Captivate the Buyers with Eye-Catching Wholesale Cannabis Seed Boxes

13 Oct 2022, By Adam

Captivate the Buyers with Eye-Catching Wholesale Cannabis Seed Boxes

Get Unlimited Customized Solutions to Pack Cannabis Seed Boxes and Outshine your Cannabis Brand

Are you in the cannabis business and worried about your sales due to high competition in the market? Do you want to pack your boxes uniquely to stand apart your products and boost your sales? Then, eliminate all your apprehensions and give a chance to our packaging designers. We at Urgent Boxes offer unending customized options to manufacture your cannabis seed packaging. We design custom boxes in your desired styles and give them an attractive look with the use of enticing coatings and embellishments.

Pick your Desired Styles for Cannabis Seed Boxes

Different styles of boxes are used to pack Cannabis seed items. If you are running a cannabis business and unaware of customized styles. Then it would be best if you looked at the following boxes’ styles for cannabis seed packaging.

  • Tray and sleeve cannabis seed boxes
  • Front tuck boxes
  • Reverse and straight tuck end boxes

A front tuck box is the most common style of packaging seed items. It is convenient to carry around. The reverse and straight tuck end have two sides endings and openings. You can place your products from any side of the box. This box style is very easy and simple to store, carry, and ship. Tray and sleeve boxes also have simple openings and closures.

Captivate the Buyers Towards Your Wholesale Boxes with Unique Color Prints

You can attract a large number of audiences with eye-catching prints. Urgent boxes use up-to-date and trendiest printing methods to produce custom packaging. We use digital and offset printing techniques.

You can have a look at the table and make up your mind to choose any of them. Both of these give outstanding results.

Color Printing Scheme:


CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) contains four color printing options. It is budget-friendly. PMS (Pantone Matching System) with unlimited color combinations is expensive. Color printing creates dazzling and bewitching packaging that helps distinguish your products. If you are not willing to print cannabis seed packaging, you can choose no printing options.

Manufacturing of Wholesale Cannabis Seed Boxes with Premium Quality Material

 We produce your wholesale boxes with the finest quality stock. The rising level of global warming has given rise to eco-friendly packaging. Our manufacturers use 100% eco-friendly material. We do not use harmful chemicals in the preparation of cannabis seed packaging.

Our company utilizes the following variety of printing stock in the manufacturing process. All of these materials have their specifications.

  • Kraft cannabis seed boxes
  • Cardboard seed boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes


Kraft is a biodegradable stock. Packaging cannabis seed in Kraft is safe for the environment. You can recycle packaging and reuse it. It is the best option for brands that care for the environment. However, it provides high-quality packing at affordable prices.


Cardboard is a sustainable material. It is an optimal choice to pack cannabis seeds as it secures them during shipping. Moreover, it protects your products from external harms like moisture, heat, and contamination.


Corrugated is sturdy. This type of material containing flutes strengthens your boxes. It is a befitting material for smooth shipping. Make your Cannabis Seed Packaging More Fashionable with Attractive Coatings and Extra Finishings:

Coatings are used to keep your CBD Boxes Wholesale secure from smudges and scratches. Moreover, laminations give a luxurious look with velvety and shiny textures. We employ these coating solutions in the production of cannabis seed packaging.

  1. Mate Lamination
  2. Gloss Lamination
  3. Spot UV

Aqueous Coating

 Mate lamination is the most high-rated coating option. However, it makes print colors more vivid and vibrant. On the other hand, gloss coating is used to give a shiny appearance to the packaging. Aqueous coating costs less, and it is immune to fingerprints and stains. So, choose any of these options and let your sales boost.

Let your custom boxes be adorned with intriguing embellishments and distinguish your cannabis brand in the market. You will get an ideal customized box without compromising on your budget.

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  • Embossing 
  • Debossing 
  • Foil Stamping
  • Silver/ gold foiling
  • PVC Sheets
  • Windows cut-outs
  • Perforations

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a free shipment facility.
  • Our manufacturers prepare your order on time and deliver to your doorsteps on promised time.
  • There are no die-cuts and plate charges.
  • We offer special discount offers on bulk orders.
  • Moreover, you can get free design samples.

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