Cannabis Seed Boxes
Cannabis Seed Boxes
Cannabis Seed Boxes
Cannabis Seed Boxes
Cannabis Seed Boxes
Cannabis Seed Boxes
Cannabis Seed Boxes
Cannabis Seed Boxes

Cannabis Seed Boxes Product ID: 130

Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes

Dimensions: All Custom Sizes & Shapes

Printing: CMYK, PMS, No Printing

Paper Stock: 10pt to 24pt (80lb to 200lb)(250gsm to 600gsm) Eco-Friendly Kraft, Corrugated and Flute Stock

Quantities: 100 - 500,000

Coating: Semi Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV, Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination

Default Process: Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, perforating

Options: Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink

Proof: Digital PDF Proof, 3D Mock-up

Turn Around Time: 10 - 12 Business Days

Shipping: Shipped Flat and Assembled. No Shipping Charges For Deliveries to the USA, UK, Australia and  Canada

Cannabis seed packaging is a great way to protect your precious seed from external factors. Afterward, custom Cannabis seed packaging added with desiccant enhances the life cycle of seeds. Moreover, these cannabis seed boxes also facilitate the clients' labeling so that products can be distinguished easily. With Urgent boxes you can design custom seed boxes according to your item's requirements. Choose and get the best cannabis seed packaging.

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Cannabis Seed Packaging Contains all the Essential Aspects

Delivery of the seeds in the best condition requires the perfect cannabis seed packaging. The custom seed packaging must be manufactured so that no external factors can affect the integrity of the byproduct.

Cannabis seed packaging ensures that the product is completely safe to flourish efficiently. Using multiple beautification techniques and matching coloring schemes can boost the performance of your custom seed packaging.

Labeling the Product Through Custom Seed Packaging

In these modern times, every product must be labeled so that it can be uniquely identified. Using custom seed packaging for labeling not only ensures the branding but also provides an extra layer of safety. Moreover, you can label these custom seed packaging according to the item stored so there would be no complexities.

Many manufacturers design cannabis seed packaging with foam to store seeds effectively while using labeling for the outer surface.

Q: Do you provide shipping?

Yes, we provide shipping, and it is free.

Q: What are your locations for shipping?

We do shipping worldwide.

Cannabis Seed Packaging is the Best Packaging for Cannabis Seeds

Usage of cannabis seed packaging makes sure that the texture and quality are sustained during the whole shipment process. Custom seed packaging helps the seeds maintain their integrity until the consumer wants them to plant.

Cannabis seed packaging has become very popular among consumers as it helps them safeguard the product. Custom seed packaging can be designed and manufactured according to your needs.

Crucial Factors Regarding the Designing of Cannabis Seed Boxes

Cannabis seed boxes must be manufactured in air-tight condition so that they can store the cannabis seeds for longer. Usually, custom seed packaging uses glass as a material due to its magnificent protective elements.

Moreover, cannabis seed boxes also use plastic for storage purposes, but they aren't as good as glass. Custom seed packaging uses a tight air module because they make sure that no external element like water can fluctuate the quality of the seeds.

Q: Is there a Design cost?

No, with Urgent boxes there is no design cost.

Q: Can I make my labeling for custom seed boxes?

Yes, with us, you can make your labeling.

Making the Best Custom Seed Boxes

Using Ziplock packaging as custom seed boxes is a poor choice for sustaining the byproduct. The reason why doesn't these kinds of packaging don't play along is due to the moisture that can pass the outer layer.

Custom seed boxes lids and holders should be made from the same product. Using glass and plastic for the same custom seed boxes can make things difficult for you. Both of the materials have different expanding and contrasting temperatures.

Storing Seeds in Cannabis Seed Packaging

Always remember that seeds are alive and should always be put in Cannabis seed packaging until the patron wants to plant them. Moreover, hemp seeds are also not cheap, so always use good quality Cannabis seed packaging to ensure the texture and freshness of the item.

If the quality of Cannabis seed packaging isn't great, the chances of seeds dying rise exponentially. Always use air-tight seed packaging so that no outer circumstances can harm the integrity of the product.

Reasons you need secure Custom Seed Boxes

If the seeds are secure properly, they can be planted for almost 5 years. After this tenure, the feasibility of these seeds flourishing can drop. However, there are different scenarios where seeds were packaged in custom seed boxes and still grow after ten years. Desiccant is also used in custom seed boxes to maintain the moisture level.

Moreover, desiccant also absorbs ethylene that comes during the aging time. As a result, cannabis seed packaging also enhances the product's lifecycle when the desiccant is added to the packaging.  

Cannabis Seed Boxes Wholesale Services

Many organizations with high sales numbers or are new to business surely need a cannabis seed boxes wholesale supplier. Moreover, these cannabis seed boxes wholesale deals help you save money. On the other hand, a reliable cannabis seed boxes supplier also facilitates you with the supply that meets your demands.

Choose Urgent boxes as your cannabis seed boxes wholesale supplier and see the difference.

Advantages that are directly linked with Custom Seed Packaging

Cannabis seeds are alive, and they should be kept safe. Cannabis seed packaging provides an extra layer of protection to the seeds due to their air-tight functionality. On the other hand, cannabis seed boxes has many other features. some of them are written below:

  • Securing the byproduct from germs and moisture factors.
  • Providing a good impression to the client through custom seed boxes.
  • Custom seed boxes can be designed according to your product's preferences.
  • Also, provides consumers with a mesmerizing unboxing experience.

Enhancing your marketing through custom seed boxes

Storing seeds with cannabis seed packaging with a logo can surely help you boost your sales. Moreover, descriptive detail of your product with a unique art style on your custom seed boxes put a good impression.

Customers tend to go for a product that has a unique style and packaging. Furthermore, custom seed packaging provides patrons with a good unboxing experience.

Why Urgent boxes have the best cannabis seed boxes?

Urgent boxes has been in the field of packaging for quite some time now. We provide our regulars with multiple features. We have the best technological machinery to create awesome custom seed boxes. Afterward, the finest inks design a beautiful art style onto your cannabis seed packaging. You can even personalize the inside of the packaging to facilitate users with a 360 unboxing experience.

Moreover, we have the best turnaround time with amazing delivery speed. Our chat is also amiable, prices are competitive, and there are no hidden charges. Choose us and get the best cannabis seed packaging.

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