Guide to Understand Flutes in Corrugated Boxes

24 Oct 2023, By Adam

Guide to Understand Flutes in Corrugated Boxes

Best Guide to Corrugated Flutes

As a business and company owner, you must be familiar with the term flutes. Do you know what actual it is? How does it work? Then, stay on this page to get answers to these questions and be prepared to learn many new things about corrugated flutes. This blog is the ultimate guide to making yourself familiar with corrugation flutes. Let’s dive into details without wasting further time.

Define Flute in Corrugated Boxes

Before we go any further, you must be familiar with the flute. The flute is defined as a material that is added between the liner board of the cardboard carton. It is used to strengthen the cardboard paper. It comes in the shape of wavy lines. It results in creating corrugated paper when it is glued with paper. Incorporating flutes in packaging provides strength against tears, tinctures, traveling jerks, traumas, etc. That’s why corrugated flutes are considered one of the best sources to ship and safely transport vulnerable products.

What is the Importance of Adding Flutes in Corrugated?

Is the hype about flutes of any worth? Yes, it is. Flutes are utilized to provide extra strength and sturdiness to corrugated packaging. Using flutes helps build up a scratch, tincture, and crush-proof product’s packaging. That’s why corrugated boxes are preferred to ship long-distance heavy-weight items securely.

How to Select the Best Flute to Create a Strong Product’s Packaging?

As we mentioned above, corrugated flutes come in various thicknesses and sizes. Each type of flute has distinctive features and strengths. Is it confusing for you how to pick out an adequate flute size for customized packaging? Now, we are going to discuss each type of flute in detail. It will help you pick out the right flute that befits well to the product’s packaging. Let’s read details about the types of flutes.

Exploring the Types of Flutes in Corrugated Packaging

As mentioned above, this blog aims to provide a complete guide about flutes in corrugated boxes. In this section, we will acquaint our audiences with the flute types. There are five kinds of flutes: A, B, C, E, and F flutes. Now, we are going to discuss each type in detail. See below for further information.

  • A Flute: (36 Flutes/ Foot)

A flute is the original flute. It is the thickest flute, containing 36 flutes to food. It has huge stacking strength and has the potential to bear compression. That’s why it is considered the most suitable option to store fragile retail goods.

  • B Flute: (49 Flutes/ Foot)

B flute is the second flute size that industries adopt. However, it is resistant to crushes and traveling tincture. It contains 49 flutes feet and is lower in height than A flute. However, the B flute is preferred for inner packaging. You can use it to design pads, dividers, inserts, etc. It has frequent usage in food, retail packaging, die-cut inserts, etc.

  • C Flute: (41 Flutes/ Foot)

C flute corrugated is the most apt choice for printing surface. Like A flute, the C flute also has the power to oppose crushes and punctures. Usually, this type of flute is used in shipping boxes. You can use packaging to securely ship delicate glass and various other high-quality, vulnerable products.

  • E Flute: (95 Flutes/ Foot)

The nature of E flutes, containing many foot flutes, offers it huge rigidity and strength against tinctures, compression crushes, etc. The box containing E flutes is thin and takes less storage space than other flute corrugated boxes. The most suitable usage of E-type flutes involves boxes for cosmetics, breakable delicate, and ceramic items. Nowadays, you can see the common usage of E-flutes in food packaging boxes. It’s one of the finest examples, including pizza boxes.

  • F Flute: (128 Flutes/ Foot)

Compared to other flutes, a corrugated box comprising an F flute is extra thin. It is the most excellent option for printing surfaces. Moreover, it has 128 flutes, making it endurable to crushes, tears, punctures, etc. Furthermore, the F flute has common usage to produce packaging for consumer goods or display purposes. However, shoe boxes are the best design example with an F flute.

Major Benefits of Including Flutes in Corrugated Paper

Flutes in corrugated paper are of huge value. Their biggest advantages are as follows:

  • Enhance the box’s durability 
  • Flutes are available in various thicknesses and sizes
  • An inexpensive and sturdiest packaging option 
  • Ensure the safe transportation of delicate items
  • Can withstand crush, punchers and jerks etc. 

The Most Popular Box’s Design for Corrugated Packaging

Have you imprinted the image of a typical square box design in cardboard corrugated? While this is not true at all. Corrugated flutes are capable of customizing into countless shapes and styles. A few of them are as follows:

  • Mailer box
  • Shipping box
  • One-piece folder box
  • Folding box with tuck-in flaps
  • Tuck top auto bottom box

Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

The best feature of flute corrugated boxes is that they are 100% recycleable. As a retail store owner, you can accumulate shipping boxes and bring them to use for further purposes. Moreover, you can also connect with a waste management company and recycle packaging without polluting the environment. We can say that corrugated shipping boxes are an eco-friendly option.

Final Thoughts on Flutes in Corrugated Boxes

After reading this blog, we hope you have gathered informative material about flutes. And you will be able to understand the differences between the types and sizes of flutes in corrugated. Don’t think and start using corrugated boxes to enhance the better projection of your high-valued items during shipment.  However, you can contact us at Urgent Boxes if you have any other queries related to corrugated flutes. Our team will make sure to answer your query within a short time. in addition, you can connect with us to order a  corrugated boxes are designed in any flute thickness and size.

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