Facts About Corrugated Material for Custom Packaging

01 Feb 2023, By Tokio

Facts About Corrugated Material for Custom Packaging

Packaging is more than encasing the products nowadays. It has more potential to create a powerful brand impact in the market. Brands get the chance to promote their business with the help of packaging. Thus, presenting the products in the retail industry is very important. Custom packaging fulfills all the needs of brands. They do not only protect the products but also captivate the large audience. While operating an online business, you need the boxes for secure shipping. Because packaging is the first thing that customers interact with. It makes the customer’s mind aware of brand value and products. So, there is a great need for care while selecting shipping boxes. 

Cardboard corrugated packaging serves the great purpose of delivering products. Its thickness and durable nature avoid any mishaps during travel. Besides that, they create a positive brand impact on customer’s minds. Corrugated packaging boxes have great solutions for brands to overcome all challenges. Today, we will discuss all its essential benefits like cost effectiveness, nature, and customization options. Let’s discover all the secrets about corrugated boxes.

What Corrugated Cardboard is Made Of?

Corrugated cardboard is made of many layers of material sheets. It is different from the cartons that come with a single sheet. The outer liner, inside liner, and medium liner or flutes, are used to bring strength to the packaging. The cardboard papers carry the middle flutes with glue to create the corrugated stock. Incorporating the flutes makes the corrugated packaging durable and tear-resistant. Hence, the corrugated cardboard packaging is a lightweight option for heavy-weight parcels. 

Different Types of Fluting

With the addition of flutes, you ensure extra sturdiness for the product packaging. It provides strength and scratch-free, crush-proof Packaging for your branded products. But, these flutes have different kinds of features and uses. We will discuss all types of flutes to make sturdier corrugated Packaging. See below for the details of each kind of flute.

Here, you can Understand Flutes in Corrugated Packaging.

A Flute: Strongest One

B Flute: Best for printing and Inner Packaging

C Flute: Best Option for Shipping

E Flute: The Thinnest and Most Space-Efficient

F Flute: A Good Option for Stiffness

Each type of flute in corrugated packaging serves a different purpose. The choice of flute depends upon the purpose of the Packaging. Now, let’s move towards the benefits of corrugated packaging boxes. 

Benefits of Using the Corrugated Packaging

  • Strength & Durability

A corrugated cardboard packaging provides a much more robust safety for your products. As you know, corrugates are created with the help of the flute that offers sturdiness and durability. The three layers with flute ensure the maximum security for all types of goods. So, you can maximize the protection of packed items to win customer’s trust. Online brands choose a corrugated stock to avoid external harm during travel. Moreover, the flexibility of this material allows the manufacturer to make exactly fit products. So that you can cut the free space that can cause damage to products inside the box. 

Whenever brands focus on the safety of products. The first choice that comes to everyone’s mind is durable corrugated boxes. The strength of corrugated stock becomes the protective shield against all harmful factors. Corrugated boxes provide brands with excellent quality material options. This material with flutes resists all kinds of destroying elements. The use of flutes makes it tear and crush-resistant packaging. Further, due to high security, Customers find the products in their original shapes. 

  • Versatility & Customization

Customers buy products that have great looks on shelves and entice their minds. They don’t go for the products that have uglier packaging solutions. That’s why brands are creating custom corrugated packaging boxes. They are easily customizable and have a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. You can bring innovations to packaging with versatile corrugated boxes. The cardboard is flexible to meet customer’s needs, so the corrugated stock is also easily customizable. You can achieve the success of your brand with our custom corrugated boxes in different styles. The mailer boxes, full flap boxes, magnetic closure boxes, two-piece boxes, etc, are perfect styles. Moreover, the unique and enticing packaging styles elevate your product's worth.

The best option to make your brand popular is to use printing technology. The corrugated packaging boxes provide the best canvas for drawing a design. You can print all the brand details with names, logos, and exciting slogans. The information will help your online customers to interact with your brand personally. It will help introduce the brands to new customers and promote the products. Also, lamination for corrugated boxes is necessary to avoid scratches. The coating layers prevent the dust, germs, and other factors that affect the products. 

Corrugated stock is the most durable packaging option. But, if you need extra security for products, inserts are a valuable option to create safe storage. These little additions enhance the product value and make you stand out. 

  • Eco-Friendly Benefits

The biggest threat to the modern world is climate change. Each person is concerned about the health of the planet. Thus, the brands show a great shift towards eco-friendly Packaging. Corrugated stock, like cardboard and kraft, is also eco-friendly. The sustainable nature of corrugated boxes reduces the destructive impacts of packaging waste. They are easily decomposed and recyclable. Besides that, the nature-friendly corrugated packaging protects the packed items and retains their quality. 

The best thing about the cardboard corrugated stock is it can be reusable. This kind of material stops the brand's transportation costs and saves you money. The lightweight of the custom boxes manages the delivery of various items at once. So that the earth can remain pollution-free due to transportation. Also, using plastics and other packaging has harsh effects on the planet. They are non-eco-friendly, and their decomposition causes carbon emissions. But, corrugated cardboard boxes are 100 % eco-friendly and bring no harm to the earth.

  • Cost Effective

People think that custom boxes bring high costs to brands. But this is not true in the customization world. Customizing boxes is easier than you think. Most of the time, the cost of such boxes is less. It depends on the choices of customers that they need in Packaging. You will be charged the lowest rates if you use the minimalistic design approach in corrugated boxes. But if someone selects the many embellishments and other stuff, it may bring some more cost.  

The corrugated boxes are more cost-effective than other materials. You can manage the shipping of various products at the lowest rates due to their lightweight. But, the different types of custom boxes bring maximum cost for brands. Thus, brands choose these boxes to avoid the highest shipping charges. The most important factor that lowers the cost is the wholesale boxes. You can buy the corrugated boxes in large numbers to get maximum discounts. The bulk sale of boxes facilitates the customers in prices. So, these kinds of features make corrugated Packaging more cost-effective. 

Beyond Boxes: Other Applications

The corrugated material serves a variety of purposes, from protection to displaying the products effectively. It helps the brands throughout their product journey. The secure shipping of products through corrugated boxes is excellent for the brand’s success. However, the corrugated material boxes can be used as storage boxes after shipping the products. Customers can use the boxes to keep things organized in offices or other places. Moreover, you can add inserts inside the boxes to maximize the security of fragile items. The delicate items remain safe and sound due to the box's partitions. 


Using corrugated material for the products enhances the durability and strength of boxes. You can ensure the secure shipping of heavy products with the lowest costs. Corrugated boxes' lightweight and eco-friendly nature makes them the first choice of brands. Furthermore, it has a variety of thicknesses that can be increased or decreased according to your needs. The flexibility of the material offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. It is the inexpensive and the best packaging option for all kinds of brands. They ensure packed items' safety and can withstand harsh conditions. 

After reading this blog, we hope you understand corrugated boxes' significance. You can consider these boxes if you need durable packaging solutions. 

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