10 Interesting Facts About Soap Boxes

27 Apr 2022, By Jesse Rowan

10 Interesting Facts About Soap Boxes

In today’s world, people are the most concerned about skincare. Using multiple products to ensure personal hygiene and freshness of their body is everybody’s prime concern. For this purpose, people use multiple soaps and bath bombs as well.

Organic soaps have proven to be extremely effective. They help in hydrating your skin while making it soft and supple. The texture and the feel you get after using organic soaps has created a major hype amongst people. When it comes to bath bombs, we know that the world is a witness of its increasing popularity. Bath bombs get your body rid of odor while acting as a stress relief for you. After a hectic day, having a long bath using bath bombs reduces all the stress and tiredness of the day. 

Keeping in mind the great benefits and increasing users of organic soaps and bath bombs, many new brands entered this industry. While there is already an existing influx in this business line, making your products get their desired recognition can be a tough task.

In order to help you establish a worth and place for your brand in this industry, it is paramount that you work on your packaging. For products like soaps and bath bombs, customers get fascinated by their packaging and purchase them!

Here, we’ll discuss 10 interesting facts about soap/bath bomb boxes and how customizing these boxes will benefit you!

They are Wide and Spacious Enough

Presenting your soaps or bath bombs in boxes will prove to be extremely benefitting for your brand. These products require space so they can be easily placed inside. Bath bomb boxes and soap boxes are designed in such a way that they have a large space. Moreover, you can also customize and have a larger sized box for your soap or bath bombs in order to have a larger and comfortable space.

Strong and Durable Material

Customizing your soap or bath bomb boxes is beneficial in multiple ways, one of which consists of choosing a material. It is paramount to have a strong and sturdy material for the production of your bath bomb boxes to provide them proper protection and prevent them from getting damaged.

For this purpose, Team Urgent Boxes offers one of the finest quality materials. We provide high quality paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and Kraft for the production of you soap and bath bomb packaging. These products are strong and will be able to provide a shield to your products.

Choose a Box style

In today’s progressive world, people look for things that are not ordinary and manage to captivate them. However, our uniquely structured boxes will help you in making an exquisite appearance and display of your products.

We provide box styles such as tray and sleeve boxes, gable bags, pillow boxes, hexagon two piece boxes and many more. They will be able to make your soap and bath bomb boxes hard to resist for the customers. Hence, your box will be able to stand out and outshine other boxes present in the market. As a result, your brand recognition and sales will increase rapidly!

Adjust the Thickness of the Stock According to your Preference

Customization allows you to be in authority and control of every aspect that will go in your packaging. You can play and be creative with your box packaging as well. Therefore, this means that you can adjust and increase the thickness of your stocks as well.

We believe that only you know the best about your product and can tell how stronger the box must be to protect your soaps or bath bombs. With this facility, you can ensure the safety of your product now!

The stronger the packaging, the safer your product will be!

Eco-Friendly Stocks!

One great element that stocks provided at Urgent boxes have is that they are highly eco-friendly. A packaging that possesses great eco-friendly properties can never fail to reside in the hearts of the customers. In today’s world when environmental toxicity has been increasing rapidly, it is important that every brand contributes their role and be a volunteer to the environment by providing eco-friendly packaging.

Eco-friendly packaging can be recycled easily and does not pose a threat to the environment. Moreover, people are now much considerate about the purchases they make and want to ensure that no such product is purchased that may potentially pose a threat to the environment.

Henceforth, with this element in your bath bomb boxes, you can gain popularity and acceptance you require from the buyers!

Soap Boxes Add to the Attractiveness as a Display

These boxes highly add up to the attractiveness as display for your bath bombs or organic soaps. Speaking of facts, not just bath bombs but literally every product in today’s world demands to be presented in a better way. 

Thus, styling your boxes and owning them will make a better reputation of your brand and get your bath bomb wider recognition!

Have a Better Outlook with Flawless Prints

Having prints will help you have a better look of your bath bomb or soap boxes. People will start to recognize you for your appearance. Thus, it is important to have elegant and flawless prints!

Team Urgent Boxes provides free design support and high quality printing techniques for you to form a unique print for your soap boxes.

Moreover, we offer three types of coating for you to choose from. It is very important to give a final finish to your soap boxes. With matte, aqueous and a glossy coating, your soap boxes will get the exquisite look they naturally demand.

Prints will undoubtedly make your soap or bath bomb boxes more attractive. Hence, they will look more interesting to the buyers and will make your boxes hard to resist!

Make the Most of Add-Ons

Ensure the success of your brand with add-ons. Quality outlook is extremely important. With add-ons, you will make your boxes more fascinating and enhance their overall outlook.

Our foiling element helps you in providing a detailed outlook to your product. You can use it on the logo of your brands’ soap boxes. Moreover, you can customize your foiling color according to your brands’ theme as well!

With embossing and debossing, your boxes will be able to stand out. This element gives a 3D effect to your soap boxes, giving an intense look to it. Therefore, your soap boxes will be able to grab more attention towards them

Die-cut Window to Make Your Boxes “Interesting”

Customers want to make sure that the product isn’t damaged or sometimes, they’re just curious to look at the product. Therefore, personalizing a die-cut window will ease your customers as well as make your boxes more interesting.

The Real Interesting Fact

Now here is a steal deal, a real interesting fact for you. You don’t have to worry about expenses while customizing your soap boxes at Urgent Boxes. You can grab a bulk of your customized boxes at extremely affordable prices. Furthermore, we also offer free shipping as well to make your customization economical and budget friendly for you!

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