The Ultimate Guide to Mylar Bag Thickness

11 Oct 2023, By Adam

The Ultimate Guide to Mylar Bag Thickness

You must have landed on this page to learn about the method of specifying the thickness of mylar bags. But first, let me make it you know what an actual mylar bag is? You must have seen mylar bags displayed on various packaging websites. People become very confused about its actual quality and what its actual usage is. Are you also facing trouble and confusing it with some product or packaging design? Let us clarify your misconception about mylar bags.

What is A Mylar Bag?

Mylar is the most preferable storage option for food products. It is a viable option for food storage because of its' food-friendly nature. It is built with several layers of lamination that give a food shield against germs, odour, heat, moisture, etc. As a result, food stays fresh for an extended period and does not spoil or perish. Moreover, consumers also prefer bringing them into use due to their light and flexible nature. These bags are also 100% eco-friendly, so that you can reuse or recycle them. The best thing about these bags is that they also vary in thickness. The consumers can decide the bag’s thickness under the type of food and it’s storage duration.

How to Measure the Mylar Bag's Thickness? 

The bag's size depends on the quantity of food's storage. But the measurement of the bag's thickness is a bit tricky phenomenon. The selection of accurate bags' thickness matters greatly when giving optimal packaging to perishable food items. So how much thick a bag must be to store food? Are you curious about learning more? Continue reading with us.

How Much Mylar Bags' Thickness Is Acceptable?

Mylar bags come in a variety of thicknesses. It starts from 2 mils and extends up to 7.5 mils. Do you know what mil means? Are you interested to learn about it? Yes, here lies its explanation. Mil is a unit of length. It is equal to one thousand of an inch. 

Mylar bags with a thickness between 5 mil and 7 mils are the preferable options to give lasting storage to food items. However, a mylar bag's thickness lowering below 4.5 mils average is not an optimal option. They do not provide the utmost protection against moisture, UV lights, humidity travelling tinctures, etc.

Why Does the Thickness of Mylar Bags Matter?

Mostly brands underestimate the bag’s thickness. The overall product’s worth and shelf life depend on the bag’s thickness. We have listed below the details of the bag’s thickness quality and how you could choose it under your requirements.

4 Mils thick Mylar Bags:

There is great significance in the mylar bag's thickness. 4 mils thick mylar bags seem very thin in appearance. The light can go through them. It points out that they do not have the potential to absorb the sunlight. The entering of light in the bag can spoil food in a very short time.

Moreover, these bags do not give ultimate security against moisture, humidity, germs, etc. All these factors can cause a deterioration in the actual quality of food. However, we recommend using thin bags to store a few items for a shorter period. In addition, thinner bags are prone to wear and tear because of their delicate nature.

5 Mils thick Mylar Bags:

In contrast to 4 mils thick mylar bags, five mils mylar bags provide too much protection against harmful environmental factors. They could be a go-to option if you are looking for a storage bag to store dry food items longer. However, they are also delicate and can tear because of travelling tinctures.

7 Mils thick Mylar Bags:

We recommend using 7 mils thick mylar bags for the utmost and long-standing conservation of food items. They are absolutely opaque. They do not let UV light or air enter the bag to destroy the food's quality. Additionally, 7-mile bags are strong and immune to scratches, jerks, punctures, etc.

Select the Mylar Bag's Thickness Quality Following the Type of Food

Are you confused regarding the thickness of the mylar bags and unable to pick the right one? There's No need to be worried. There are no hard and fast rules to it. Simply, you can decide following the product's requirements, like what kind of food you will stock and the storage duration. Mostly, some food items demand thinner packages. On the other hand, some types of foods require thick packaging. However, bags above 4.5 mils are the most befitting options. You can handpick 4-mil thick bags for the temporary storage of food items. They will keep food fresh and in its actual form. Moreover, they are user-friendly as well. You can close and open them effortlessly. In contrast, if you intend to stock food for a longer period. Then we suggest opting for 7 mils thick bags. You must keep in mind that the thicker the bags, there is less likelihood of food spoilage.

What is Suitable Mylar Bag's Thickness for Short-Term Food Storage?

How thick a mylar bag must be to give transitory packaging to food products. Mylar bags below 3.5 mils can be a good and budget-friendly option. They are thin and easy to use. You can use them to pack lightweight products for a very short time. Like thick bags, these bags are also very flexible and have easy openings.


There is no doubt that custom mylar bags are a very solid and reliable option to preserve the freshness of food items. But you cannot expect to customize the right thickness of mylar bags without joining hands with a top-grade packaging company. The experienced and skilled team of manufactures can help you select accurate bag thickness according to the product’s demands.

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