Why People Prefer Kraft Material For Custom Packaging?

23 Dec 2022, By Jane

Why People Prefer Kraft Material For Custom Packaging?

We are living in the age of eco-conscious mindset that demands eco-friendly, sustainable products that have minimal effects on the environment and gradually break down on their own with time. So, people prefer the Kraft packaging solutions that play a crucial role in daily living. This Kraft has gained so much popularity and most chosen material in today’s time. Moreover, the Kraft is a highly versatile material that is used in different applications. This biodegradable packaging solution not only offers protection to the product but also minimizes the environmental impact of carbon. It grabs appealing and compelling comments due to its captivating aesthetic presentation.

In this blog, we will shed light on the Kraft material and its features that make it the most preferable choice in the big competitive market. So stay engaged with us thoroughly.

Kraft Packaging: Highly Sustainable Solution

Kraft’s other name is Sustainability’ which makes it an ideal choice for consumers who prefer eco-friendly packaging. The Kraft is made with recyclable content that offers biodegradable properties it is capable of breaking down over time without deterioration and leaving behind carbon footprints. This way, the Kraft reduces the need for virgin material and conserves natural resources.

The Kraft is made with wood pulp and is found in brown color and makes fantastic sustainable packaging with its eco-friendly properties. The Kraft’s origin is German which means strength, power, and durability. It features high-end protection and durability and offers safe and secure packaging. Along with that, Kraft is one most amazing eco-friendly materials that have good tear resistance characteristics.

You can turn the brown color into white with bleaching. However, the manufacturer uses high-quality bleaching to provide a compelling Kraft paper bag look. Moreover, there are types available in the market for Kraft for instance coated unbleached Kraft (CUK) and the other one is coated recyclable board (CRB).

  • What is Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK)?

Coated unbleached Kraft, unlike other packaging, Kraft doesn’t need any chemical additions in it. During its production, 80% natural cellulose fiber is used. This material is great for printing and has high tear-resistance features. This is the most considerable choice for brands that can flaunt the excellent printing and patterns over it.

  • What is a Coated Recyclable Board (CRB)?

This type of Kraft is made with 100% recyclable material; it is the most durable material and good for tucking in dry foods and confectioneries. This is the most preferable choice for retail items and Kraft paper bags. Additionally, it can be used as folding boxes too.

Explore Kraft's Many Environmental Benefits. Why You Should Prefer Kraft over other material?

In this section, we will discuss Kraft’s amazing features that make it the preferable choice among retailers and the competitive market. Additionally, we will also shed light on FSC certification and environmental organization that makes the Kraft the most trustworthy and quality material for several applications so let’s start now.

FSC Certification and Environmental Organizations

Kraft is biodegrable packaging approved by the environmental organizations. The Kraft packaging comes under FSC Certification which ensures that the Kraft is 100% biodegradable and responsible for the non-polluted environment. Likewise, the step of (SFI) Sustainable Forestry Initiatives ensures the consumers that these Kraft paper bags or packaging are 100% eco-friendly material that benefits the environment with harmless content. Additionally, it also ensures to reduction of the carbon footprints with its usage.

Kraft Aesthetic: Boosting up the Brand Image with Kraft

The Kraft embraces charming and rustic features that attract consumers toward it. This Kraft material makes a stunning showpiece with its natural tone and textures. This fantastic texture offers elegance and flaunts a sense of timeless style and aesthetic appeal to consumers. Additionally, this makes the ideal choice for emerging brands to attract customers and set a long chain of satisfied clients with its quality craftsmanship. Moreover, this Kraft packaging can be used in several applications like gift wrapping, confectionaries, and gift items. Folding boxes, and other retail items.

Kraft Packaging Ensures Reduce Carbon Footprints

One of the benefits of using Kraft packaging is its low environmental impact on carbon. Now businesses can use fewer carbon footprints with eco-conscious. That is a beautiful alternative to plastic-based items that are unhealthy for our environmental zone. This gives growth to the Kraft packaging by big brands that adhere the environmental stewardship.

Kraft and Functionality

So, we have discussed aesthetic appeal and sustainable packaging solutions. Now explore the Kraft’s high-end functionality, practicality, and longevity. Kraft’s other meaning is durability and strength making the resistance against wear and tear. This is a highly lightweight material that is very durable and proves the test of time in handling glass wares during transportation. Moreover, it is best for folding applications. For instance, it can be easily creased or folded without any resistance. Additionally, it can hammer up in distinctive shapes, sizes, and designs.

The most interesting benefit of sustainable packaging is its waterproof feature which is moisture resistance. That enhances the integrity of the packaged product inside. It is the best go-to option for a humid environment.

Kraft Is an Affordable Packaging Solution

Despite of that, Kraft embraces extensive features like sustainability, reduced carbon footprints, and eco-friendly material. The feature that makes it distinctive among others is its affordability. Kraft offers affordable packaging solutions that will remain affordable for every type of business. Its raw material is easy to access and readily available without any trouble. However, its production will keep its low cost. Additionally, you can customize the Kraft in any shape, size, and design. But, customizations like printing, embossing, and debossing could elevate the cost of the Kraft packaging. When we talk about its scalability, then we will find it very result-oriented with instant outcomes. So, it is fit for any business type whether it's small or big. Moreover, bulk orders could cut costs for consumers.

Benefits of Kraft Packaging for Brands in Today’s Modern Time

In today’s time, consumers are most attracted to sustainable packaging solutions that offer eco-friendliness and reduce carbon footprints from the environment. Moreover, it helps the brand for more consumer engagement and brand authenticity. Moreover, Kraft offers several benefits that make it the perfect choice for big brands. Some of the quick benefits are as follows:

  • Enhancing Brand Value

The brands always prefer sustainable packaging solutions. Consumers are moving toward eco-friendly material packaging so they go toward the brands that offer the FSC standards and certification that is approved by environmental organizations. It helps the brand for trust and integrity and maintains a strong relationship with brands. Moreover, Kraft packaging communicates authenticity and honesty building up a strong relationship between the customer and the company.

  • Brand Recognition

Brands are known for their values and quality. So Kraft the most sustainable packaging offers the brand a road to success through its commitment to quality. That makes the strong relation with the customers. Moreover, it also elevates brand recognition to look distinctive in a competitive market. It helps cater to the requirements of eco-conscious consumers.

  • Brand Personalization

Now a brand can flaunt distinctively through logo design on Kraft boxes or Kraft paper bags. It is the go-to packaging for apparel. So Kraft catches up with various colors and designs with an impressive logo design that attracts customers with minimal design and a touch of sophistication. Moreover, the Kraft paper packaging can resonate with the customer’s style. It also enhances the brand identity and recognition. Kraft fulfills every brand’s requirements with various playful aesthetics that look so classy and chic.


In today’s world, consumers are more attracted to sustainable, affordable, aesthetically appealing, and highly functional packaging solutions. So here comes a Kraft comes the king of eco-friendly packaging that the brand and customers need with its high-quality features. It offers wear and tear resistance features that are suitable for retail items or wholesaler product packaging.

Moreover, the Kraft is made with wood recycled material that ensures the reduction of carbon footprints in the environment a greener environment. Furthermore, the Kraft functionality ensures high durability, strength, and longevity that goes long run. Additionally, it offers the aid during shifting or moving the products. Additionally, it also enhances the brand image, values, recognition, and identity due to its approval by the FSC and environmental organizations.

In conclusion, the Kraft is 100% biodegradable packaging that offers sustainability, affordability, aesthetics, and strength. Furthermore, it enhances the brand's value. For more information about talk to our assistant and ask your queries now.

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