and biodegradable


It is thick woodwinds that will, when in doubt, keep up the thickness of layered.


The base thickness of this material is 32 pt. 

Put hands-on innumerable Shapes and Dimensions for Your Boxes.

Besides, we have each size that we can anytime need. Exactly when we say that we have you covered, we mean it with all that is in us. Our inspiration is to make this packaging experience perhaps the most imperative one to have all you like without any hindrances.

Avail of our high- Quality Printing Techniques:

With lithographic Printing, offset, and digital printing, we have all of the potential alternatives available. Choose to outline any of these vigorous and splendid printing systems and all set. Besides, make the charm happen.

Digital Printing 

This Printing gets dimmer with light and is reasonable and best for models. 

Flexography Printing 

It is generally conservative. Regardless, the expense increments when more tones are added as from the beginningless tones are utilized. 

Offset or lithographic Printing 

It utilizes full tones. Such a printing has a sparkle finish and touchy touch.

Enhance Your Boxes with Add-ons: 

There is no convincing motivation to look for an exhibiting association and experience extra money since we have you covered. Our moderate Add-ons are all that you need to make your picture hang out on the lookout.

  1. Spot UV: it is a Covering of UV at various spots as opposed to the entire surface 

  2. Foil Stamping: otherwise called hot stepping and it is an eco-accommodating improvement 

  3. Die-cutting: it is the cutting of material in different shapes and complex shapes 

  4. Embossing: it is making 3D blueprints, making it simple to survey for individuals. 

  5. Debossing: it is level cutting into the paper, which makes dimensional importance in your game plan 

  6. PVC Window: it is an upkeep material, and it is eco-accommodating and recyclable.

Add to the Beauty of your boxes with the aid of Coatings:

We have two kinds of coatings accessible for you, and both are stunning. 

  1. Gloss or covered: This made it focus on the light; stowing away doesn't ingest the material utilized, stays stunning all through the holder's lifetime. 

  2. Matte or uncoated: this doesn't focus on the light. It changes material to give a glimmering impact on the holder.

Why Choose Urgent Custom Boxes?

At Urgent Custom Boxes, we work the entire day consistently for our customers' joy and progression altogether. From this point forward, we have a whole day and night free customer care organization.

  • Perks: our raft secures the thing inside, shields it from dishonesty, and does not arrange and coordinate and guarantee a protected vehicle.

  • Free Sampling: The clarification behind offering free separating is that you can look at and survey the eco-accommodating cookie box bundling skillfully going before introducing your arrangements. Our total objective is to have your delight in any conceivable manner. Hence, you can pick any approach that suits your necessities and works best right now. Thoroughly look at the models, and starting there on, present your references.

  • Flat View 

  • 3d sampling

  • Physical sampling

  • Receive your quote now 

Considering everything, we wish to fulfill all of your necessities and needs in the briefest period. However, you can buy, and large leaves us remarks on how content you are with our organization and us.


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