Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic Boxes

Beautify Your Products with Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Custom cosmetic boxes are an integral part of the beauty business. With so many brands in the market, coining your identity is an uphill task. But with Urgent Boxes, it is all easy breezy. Whether you are looking for modish or classic packaging designs, we got you covered. Our diverse range of box styles caters to the needs of all customers.

You can pack delicate and stylish cosmetic jars in our durable boxes. We use high-quality material (kraft, cardboard) that provides 100% protection to the items. Therefore make your transportation and shipment a hassle-free process with our incredible services.

Our custom cosmetic boxes with logos are the best. Give a flashy look to your brand's name, logo, and illustrations with our finishing details. We have a foil stamping method to give your boxes a red carpet look. Moreover, you can also try our embossing and debossing techniques.

Lastly, we are a one-stop packaging platform. Pack your perfumes, eyeliners, bath bombs, soaps, and mascara in our versatile packaging.

  • Sleeve packaging
  • Two-piece box
  • Reverse tuck end
  • Tuck front style

Embrace A New Packaging Culture With Our Stylish Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Custom cosmetic boxes are a must to differentiate your brand from the rest. Our incredibly talented team at Urgent Boxes is skilled at manufacturing bespoke packaging. Whether you require the minimum or the maximum number of boxes, you can rely on us.

Our diverse range of box styles are one of a kind. You can explore our collection at our website and experience the glamorous packaging with us. Looking for a straight tuck end, sleeve, dispenser, counter display, or sleeve packaging? You have landed in the right spot.

The best part of our customization? If your product is thick, sleek, heavy, or lightweight, we design cosmetic boxes wholesale as per your specification. Our printing geniuses know how to make the boxes stylish, attractive, and multi-use without breaking the bank.

Undoubtedly this is the best spot for finding unique boxes at a reasonable price.

Add a new Flavor to Custom Cosmetic Boxes with our colorful Packaging!

Have you ever visited a drugstore? What catches your attention the most? Yes, bright and loud cosmetic box packaging. It is admitted that shopaholics recognize your brand through the signature box style and color. That's why consistent cosmetic packaging is dominating stores for decades.

Looking for colorful custom bath bombs boxes? We use color combos that resonate perfectly with the product. Hence it helps the buyers to spot their favorite brand within seconds.

The same goes for custom eyeliner boxes. The use of black and white color sparkles the packaging and differentiates your eyeliner from the rest.

Hence jump to and get in touch with our packaging specialists. And they will guide you in picking the perfect color for your boxes. Lastly, our offset and digital printing techniques generate high resolution images and text.

Make your Packaging Relatable with Custom Printed Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmoholics are extra conscious while purchasing cosmetic products. They double check the product's key features before making a purchase. Consequently products like foundation, mascara, and eyeliners require customized packaging.

Do you want to win over customers and acquire a prominent spot at beauty stores? Our informative custom foundation boxes are a must. We offer both outside and inside printing. We know how to maximize your business outreach with custom printing. Apart from playing with eye catching images and beautiful colors, there is much more to it.

Yes, you are almost there. Printing credible and useful product information is of great importance. You can add the production, expiration date, chemical composition, usage, and side effects on the packaging. It boosts your brand's reputation and makes it relatable to the audience.

Sustain your Brand with our Sustainable Packaging

We craft custom soap boxes with 100% biodegradable material. Yes, we utilize kraft and cardboard materials for designing creative packaging. If you want a strong and coarse texture, go with kraft paper. Whereas if you are looking for extra finesse and shine, cardboard is the best.

Although both options are eco safe and cost effective. But we give our clients full freedom in selecting the paper, thickness, box style, and finishing details. Plus, the sturdy nature of kraft makes it easy to pack bulk quantities.

Even the printing ink we use is non-toxic. Therefore get ready to pay back mother nature with our eco-friendly packaging. Next time if you want to design custom hair extension boxes or custom perfume boxes, only choose eco-safe material.

Aqueous Coating VS Spot UV, which one is a better option?

People use cosmetic products to give their skin a refreshing and smooth feel. Similarly, spotless and stainless packaging is a no-brainer.

The purpose of surface coating is to give a refined look to the boxes. After all, no customer is ready to pay top dollar for low-class lip balm packaging. Therefore it is important to make your custom lip balm boxes the epitome of perfection. And for that, the we provide aqueous coating and Spot UV.

In an aqueous coating a thin protective film is applied all over the box. And this one is the hot favorite amongst the brands. It is an eco-safe coating, water-soluble, and quickly dries out. On the other hand, Spot UV gives extra depth and shine to a specific area. And it works perfectly for highlighting the logo, images, and text.

In a nutshell, both the coatings are fantastic and create impeccable packaging.

Create a Difference with our Inside Box Printing

Customized printing is the beauty of the boxes. But inside box printing is the lifeline of the packaging. It adds a wow factor to the boxes and makes the customers your die-hard fan.

Looking for stylish custom mascara boxes? You either use a contrasting color background or different geometrical patterns on the inside. Or you can also add important information, stats, and images inside. And it is an amazing way of creating immersive packaging.

Moreover, you can also inform the users about the latest mascara promotion and offers through inside printing.

Add Extra Protection to the Custom Printed Cosmetic Boxes with our Custom Inserts

The delicate eyeliner and lip balm containers are prone to damage. It is important to make your packaging resilient yet durable with our stylish inserts. Besides, the inserts are a great way of transforming the boxes into a beautiful subscription or gift boxes.

The foam inserts provide cushioning and enough room to house the products. Our advanced die cutting machinery crafts the inserts as per your specifications.

Whereas the cardboard inserts are lightweight, sturdy, and eco friendly. And it adds extra strength to the packaging. You can place it inside the box the way you like. And it protects your product from potential damage.

Make your shipping and transportation damage free with our inserts. And it makes it easy to display your boxes on the display counters and the retail shelves. It adds extra beauty to the packaging without distorting its aesthetic appeal. In a nutshell, both the inserts are cool, and you choose the one depending on your preference.

Why Choose us?

Monotonous packaging designs are cancerous for custom cosmetic boxes. However innovative and original designs serve as oxygen. And if you want your cosmetic business to boom, you need to find an experienced and talented custom box supplier.

And no one does it better than the Urgent boxes

No minimum order policy: we are here to facilitate your business growth. Hence if the startup brands want to place the minimum number of packaging, you are most welcome.

Volume discounts: If you want to enjoy high quality packaging at the best rates, order custom printed boxes with no minimum. When you place a bulk order, it reduces the cost per piece.

Free Digital Mockup: Once you fill the quotation form and discuss your ideas with our team. So, in the end, our designers will share a 3D sample with you. And it allows you to carefully review the font size, colors, printing quality, and box style before we head to the production phase.

24/7 Customer Support Service: Our customer agents are available round the clock to assist you throughout the process. We stick around from filling the quotation form till the delivery. Feel free to share your concerns and queries with our team. You can either email, phone call, or live chat with our team.

Vigilant Quality Assurance Team: Worried about the quality and quantity of the boxes? Our smart and experienced team double checks each aspect of packaging.

Minimum Shipment Fare: Since we ship flat boxes, it occupies less space and creates less clutter. Consequently, it reduces the shipment fare, and you can efficiently deliver the bulk quantity boxes without stressing over the cost.

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