Custom Corrugated Boxes The Strongest and Most Excellent Packaging Solution

25 Aug 2023, By Adam

Custom Corrugated Boxes The Strongest and Most Excellent Packaging Solution

Looking for sturdy packaging to ship heavy-weight retail items? A custom corrugated box is the most reliable option for the smooth shipment of delicate and heavy-weight products. It is prepared by adding three layers of paper inside and outside. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to handle or ship. You can customize corrugated boxes in a perfect shape, size, color and material following the need of your product.

The majority of clients undervalue the importance of corrugated boxes. However, they appear fragile but are sturdiest enough to withstand external damage efficiently. In this blog, we are going to take into account the significance of corrugated boxes wholesale. What makes them the most reliable packaging solution to stock heavy-weight items compared to the other answers?

Corrugated Boxes Wholesale: Adaptable to Endless Packaging Solutions

At first, one of the main features of a custom corrugated box is its flexibility. You can get a tailor-made package in any form, size and layout following the product’s requirement you wish to ship. Apart from the right size packaging, you can increase or decrease the box’s strength following the shipping item. A lightweight package will be a good option for storing small, delicate products. The following are the most popular categories of corrugated boxes:

  • Brown corrugated boxes
  • Multi depth boxes
  • Tall corrugated boxes
  • Flat boxes
  • Heavy-duty corrugated boxes
  • Telescopic boxes
  • Side loading
  • Side loading boxes

Heavy-duty corrugated boxes are the best solution for shipping bulky products. You can shape them into single or double-wall designs. 

100% Environmentally Friendly Custom Corrugated Boxes Wholesale

Its characteristic is not just limited to flexibility. In addition, they are a sustainable sturdiest solution for the product’s packaging. Like kraft and cardboard paper, corrugated flutes are also biodegradable. They do not impact their surroundings. You can recycle, decompose or reuse corrugated packaging.

Printed Corrugated Boxes: Cost-Efficient Solution for Brand’s Marketing

The majority of the brands assume that corrugated boxes come in plain form. This is not true. Like cardboard, corrugated boxes are also print-friendly. Printed corrugated boxes labelled with the company’s logo and theme designs look alluring. They help brands recognize your products on crowded shelves at first glance.

List of Additional Solutions for the Furnishing of Printed Corrugated Boxes

You can give an outstanding and eye-grabbing appearance to corrugated packaging by applying various additional options.  Custom corrugated boxes wholesale are viable endless packaging solutions. These solutions include: embossing, debossing, hot foil stamping, gloss, matt, aqueous, varnish, window with PVC sheet, inserts and spot UV. Packaging inserts in the box give an organized look to the product’s packaging. The breakable items stay intact and undamaged.

What are the Benefits of Using Custom Corrugated Boxes?

  • Give utmost protection compared to standardized boxes
  • The most affordable option for customized packaging
  • Containing biodegradable material and 100% recyclable
  • Easy to customize, ship, flat and handle
  • Light-weight
  • Helpful for branding purposes

Urgent Boxes: Go to Option for Ordering Best Quality Custom Corrugated Boxes

At UrgentBoxes, we design the best quality custom corrugated boxes. Our boxes are not only the finest in quality but pocket friendly. Interested in personalizing corrugated packaging? You can connect with our team of experts and design a package that befits your shipping needs. Our design support is free of cost. You can contact our customer support team at any hour of the day and consult with our packaging team.

Moreover, we also offer free of cost digital mock-ups to get the client’s final approval. In addition, you can benefit from free of cost shipping, plates, die-cuts, design support and much more. So, what’s the wait? Please order now to experience our extraordinary services at very reasonable prices.

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