Importance of Kraft Boxes in Retail and Ecommerce Industry

15 Feb 2021, By Tia Morris

Importance of Kraft Boxes in Retail and Ecommerce Industry

Kraft paper has revolutionized the packaging industry. But, what does it mean in terms of their progress? We will discuss in detail how it is serving the industry based on metrics and consumer likeness.

About Eco-Friendly Kraft

Eco-friendly Kraft is a packaging material that can be used for other purposes as well. It is made up of chemical pulp or wood pulp, at max. Since it is high tear resistance, Kraft can withstand pressure and is mostly used for durability and strength.  As compared to other wood pulps, Kraft is much darker, but it can be made bleached using white pulp.

Qualities of Kraft Paper

In addition to its tensile strength, Kraft has some of the finest qualities known to humankind. Some of them are:

·         It is an excellent hack for people for nature lovers. Eco-friendly Kraft boxes do not harm the environment upon their disposal. As our Earth is becoming more and more pollutant each passing day, it is our responsibility to stop plastic pollution.

·         Eco-friendly Kraft has grams equivalent to 40?135 g/m2

·         Sack Kraft paper provides high resistance that can be used to design packaging products.

·         Absorbent Kraft paper has an immense amount of absorbency. For instance, it can have a good formation and uniformity.

·         There are other Kraft papers, such as Spinning Kraft Paper, Hunting Cartridge Paper, and Candy Wrapping Paper. Each type serves its unique benefit.

Importance in Retail and Ecommerce Industry

You can equip Kraft boxes for a plethora of purposes in the retail and e-commerce industry. They carry tons of benefits with them, such as fine quality, affordability, shipping purposes, and many other merits. Let's go through some of the essential points that cover the aspects of retail and e-commerce market.


The raw material used to create Kraft packaging is relatively inexpensive as compared to other packaging materials. It is the sole reason why Kraft paper is cost-friendly and proves to be a good option if you are on a budget.

Shipping Advantages

In an ideal scenario, Kraft boxes carry a myriad of benefits with them. One of them is their ability to be used for shipping purposes. Irrespective of their weight, shape, size, and width, Kraft proves to be a viable option if you are looking to ship your products. It might not be suitable for longer routes, because the wear and tear during transport can diminish its health, but overall it is a good shipping material source.

Finer Quality

It is no doubt that Kraft proves to be a worthwhile option when it comes to quality. Its innate features show what it takes to derive the best from the worst. However, the same cannot be said for other packaging materials.

In Conclusion

Whatever the case, Kraft plays a hefty role in the packaging industry, be it retail or e-commerce. It takes a considerable amount of effort to make it into a usable form. But, once it is done, it is heaven for the manufacturers as well as end-users.

So, what are your two cents on this matter? Feel free to share them, and let us know if you need custom Kraft boxes for your company, and we are providing top-of-the-line quality in those boxes.

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