Read these 6 tips about Easter to Double your Business!

15 Apr 2022, By Andy

Read these 6 tips about Easter to Double your Business!

One of the most auspicious events is around the corner. Easter is one of those festivals which the world awaits for the most. Elders and kids, people of literally every age are excited whenever Easter comes. Around this event, many brands put up sales and multiple offers to add to the peoples’ joy. To be true, this is a way for people to double up their business as well.

One way that brands have been profiting a lot with regards to this event is by modifying and personalizing their product packaging around this event. This is your opportunity to make the most out of your business by customizing your packaging for this event. With customization, you’re in control of how your packaging will appear to the world. You’re in control of your packaging.

Following mentioned are 6 tips you can use to double your business around Easter!

Preference for Cardboard Display Boxes

People go through the display of multiple products and stop by at the product whose display fascinates them the most. With customized Cardboard display boxes, you can attract more customers towards your brand. Display boxes are a way for you to present your products in a better way. They carry a large amount of your products. Thus, they require a better and modified appearance!

  • Durable Packaging

Since display boxes carry a large amount of products in them, they require a stronger packaging material for them. Team Urgent Boxes provides one of the finest quality materials for the production of your display boxes. We offer high quality paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and Kraft for manufacturing your display boxes. However, cardboard display boxes are preferred the most. Cardboard is a better and strong enough stock to provide protection to a bundle of your products. Moreover, you can also adjust the thickness of the materials according to your requirement.

Moreover, Cardboard is a highly eco-friendly material. This means that it can be easily recycled and does not pose a threat to the environment. This element will attract more customers towards your product!

  • Personalized Print Especially on the Occasion of Easter

Brands that modify their prints around the occasion of Easter that revolve around Easter’s theme become the center of attention for the customers. A personalized print on the account of this occasion will make your cardboard display boxes stand out. To personalize a print, we provide design support to guide you. Our panel of professional designers knows exactly what kind of prints will attract customers towards them. With their guidance, you will easily form an attractive print for your cardboard display boxes.

For your prints, we provide both digital and offset printing techniques. Furthermore, we also provide coatings as well. When you have a print personalized for your display boxes, giving them a coat is important.  We offer three types of coating; Gloss, matte and aqueous. They will seal your prints and will capture the most eyes on them!

  • Imprint Personalized print Patterns or logo with Foil

Logo is one of the most important aspects of your cardboard display boxes. When you present your products to the world, the first thing they’ll notice is your identity. Logo is basically the identity for your brand. It becomes your brand’s representative in the market. Thus, it is paramount to build a better outlook of your logo.

With our foiling element, you can outline the logo of your brand. Foiling is usually of gold and silver color. However, you can customize the colors of your foil. Hence, your logo will become more eye-captivating and lavishing!

  • Embossing and Debossing to Intensify the Whole Look

Commonly referred to as the magical features, embossing and debossing are never neglected by our clients. This feature has been increasing its popularity in the world of customization. They highly help you to intensify the whole look of your cardboard display boxes.

Basically, embossing and debossing will give a 3D outlook to your logo or personalized patterns Thus; your cardboard display boxes will surely be able to attract more customers towards them. It is important to know that it’s not only your products being presented in the market during Easter. There are many other competitors to challenge you as well. Unquestionably, you’ll be successful by the use of these features on your customized cardboard display boxes.

  • Make a Budget Friendly Customization Process

With an occasion come many expenses as well. Businesses sometimes cannot afford to have extra expenses on their board. However, they still want to benefit from this occasion and from the customization process. For this purpose, Team Urgent Boxes is here at your service to facilitate and accommodate you according to your budget. We offer multiple discounts as a token of love, which is up to 40% off.

Furthermore, we provide cardboard boxes wholesale. With a wholesale purchase, you can get a large amount of your cardboard display boxes and ship your products worldwide for sale. The quantity will be in bulk. However, you won’t have to pay a large amount for this purpose. The cardboard boxes wholesale are pocket friendly. It won’t cost you much and will fit in your budget as well!

  • Enjoy a Free Shipment!

Team Urgent Boxes provide worldwide shipping. Moreover, our shipping services are extremely safe and hassle free. Thus, you can now get your customized cardboard display boxes safely delivered in any part of the world. Amongst the many advantages you get by customizing your cardboard display boxes with us, one of the biggest benefits is that you don’t have to pay for delivery. We deliver your customized ready to use cardboard boxes wholesale right at your doorstep without any charges. Our team makes sure to make you benefit the most!

We consider your success as our own. Moreover, we look forward to treating you on the occasion of Easter as well. With free design support, multiple discounts, wholesale purchases and free shipping, you can greatly benefit from customization. Unquestionably, personalizing your cardboard display boxes for this occasion will now prove to be extremely fruitful for your brand!

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