Facts About Corrugated Material for Custom Packaging

01 Feb 2023, By Tokio

Facts About Corrugated Material for Custom Packaging

Corrugated Material a Cost-Effective Option for Your Retail Business

While operating a business, everyone wishes to save money. If you are running a retail business and need boxes for shipping purposes? Then you can always count on custom corrugated boxes. The most significant advantage of choosing them includes their cost-effectiveness. However, all types of customized boxes are very economical. Corrugated boxes have relatively low manufacturing costs from all of them. Besides this, you can order in massive and enjoy our exclusive discounts on corrugated wholesale boxes.

100% Eco-Friendly Corrugated Material Boxes Wholesale

Today, each person is concerned about the health of the planet. The threats of climate change are rising day by day. That’s why eco-friendly packaging has also become the priority of brands and manufacturers. Like kraft and cardboard, corrugated material is also 100% climate-friendly. It is renewable, and you can recycle it to use again. Besides this, corrugated material has zero effect on the quality of the products and retains their natural form for an extended time.

Endless Customized Options for Corrugated Material Boxes

Corrugated material is open to unlimited options. There is a plethora of personalized solutions applicable to corrugated boxes, such as:

  • Corrugated boxes are customizable in various sizes, shapes, and styles.

Like cardboard, corrugated is flexible and easy to modifiable. You can tailor-make the corrugated box in whatever style you like. The thickness of the box is decided following the dimensions of the products. You can customize the following types of boxes in corrugated stock:

  • Mailer box
  • Full flap boxes
  • Two-piece box
  • Box with die-cuts
  • You can print boxes with top-notch offset, digital and screen-printing methods

Both inside and outside printing is preferable on the corrugated boxes. You can choose whatever printing process befits you.

  • You can make corrugated box packaging resistant to scratches, contamination, scuffs, etc., with laminations

Corrugated material is already durable. However, you can add more strength and resistance to the box packaging with the application varnish, gloss, and matt laminations.

  • Corrugated boxes with logo design are the best tool for promotion purposes.

As it’s mentioned above, corrugated material is viable for printing. You can use your shipping boxes as a promotional strategy. You can engrave the box with the company’s logo and elevate it with embossing and foil stamping.

Mailer Corrugated Boxes Best for Shipping Purposes:

Today, we are living in a digital world. The businesses have been transferred online. So, brands need the sturdiest single box for shipping their products safely. Custom mailer boxes are one of the most popular box styles. But how to make sure that you are choosing the right one? You can estimate the quality of the box by its packaging material. Corrugated mailer boxes are the sturdiest ones. They are the best way to keep your luxurious inside items secure from breakage, traveling shocks, jerks, etc.

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Long-Lasting Corrugated Full Flap Boxes:

Full flap boxes can be one of the best choices for packing heavy-weight items. They come in an auto lock-bottom shape and are easy to store and ship. You can customize them with durable corrugated and provide shelter to the packed items from harsh condition weather.  The box’s style reduces the risk of damage. The thick flaps can bear the heavy pressure while shipping.

Corrugated Material Suitable for Branded Purpose:

The primary purpose of brands selecting customized boxes for packaging their retail products is to upgrade the brand’s image. Corrugated boxes are not an exception to it. Similar to kraft and corrugated, you can use corrugated boxes for the advertisement. Corrugated material is flexible and accustomed to printing, add-ons, and finishings. You can print the box with the company's emblem and add catchy slogans to captivate the clients' attention.

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