What is Aqueous Coating in Printing and Packaging?

04 Dec 2023, By Adam

What is Aqueous Coating in Printing and Packaging?

Introduction to Coating Solutions in Customized Packaging

Nowadays, the importance of product packaging has been increased. Packaging is as important as the product itself. The audience assesses the quality of a product via its packaging. Flawed and spoiled packaging can destroy the overall product's value. The viewers reject it on the spot, no matter how highly valued the product is. On the other hand, custom packaging boxes can grab the client's attention and convince buyers to purchase instantly. 

You will be wondering how to create perfect packaging. Our answer is coating. It has the power to give a sophisticated and elegant feel to the surface of packaging.

What is Coating in Packaging?

A coating is a thin layer added to the object's surface. It is used for multiple purposes. There are various alternatives in the coating. However, in this blog, we will deal with aqueous coating. What is it, and how much is it beneficial in printing and packaging? Before we delve deep into aqueous coating, you must be familiar with the phrase aqueous coating.

Define Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating (AC) is considered the default packaging and printing coating. We can define it as a water-based varnish applied on a printed design's surface during printing. It has the quality of drying out rapidly. Moreover, AC is considered a standard coating option due to its eco-friendly nature. Applying aqueous coating on the printing surface pops up the prints and offers a shield against scratches, fingerprints, smudges, etc.

Aqueous Coating in Packaging

Each brand is eager to stand out its products on the shelves and create a distinctive brand identity. Undoubtedly, highly vibrant and bright color packaging has the stamina to catch the client's attention at first glance. However, the primary purpose of packaging is to ensure the product's safety. It is a very demanding task to ensure the product's safety during shipment and shelf storage. You will be amazed to know that apart from giving an embellishing touch to the box's surface, aqueous coating is opposed to moisture, humidity, dirt, pollutants, etc., so products do not spoil or rot because of extra covering on the surface of the packaging.

Frequent Usage of Aqueous Coating

Unlike other coatings, Aqueous coating is famous for its eco-friendly qualities. It is 100% recycleable and does not have any toxic impacts on the quality of products. That's why it's most common usage in packaging include:

  • Food items
  • Household products
  • Perishable consumer items
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Fragrance packaging

Detailed Description of The Types of Coatings:

 In this section, we will bring a few kinds of aqueous coating. These are as follows:

  • Gloss Coating:

Do you want to give the printed designs a somber and subtle effect? Gloss coating is the most apt solution to coat the surface of packaging. This is the best solution if you want to enhance the appeal of the product's packaging on the store shelves.

  • Matt Coating:

Matt stands opposite to the gloss coating. You can opt for matt to give a less shimmery and more sophisticated feel to the box's surface. However, it is an ideal solution to give the prints a professional and elegant feel. In contrast to gloss, it adds less glare to the packaging and makes it easy for viewers to read the text.

  • Satin Coating:

This is the best coating solution when you intend to give a premium look to the packaging. Though it is not a good option to seek attention, you can opt for it to protect against fingerprints, smudges, scratches, etc.

  • Dry Erase Coating:

It is one of the most affordable options and a suitable choice for small-budget owners. Compared to all other coating options, it is favorable to give a highly shiny and bright impact to the product's packaging.

  • Soft Touch Coating:

Soft touch coating is not for you if you wish to give the packaging an eye-catching and glowing touch. This coating adds smoothness to prints and provides a velvety feel to the surface.

  • Pencil Receptive Coating:

It is a very unique coating option. It is utilized with pencils, inks, and lasers. It is frequently applied on display boxes. However, this coating gives the texts and artwork designs an impeccable and fine look.

How do Aqueous Coating and UV Coating Differ?

Readers can raise this most common question while reading this blog. So, we are going to answer it. Similar to aqueous coating, UV coating is another popular finishing option. Both of these coating solutions are in trend because of their incredible results. However, we will discuss the difference between these two coatings options that will help you decide which one is the most apt choice for your packaging. However, one of the major differences between AC (aqueous coating) and UV coating is their drying and curing procedure. Aqueous is a water-based coating and dries out when volatile compounds are absorbed into the substrate of the printed object. UV coating uses non-volatile compounds that are dried when exposed to UV light. Secondly, aqueous is less shiny than UV coating.

In addition, both of these coating options are outstanding. However, aqueous coating is demanding due to its eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. 

It is also adaptable to both printed designs, CMYK and PMS.

Advantages of Aqueous Coating:

You will be wondering what is special about aqueous coating. Why do so many companies prefer AC over other coating options? Let's look at the main benefits of aqueous coating.

  • 100% Environmentally Friendly: One of the major aspects of aqueous coating that makes it the most favored option is its eco-friendly nature. It has huge usage in the food industry due to its non-toxic nature.  Aqueous applied on paper packaging is easy to recycleable and does not cause waste.
  • Versatile/ Flexible Nature: It is the most flexible option that you can ever ask for. It is adaptable to other various finishings that you apply on prints. Moreover, you can write and print over the coating without any trouble.
  • Budget-Friendly: This water-based coating is the most cost-effective option than other solutions.
  • Sustainable and long-lasting solution: Aqueous coating is less vulnerable to external factors. It is sturdy and can bear punctures, scuffs, fingerprints, etc.

In Conclusion:

To summarize, Aqueous coating is the most effective option for furnishing printed designs. However, it is a reliable option for both cost and eco-conscious. You can reach out to us at Urgent Boxes to avail yourself with  first-rate coating solutions for printed and packaging at affordable prices.

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