The Key Points You Need to Know About Custom Cigarette Boxes

30 Aug 2023, By Adam

The Key Points You Need to Know About Custom Cigarette Boxes

The cigarette does not need any introduction as it is one of the most popular tobacco items. It is consumed by teenagers, adults and old age people as well. Indeed, the highest consumption of a product generates competition in the market. So how to get dominating position and stand out in the tobacco business? Custom cigarette boxes are the ultimate answer to your problems. Quality packaging helps keep delicate cigarettes protected and creates a positive image of the brand in the competitive environment.

 Most brands underestimate the power of customized cigarette packaging and prefer ready-made boxes. But this is not true. Customized packaging has the upper hand in the success of your tobacco brand. This blog will bring to notice the high points of cigarette boxes wholesale. And how they play a pivotal part in boosting the product’s sales.

Make Brand’s Products Popular with Exclusive Design Cigarette Boxes

In today’s competitive world, it has become challenging for newbies to bring forward their business and give an instant boost to sales. Cigarette boxes wholesale is a wonderful solution. Packaging tobacco products in a creatively designed bespoke package can make them distinguishable. They are flexible and adaptable to many packaging solutions. You can modify the box into any shape, size, color and theme design. Moreover, you can give a distinctive look to the product’s packaging by adding the company logo or illustrations related to the item. A simple design will be a good choice than a complicated one.

Steal the Hearts of Buyers with Cardboard Cigarette Packaging Wholesale

It is a very complicated task to win the consumer’s satisfaction. They always look for perfection when it comes to the packaging of susceptible products like cigarettes. Cardboard cigarette boxes befit well to the product’s requirements. Cardboard paper is an excellent choice for cigarette packaging due to various reasons. Few are these as follows:

  • Cardboard boxes are thoroughly flexible. Brands can design these boxes as they want.
  • They are pocket-friendly options for retail tobacco brands.
  • Sturdy cardboard packaging also provides the utmost safety to the products during storage and shipping.
  • It is eco-friendly paper packaging.
  • Cardboard is accustomed to unlimited packaging solutions.

Create Long-Lasting Impression with Minimal Design Plain Cigarette Boxes

Printed and plain cigarette boxes have individual worth. It depends on the customer’s preferences that what attracts them more. However, brown kraft cigarette packaging is becoming popular due to its unique appearance. Simple design packaging looks elegant and outstands among the decorative printed cigarette boxes. Moreover, customers also prefer to buy plain packaging due to its organic nature. Brown kraft paper is made with natural substances and is entirely biodegradable. Additionally, it can withstand moisturization, pollutants and humidity etc., enhancing the shelf lives of cigarettes.

Enhance the Richness and Durability of Cigarette Packaging with Coatings

Though cardboard cigarette boxes are durable and can bear storage shocks effectively. But you can give a sophisticated and sturdy touch to the box’s surface by laminating it with breathtaking coatings. These include various coating solutions like matt, gloss, aqueous, varnish and spot UV. Matt's finish adds grace to prints providing a smooth and soft texture. On the other hand, a gloss finish is light-reflective and produces striking color prints. You can pick out varnish and aqueous coating to create completely recyclable packaging.

Urgent Boxes: Having Years of Expertise in Cigarette Packaging

It would not be wrong to say that Urgent Boxes is the pioneer in introducing customized cigarette packaging. Our packaging team is skilled in its expertise and can produce remarkable boxes. You can rely on us to get the finest quality tailor-made cigarette packaging in preferable shape, size, color and material. Moreover, we also offer special discounts on buying in bulk amount. So, don’t waste time in wondering. Connect with us and get ready to make the most of our outstanding services.

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