How to Elevate your Brand through Custom Boxes

08 Mar 2021, By Jessica Pierce

How to Elevate your Brand through Custom Boxes

Can you imagine a world in which custom boxes do not exist to elevate branding? If yes, you are living in the wrong world. Your sales may be going through the roof, but what if we tell you that you can do better than that? Its possible, as long as you have custom packaging on your side. According to Ipsos' research, it is reported that 72% of the Americans? buying decision is influenced packaging design.

Think Long Term

Always make sure that you are gaining an edge over your competitors in the long term. For instance, suppose you are going to purchase a drink. Imagine yourself coming across a fridge that has tons of drinks racked up on top of each other. Now, what do you purchase? What attracts you the most? The packaging. You cannot sway away from the fact that a nice box represents a tactile appeal. As a result, it will influence the buying decision. You could be one of those 72% of Americans.

Another Stat Attack

Are you not convinced yet? Hear us out. 61% of Americans report that they would rebuy the product if it came in luxury packaging. Amazing, right? Elevating your brand comes easy if you do the packaging right. For example, prominent placement of logo on the box will come in handy and prove to be a great source of self-advertisement.

Suppose you are selling expensive products, such as perfume, makeup, or other cosmetic products. In that case, branding is the name of the game. It paves the way for more opportunities. A decent boxing experience tells a story in itself. You can make a decent impact on your customers through packaging, and it will compel them to re-purchase from you.

Enhance the Consumer Experience

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors, send out free gift hampers, or do anything to appreciate them. Your goal should be to retain the customers as they will advertise your brand in the long run. In that way, you elevate your brand without even putting in any effort. Note that when you appreciate a customer for purchasing from you, you are not doing them a favor; you are doing yourself a favor. They will post about your brand on their social media channels and other people in their circle. Moreover, what if a famous influencer or blogger advertises your brand? We dig that!

Final Words

You have to embark on a journey to build relations with your customers. It is something that will not happen overnight, but you have to bring style to your designs. To retain your customers, you have to go the extra mile. When you do that, you gain an excellent branding experience over others. If you want to go the extra mile in packaging, you can contact us. We have tons of experience in packaging, and our consultants can guide you on the right path. If you want to order a free quote, please reach us at or call us at +1-646-224-2228.

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