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Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes

Stock / material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

Finishing / detailing: Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add-ons: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, raised ink, embossing, debossing

Packaging: Assembled and shipped flat

Structure: Eco-friendly assembling.

Why Buy Eco-Friendly Boxes?

With the news of melting icecaps deluging whole villages and millions of tons of plastic waste filling landfills, making headlines every day, millennial and Generation Z is becoming increasingly environmentally-conscious thus, adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. From banning plastic bags to using biodegradable packing peanuts, demand for eco-friendly packaging options are soaring as consumers are progressively turning their loyalties to green packaging.

So is it worth investing in eco-friendly boxes? Well, not only it prevents environmental degradation by cutting carbon emissions but also boosts your image in the market and increases your client base as customers prefer to purchase from a company that is at the forefront of the pro-environment movement. 

So do earth and yourself a favor, and shop at Urgent Boxes, for we'll provide you with the finest custom eco-friendly boxes that are completely reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Buckle up for an enrapturing packaging experience with us without having to worry about environmental degradation.

Vast variety of materials to choose from

The first and foremost step for creating the best eco-friendly box is the selection of a suitable material that is compatible with your packaging requisites. We, at URGENTBOXES, like to keep both environmental and human safety in mind while crafting our boxes therefore, we only use 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials. Some widely used materials for eco-friendly boxes are;

·         Cardstock

Also known as cover stock and pasteboard, cardstock ranges from 14pt for cosmetics and food boxes and 12 for very light-weight boxes. It is thicker and more durable than normal paper boxes, however, it doesn?t provide much protection against physical knocking so isn't used while shipping products.

      ·         Corrugated Cardboard

Eco-friendly corrugated boxes are best suited for shipping purposes as the highly sturdy cardboard forms a protective shield against any wear and tear and keeps your product safe during transportation.

     ·         Eco-Friendly Kraft

As the name suggests, eco-friendly kraft boxes are both recyclable and biodegradable so alleviate pressure on energy resources. It is durable, flexible, and lightweight, therefore, cutting down shipping costs. Kraft paper has a range from 14pt to 22pt and like cardstock, is used for all types of boxes except for shipping purposes.

     ·         Linen Stock

Aside from being the most stylish fabric, linen is also known for its functionality; it's highly sturdy, moth-resistant, fully biodegradable when not dyed, and can recycle into the paper.

Customizable size and style of your preference

We create eco-friendly boxes in every size and shape so that your design and packaging requirements are fully met without having to compromise on even the minutest of details. Here are some style options you can choose from to help enrich the feel of a gratifying packaging experience:

      ·         Tuck-end boxes

These include straight tuck-end, reverse tuck-end, hanging tap, seal-end, and auto-lock bottom boxes, mostly used for food and beverages.

     ·         Display boxes 

These also include perforated boxes.

·         Dispenser Boxes

·         Gable boxes

·         Mailer boxes

·         Four corner cake boxes

·         Pillow boxes

·         2-piece boxes

·         Sleeve boxes

·         Book-end boxes

·         Hexagon Boxes

Myriad of Add-ons and Endless Customization

After you've chosen the material and design of your box next comes embellishing your box with add-ons and customization features. We?ll furnish you with a legion of standard and specialty finishes that you can incorporate into the box of your dreams. 

Some popular coating options for your eco-friendly box are Spot UV, gold lamination, and matte lamination. Gold lamination gives your box an unparalleled shine and is highly tear-resistant, matte lamination creates an opposite yet intriguing effect. Spot UV adds enough vibrancy for your product to be the cynosure of all eyes. If you wish to further bedizen your box with customization features you can opt for stamp foiling, embossing, debossing, and raised ink.

Unrivaled Prints and Color Combinations

We are equipped with a veteran design team, state-of-art machinery, and high-tech digital and offset presses all of which account for a worthwhile printing experience. We aim to provide our customers with maximum superior services without putting excessive pressure on their pockets which are evinced by the fact that our certified visual creators offer unlimited graphic assistance free of any cost. So, let your creative juices flow and create a personalized cube gift boxes and cube favor boxes for your loved ones. 

 Since all the necessary details and product attributes the customer needs to know to buy the product are printed on the box, it's imperative to use only authentic colors that have been selected after thorough and meticulous care. Therefore, to ensure that the printed box is free of any defects we use CMYK and PMS color models. The more advanced digital printing uses the PMS model which offers a broad range of colors while CMYK model can only make colors from Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and is used for offset printing which is a comparatively cheaper and less effective printing method. 

Unparalleled customer care service

Our call representatives are available day and night to assist you. While we offer our services at affordable rates we never compromise on the quality of our product, this has earned us a distinguished identity in the market.

By shopping at UrgentBoxes you can take advantage of flat rate shipping and save money by evading shipping costs and delivery charges as we offer free delivery throughout the USA. Moreover, you can also place a rush order for faster delivery at a minimal cost. 

Since satisfying your needs is the top-tier priority we also send free prototypes in the following ways:

          ·         2-D Die-cut: A 2D samples to let you get a flat view of the box in an image format.

          ·         3-D Mockup Video: A 3D sample, in contrast, allowing you to get a rotatory view of the custom box.

          ·         Physical sampling: Giving your abstract idea a tactile appeal

Think no more and look no further now is your chance to play your role in protecting mother earth. Order our custom eco-friendly boxes today and avail a discount on your first order.

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