Candle Packaging

Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes

Stock / material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add-ons: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing

Packaging: Assembled and shipped flat

Structure: Eco-friendly assembling.

Candles are the most loved feature of decoration. The diversity in the manufacturing of candles is beyond imagination. This is why Urgent Boxes brings in our own twist with Custom Candle Boxes. Our boxes are personalized according to your requirements and fulfill all the packaging needs perfectly. With these boxes, not only your candles will stay protected but will also give out an appealing vibe. Our aim is to provide you with updated product boxes for you to level up your marketing game. Our boxes are perfect to increase sales and no matter if you are tapping into a new market, this will be the perfect choice for you. Urgent Boxes will give you quality, above everything else. 

Candles are one of the most important features of aesthetic decoration. Wherever you go, candles play an important role in increasing the beauty of the interior. Want to have a relaxing bath? Light up a scented candle. Want to have a peace of mind with lights off? Soothe your mind with a candle instead. People love having such artistic additions to their rooms which is why we offer the best Custom candle packaging here at Urgent Boxes.

Customized packaging is in trend because you get to make exactly what the demand is. No one likes boring stuff anymore, colors are the part of life in every there is. This is why we give you the ultimate opportunity to give back to your customers in the best way possible. Our packaging will not only help you to keep your existing customers but also attract new ones. Increasing the reach of your brand in the market is the plan and we are the perfect customer-magnet that you need.

Our Focus is on what you want

We at Urgent Boxes believe in creating an environment for our customers that increases efficiency, productivity, and creativity. We provide you with everything that you want. Our procedure comprises of achieving perfection through fulfilling all your requirements perfectly. We direct all our efforts in the place where they are needed. With us by your side, your company will reach new heights of success. Our boxes will help you promote your brand in the most effective manner.

What Do We Aim to Provide You through Our Custom Printed Candle Boxes?

Eye-catching and Striking Packaging

The most essential part of customized packaging is the attractive exterior. If your box isnâ??t good looking enough, people will not be attracted to it. This is human psychology that people are more drawn towards that catch their eye in the first glance. For your brand to make the perfect mark, you need to make sure that everything about your packaging is perfect; from looks to quality. This is where Urgent Boxes come in because we provide you with the highest quality designs in town. Our renowned team of designers will give you the vibrant and creative designs you have been looking for.

Sturdy Material and Quality

We deliver the quality we have promised. The first and foremost step of customization is to pick the right material for your candle boxes. We have a wide range of materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft paper, rigid material, cardboard paper or any other material of your choice. Your material should be selected on the basis of your box design. Let's say you are introducing a new line of scented candles for Christmas Eve, you can go for luxury style rigid boxes with extravagant designs. All of this depends on your choice and Urgent Boxes fully recognizes that. The higher you go in the material hierarchy, the better the quality outcome will be. Urgent Boxes believes that quality should never be compromised which is why whatever combination you choose, we provide the best of everything.

Differentiation in Market

We aim to provide you the opportunity to stand out in the market. We are a packaging company who is a constant supporter of uniqueness and innovation. We provide you with endless ways of standing out in the market. Our perfect designs will give you a distinct sense of originality. Our team works hard to provide you with the spectacular graphics of the highest quality. If you want to make a mark in the target market, you need to give your customers something different yet amazing, and Urgent Boxes will help you grow. Moreover, our high quality Candle packaging box will help you promote your brand in the best way possible.

Increased Product Sale

The packaging is not just about showcasing your product but it is about increasing your sales. Your company will perform only when it has reached the target of engaging maximum customers. Packaging will help you in attracting people towards your product and then, into buying it as well. Candles are loved universally and being a mainstream product, innovative packaging will give you the benefit over others. With our custom packaging boxes, you will be able to compete with your competitors. Do you want to rise above the sky? Get Urgent Boxes on board.

Ecologically Smart

The most important point of our packaging boxes is that they are ecologically smart and environmentally friendly. We are strong believers in the fact that caring for the environment is equally important which is why we follow the rules and regulations. Moreover, our boxes can be used for storage purposes because of being of high quality.

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