What is Dieline Mean in Packaging and Printing?

18 Oct 2023, By Adam

What is Dieline Mean in Packaging and Printing?

In Packaging and Printing, the term Dieline means a template needed to ensure the correct layout of the final production. It helps to show the cut lines and fold on the flat diagram. The term dieline has an origin in the word die. A die-line is like an object that cuts the material under present measurements.

What is a Die-line?

If you need to become more familiar with the idea, what are Die-lines? Today, you will get a better understanding of this term. Dielines is the best method to cut the material according to the template. In the printing industry, the box Die-line shows the inside measurement of the real package designs. This method includes printing designs, graphics, color texture, and typography. Brands use the dielines to show the important details on the packaging. Hence, they work like guidelines for your box manufacturing.

Most of the clients send their choice of product outlook to printing companies. They get the idea of how the client wants their product's packaging to look like. For example, if you are printing a particular object box. So Dieline will tell you how big the product is and what it will look like.

Explore More About What a Die-line is in Packaging

It consists of the different die lines. Stay in touch with us to get the difference between these lines.

Fold lines: The folded lines represent where you can cut the package to form the box. These lines are marked with a red color.

Cut lines: For best printing, these lines should be aligned perfectly. The color of the package is black. It also shows the cutting points and helps you to understand where the package will be folded.

Bleed lines: Light blue or green are called the bleed lines. These lines give the idea of spare space between artwork and substrate in printing. With the help of these lines, you can avoid the distortion of designs.

Safety lines: safety lines are the indicator of where you have to stop the cutting. It shows that important artwork should be kept safe during package cutting. Moreover, it gives the awareness that the specific part of the box should not printed.

Glue tabs: This area is used to apply the adhesive on the package.

So now you can understand what a die-line in packaging is. Let’s further discuss the importance of the decline in packaging.

Importance of Die-line in Packaging

Dielines have great importance in packaging because they ease the designers in possible ways. You can manufacture the space-saving and efficient design looks. But, if you want to get a deep understanding of dieline term. We will discuss it in detail.

Act Like a Bridge 

The box die-line is like a communication tool between the designer and the producer. It gives a clear understanding of designs and shows them how it will look like. You can get help from Dieline to create cost-effective design boxes without wasting extra resources.

Accurate Measurement 

Designers produce the look of box packages that customers demand. As Customers provide the proper information about the product, its nature, size, and other stuff. This information helps the designers to give a compatible packaging look. Let's suppose the client needs to provide the exact information of the products. Now, the die-line in packaging will give the designers know-how of the product. It also offers information about the accurate measurement of angles and other details.

Ensure the Design Perfection

It is the biggest perk of the dieline is that they improve the design efficiency. If you use the dielines perfectly you will get the smooth printing designs. As you know, flaws in design create a mess on the packaging. Thus, with the help of dieline design, this situation can be avoided.

Cost and Time-Saving

Also, the Dielines are important due to their time-saving factor. It makes the work easier for printers, and they find it easy to draw what customers demand. This understanding also helps them to avoid resource wastage. It has become a cost-effective method for producing the best packaging.

What is the Method of Producing a Dieline?

Is it the first time you to create a dieline? It could be a little challenging in the beginning. But you will find it pretty simple over time. Practice makes man perfect; you will also be able to master the art of designing an accurate dieline by practicing it. First, let us describe the art of creating a precise dieline.

At first, you have to find out a box sample. It will help to take the measures of the design and craft it following the exact dimensions. Moreover, clients also share their design models. So, you can take guidance from them. 

After that, there comes the next and final step of dieline production. It is also all about selecting a tool for designing. Generally, the following are the most appropriate tools:

However, there is nothing like a most preferred tool. You can hand-pick any of them with ease.  Moreover, the clients can also share their tool preferences so you can select according to their demands.

Essentials to Create a Flawless Dieline

Do you want to produce an error-free and perfect dieline being a packaging designer? Yes. Then, you have to act upon the following instructions. They are going to be very helpful for producing an excellent dieline.

  • Dieline must be created as vector art on computer screens as computers require mathematically illustrated lines. 
  • You have to be very conscious while inserting specifications about the building of a dieline
  • Creating a hard copy of the dieline sample is suggested before concluding the manufacturing procedure. It will help you highlight the design's shortcomings before producing an eventual design.

You have to bear in mind that the production of a dieline results from mutual efforts. So, you must involve team members at the beginning of the procedure. The involvement of several people enhances the chances of picking out the mistakes and ensuring the creation of an errorless final design. Please be careful at the beginning of procedures to avoid yourself from future disappointments.

Bringing Forward the Procedure of Dieline

Die-cutting machines are used to create a perfect dieline. It is a special tool that is used to produce an accurate dieline. You must make sure to use a top-grade and cutting-edge machine.


You must have noticed that dieline is very important in customizing perfect custom packaging. So you need to be familiar with the dieline procedure. Are you not a graphic designer or a professional dieline manufacturer? No need to be worried. We at UrgentBoxes have covered you. Our company is an all-rounder and can cater to all requirements of clients. You can count on us to create high-end, professional custom packaging at affordable prices.

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