Custom Soap Boxes Product ID: 50

Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes

Stock / material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add-ons: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing

Packaging: Assembled and shipped flat

Structure: Eco-friendly assembling.

Soaps are an essential part of the everyday cleaning routine. Hygiene control is something that people are dwelling themselves on with each passing day. This is not just because of the ongoing health or environmental issues but because of the fact that is highly essential to maintain your personal hygiene. There are different types of soaps in the market like beauty soaps, bacterial soaps, clear soaps or other design ones, this diversity has led us to believe that there must be different kinds of packaging boxes for every new type of soap. For this very reason, Urgent Boxes presents to you, the most effectively advantageous yet attractive Custom printed soap boxes. The purpose of our boxes is to give your brand something distinct to hold on to. You are looking forward to the perfect branding techniques? Let us take you there!

The exclusivity of the product is what makes it stand out in the market. If you are a manufacturer of retail products or even wholesale products, you need to have innovation in your products in order to stand out better. You cannot have boring products and expect your customers to be pleased. There are a lot of ways to go about this, Urgent Boxes provides you a different approach. We provide you high-quality packaging boxes that will help you stand out among the mainstream stuff. Soap industry is one of those industries that have always been in demand and it will never go out of trend because its use is universal. Even though with advancements, liquid soaps have been introduced, the use is still the same no matter how much sanitizers or other disinfectants come in trend. This is why Urgent Boxes believes in bringing the trend no one will be able to ignore. We give you the opportunity of getting Custom wholesale soap packaging boxes with logo of your brand.

Customizing your own boxes have their own benefits and they are not only related to one thing. The benefits are diverse especially when you get them from Urgent Boxes:

·         Since soaps have been in trend for almost all our lives, many manufacturers think that it is not important to pay attention to the packaging of soaps. Well, Urgent Boxes believes in something else. Our philosophy is that the attractive exterior of a quality product will drive people towards buying it. If you are selling a product in bad quality, the rotten box then people will rather not buy it. Our boxes are not just attractive but they are made out of sturdy box material. We are confident that our boxes will help you broaden your customer base.

·         Getting customized boxes is not just about showing and glamor but also about increasing brand promotions and advertisements effective. When you give your customers something beautiful, they will talk about it and that is how word of mouth marketing will help you make a name for your brand.

·         All of this will in turn increase your sales. Eventually, your brand will become the talk of the town. A broadened customer base means potential partnerships will be promoted. Urgent Boxes believes in owning the new opportunities and we suggest you do the same!

·         We focus on the customization of your boxes because before actually using your product, a customer will look at the packaging and that is how they will build a perception regarding the brand and your product. This is why Urgent Boxes want you to give your best and with us by your side, you don't have to do much. Just state your requirements for the customization and we will take it from there.

·         customized soap box will give complete information a person needs regarding the product. When you have all ingredients mentioned on the product, a person will instantly know if there is any allergic chemical in it or not. This is how you maintain your image by giving a notion that you care!

·         The most important thing about such boxes is that you fulfill the purpose of protecting your product. Soaps can start to lather if they come in contact with water or can generally become hollow, this is why it is important to have a sturdy covering. Our boxes, as mentioned before, are specifically made from quality box material to ensure none of that happens.

·         Good packaging will help your product look good from afar. Not just that, every retail shelf can have a product for a very long time and our packaging box will stay the way it was on day one.

·         Many people believe that packaging doesn't play a strong role in increasing the value of your product. However, Urgent Boxes believes that your packaging box will be the pivot in turning your brand's fate. Investing in this domain means that you are willing to provide quality in every aspect so your soaps will sell in an effective manner.

Urgent Boxes is about maximum customer satisfaction and that is why we let you customize the whole thing. You can always select everything on your own when you come to us. Everything about your box will be selected by you. You can follow the themes of your choice and make the customization of your soap boxes a little classier. Urgent Boxes will be by your side, every step of the way.

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