Why People Prefer Kraft Material For Custom Packaging?

23 Dec 2022, By Jane

Why People Prefer Kraft Material For Custom Packaging?

What are the Top Benefits of Choosing Custom Kraft Boxes?

Why choose a kraft box? what are its attributes? Please stay connected with us to get the answer to all these questions. There are a lot of causes to choose kraft paper boxes. A few of them are described below:

Kraft Boxes Most Sturdy and Durable Ones:

Kraft is one of the best quality stocks. It is strong and endurable to unfavorable climatic conditions. It is resistant to moisture, heat, contamination, etc. Most famous brands use kraft boxes due to their long-lasting nature. Its strength varies from product to product. So, you can customize the package in accordance with the thickness of the products.

Environment Friendly and 100% Biodegradable Kraft Packaging:

One of the superb characteristics of kraft box wholesale is that it is entirely safe for the environment. It does not have any harmful impact on the planet's health. It is made of pine wood and is 100% recyclable. You can reuse packaging for future purposes. Its biodegradable nature makes it the most optimal box option for manufacturers and brands. Besides this, you can use eco-friendly kraft boxes to bring a positive attitude towards the climate crisis. They are the best source aware the public about the detrimental effects of global warming.

Usage of Kraft Boxes in Industries and Trendiest Box Styles:

Mostly, kraft boxes are used to pack all types of items. You will see their usage in almost all industries, such as food, apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, bakeries, etc. You can select a kraft box to pack lightweight and delicate items like perfume bottles, creams, bracelets, soaps, candles, etc.

They are easy to customizable, and you can customize them in your personalized box styles and shapes. one of the most popular kraft box styles are as follows:

  1. kraft box with windows
  2. tray and sleeve box
  3. gable box
  4. pillow packaging 
  5. two-piece kraft box
  6. kraft mailer box
  7. kraft soap boxes
  8. kraft candle box

Good for the Safety of the Products:

You must know that food and bakery items are at risk of contamination. They are more likely to be stale and soggy. Kraft is food-grade material. It has zero percent effect on the food and helps retain its freshness and natural aroma. Besides edibles, beauty and jewelry items are prone to breakage during shipping. You can add inserts in the box to keep things intact and secure from the traveling bumps. They also increase the shelf storage of the products. You can enhance the worth of the brand by packing products in high-quality kraft boxes.

Designing of Kraft Paper Boxes with Innumerable Personalized Solutions:

Customization of kraft can increase the worth of the packed products. You can customize the box with bundles of add-ons to make packaging more eye-catchy and appealing. In add-ons, you can apply inserts, window cut-outs, die-cuts, handles, etc. Kraft candle box with windows cut-outs looks very attractive. The onlookers can take a preview of the candles without unpacking the package. In comparison, you can add inserts in the kraft soap box to prevent them from bumping into each other. On the customers' demand, we can attach handles. Their addition makes the box's handling process easy and simple.

Kraft Boxes Wholesale Perfect Marketing Tool:

Competition is enlarging in the retail industry. Especially since newbies find it tough to bring their business forward, Kraft paper boxes can work as the best marketing tool. You can customize the package with logo designs, attractive business slogans, and related product theme designs. All these details related to the company are a great help in advertising the brand. It will aid in creating a distinct identity for the brand in the crowd and stand out your brand's products from the rest.

Custom Printed Kraft Boxes:

There is no equivalence between a printed and a plain box. Printed kraft boxes make your package informational and promotional as well. You can print the box per your targeted audience. You can add the product's information, prices, side-effects, expiry date, product images, warning signs, etc. These colorful printed texts will catch the attention of the buyers in the meantime. Moreover, you can also add discount offers and deals to grab the attention of the onlookers.

Why Choose UrgentBoxes for Custom Kraft Boxes? 

Are you running a retail business and require kraft boxes for the packaging of products? Yes! Then you must be in confusion about whom to choose. Select UrgentBoxes. Our company is the one-stop solution for all your packaging needs. We customize any kraft box. Our team will act as you demand. We make use of cutting-edge manufacturing machines and tools for high-end results. Besides this, our services are very reasonable and remarkable. Apart from all this, the key features of our company include:

Free Design Assistance:

The box's design is the primary thing in customization. If you have a design idea, share it with our team. You can bring your dead thoughts to life with the assistance of our skilled designers. We offer 2D and 3D digital design templates for your approval before the beginning of the order.

Free Shipping Facility:

You can get our free shipping facility all over the world. We will ship the order to your doorstep. You don't have to pay any penny.

No Hidden Fee Policies:

You will not find extra fees or charges here. You can get free order quote within 24 hours. Our plates and die-cut service are also free. 

Discount Offers on Bulk Order:

Our minimum order quantity contains 100 boxes. You can order in bulk quantity and save a good amount of budget as we have special deals for you if you order in massive.

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