Macaron Boxes Product ID: 36

Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes

Stock / material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add-ons: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing

Packaging: Assembled and shipped flat

Structure: Eco-friendly assembling.

Macarons are the sweet delights that are the life of every occasion and celebration. Do you know what is the understatement of the year? That macarons are just some dessert. They are for the elites of sweet tooth who understand that it is a perfection of a sweet craving that brings a power punch to the table. Everything else fades away when there is a tray of scrumptious and beautifully decorated macarons on the table. These royal confections need the most protection and Urgent Boxes is totally here for it. We believe that dessert packaging is the most crucial one because the only goal here is to not just package it in a box but to make sure that the box is beautifully designed and efficiently manufactured. To cater to this need of yours, Urgent Boxes is here with the most amazing Custom made Macaron Boxes in the market. Our customized boxes will change everything about your confectionary in the best way possible. Our focus is on quality and quality only. We deliver what we promise!

Macarons are what we believe, the royalty in the hierarchy of confections. Not only are they appreciated throughout the world for their beauty but are loved because of the taste. As soon as you take the bite, you know everything suddenly feels like a dream because of the oh-so-amazing taste! Urgent Boxes believes that everything good and amazing should be preserved and cared for. We help the confectioneries to bring out the best in their desserts by giving them Custom printed Macaron Boxes of premium quality. Our boxes are known for being the best for a reason and the benefits we provide will outweigh any investment you have ever done in the past for macarons packaging. Let us first guide you through the benefits of our boxes and how diversely can you use them and later on, we will get in the process of their breathtaking customization:

·         The packaging boxes for food and desserts are meant to secure the full protection of the item. Bakery items, on the other hand, tend to get soggy and stale faster than the other food items. This is because the ingredients used in their making do not hold up in the exposed environment for too long. This is why Urgent Boxes gives you the perfect solution to cater any possible problem that you could have faced otherwise. Our customized packaging boxes will not only protect your boxes from the damages but will also allow your confections to remain fresh as ever.

·         The only purpose of bakery item packaging is not to protect them but to present them in the market beautifully. This is what Urgent Boxes believes in, at least. We provide you the Custom-designed Macaron Boxes for a bakery that is well-crafted to make sure they stand out on the shelves. Any person who walks into the bakery and looks over your items packaged in our boxes, will not be able to resist. The scrumptious macarons will call out their names in the most amazing boxes. This is how the sales will boost up and your bakery will stand out in the area!

·         The best part of our boxes is that they are completely safe to use. By that we mean, our boxes are manufactured by using the quality box material that you pick and we make sure the hygiene control is ensured. Moreover, when we ship your boxes, they will completely wrapped up in a mailer box to ensure maximum security not just for hygiene but for retaining the box's shape and structure.

·         My favorite pick for box material is always eco-friendly material. This is because we want to ensure the safety of our environment too. The goal is to create something that provides maximum benefits for everyone that comes in contact with your product. For this purpose, we provide Eco-friendly Macaron Boxes for your ease. However, in the end, the selection of customization process is your choice and you can pick whatever you want. Urgent Boxes will support you throughout the way.

·         We offer cost effective solutions for packaging needs to every customer. Our boxes can be customized in a thousand different ways. However, we offer all of this at a very affordable price to ensure your ease and satisfaction.

·         Since we offer versatile design options and box styles; the customization process becomes highly easy for you. Our design team will construct any design that you want and not just that, they will make sure to keep you updated with everything they do. Have an idea in mind? Bring it to Urgent Boxes!

·         Our boxes are perfect to be used as Macaron gift Boxes because of many reasons; we offer a plethora of box styles and that is why you can customize macaron boxes for single, pair, or even dozens of macarons. You can alter the structure of flaps, locks or even the entire box based on your personal preferences.

·         In addition, we offer sensational finishing styles which will increase the physical attractiveness of your boxes. Since these boxes are the perfect depiction of art, you can make the look matte or glossy, based on the vibe. Add UV coating and Aqueous coating for added protection.

All of that we offer is for you to present your perfection of macarons in the market. Urgent Boxes is here to serve you! Get exclusively Customized Macaron Boxes of the finest quality. 

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