RGB VS CMYK Choose the Right Color Model for Printing Designs

29 Sep 2023, By Adam

RGB VS CMYK Choose the Right Color Model for Printing Designs

Ultimate Guide to Choose Color Models for Printing Designs:

Are you looking for a guide to finding the most suitable color model printed designs for packaging? Hold on. Do you have an idea what actual color printing is? No, before heading further, you must be aware of the fact that what actual color printing procedure and how it works. Then, we will give you detailed notes about selecting the best color scheme for printed patterns.

What is Color Printing?

Color printing is a procedure in which a specific image or text is regenerated into a specific color. Why does color printing matter? Is it of any use? One of the biggest advantages of printing color is that it gives the prints a sense of perfection, professionalism, and sophistication. For example, incorporating a logo image with a stunning color scheme helps brand recognition. In this blog, we will talk about two famous and useful color schemes, CMYK and RGB. Each one is famous due to its distinctive features.

Enhance Your Printed Designs with Incredible Color Models:

CMYK and RGB are the two popular color models. Are you getting bewildered about these acronyms? There is no need to be. We will give a detailed description of these color models in our blog. There has always been debate over which one is the better option. This blog will explain what CMYK/ RGB color models are, how they function, and which is better for your printed design. Stay with us.


There exists a vivid difference between CMYK and RGB processing. Simply put into words, the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, key color black) procedure is used for printed designs. You can use it to print pamphlets, posters and business cards. In contrast, RGB (red, green, blue) is intended for digital and on-screen prints like television, computers, mobile phones websites, etc.

Define RGB Color Model:

RGB containing primary colors (Reed, Green, Blue) are combined to produce a wide range of colors. The color model name RGB derives from these three primary colors: red, green and blue. You can choose this color model to display the design on a television or computer screen. When creating a new color, you can combine two primary colors equally to produce a new one. We can say that it is the best color model for those who look for an array of colors. The details of color combinations are as follows:

Green+ Red Yellow 
Green + Blue  Light Blue

What are the Primary Uses of RGB?

The advent of computer screens and LEDs has given birth to various color techniques. RGB color scheme is used for electronics and digital media like computer screens, television, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets etc. RGB color model is a modern invention. Its trend started with the introduction of electronic devices. Before this, it did not exist. Scientists selected these colors for electronic purposes because humans can see them easily. Its rich color depth makes it the first-rate choice for creating large-screen graphics and images. It is a fact that crispy and dazzling color always attract the audiences.

Today, these are the most popular usages of RGB color models:

  • Web and app designs
  • Social media
  • Branding
  • Visual graphics and content

Name of the Appropriate File Format for RGB:

When it comes to choosing an apt-file format option, we can name the following options:

  • JPEGs
  • PSD
  • PNGS
  • GIFS

However, JPEGs is one of the most favorable options for RGB files because of their standard nature. So the users can read them anywhere. PNGs are good for graphics due to their transparent nature. We suggest you avoid TIFF, EPS, and PDF formats for RGB files. These are incompatible with some software.

What is the CMYK Color Model?

CMYK stands opposite to RGB. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color model is used for printed designs that are presented physically, not on screen. The printing machine incorporates CMYK color to create images through printed inks. CMYK color printing is also known as four color printing method. CMYK is usually used to print promotional posters, images, logo, etc. Here lies the main difference between CMYK and RGB. The union of RGB colors like red, green and blue produces white color. In comparison, the combination of CMYK's four colors results in creating black color. However, the mixture of these four colors results in the following final color prints:

Cyan+ Magenta Blue 
Magenta + Yellow Red
Cyan+ Yellow Green

When more than one color is blended, darker shades are created instead of lighter ones.

Use CMYK for the Production of Darker Shades:

Do you want to make your printed design vibrant and stunning? The CMYK color model befits well because of producing darker hues. Brands prefer this color scheme to produce promotional designs and patterns.

Application of CMYK Color Model:

CMYK is useful for any print that will be used for physical prints, not on-screen display. It is the most suitable color scheme for material collateral such as: Business cards, billboards, brochures, flyers, stickers, promotional swags, restaurant menus, brand promotion, merchandise etc.

The Best File Formats for CMYK:

These are the names of the few file formats that are the most befitting options for CMYK:

  • PDF
  • AI
  • EPS

PDF is a perfect option because of its compatible nature with various programs. The best thing is to consult your printer and decide on the file format accordingly.


It goes without saying that it is very challenging to attain the accuracy of colour prints. But you can ace it using the right color scheme and printed tools. We all know that the advent of technology and electronic devices has made printing designs too easy. We suggest you handpick a trustworthy and reputed company to avail phenomenal results.

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