Custom THC Vape Cartridge Packaging is at a high Demand Nowadays

30 Aug 2022, By Gibbs

Custom THC Vape Cartridge Packaging is at a high Demand Nowadays

At present, the vaping industry has seen unprecedented growth. Ambitious factors have given birth to the rise of the vape business. The product's packaging is the primary factor behind the growth of vape businesses’ success. A quality packaging is a prerequisite to beat the rivals and bring business into limelight. Do you own a cannabis business and are looking for a strategic approach to boost the sales of vape cartridges? There is no better option for your business than custom THC vape cartridge packaging boxes to display various vape flavors. You must be curious about what makes these boxes preferable for retailers and e-commerce stores. 

In this blog, we are going to reveal the factors behind the massive demand for custom-printed THC vape cartridge boxes. Without further ado, let’s dig into the details of this post.

Workable to Endless Customized Solutions

Another factor that compels brands to select custom THC vape cartridge packaging for the cannabis business is their customized nature. Customization offers limitless opportunities. Brands can tailor a creative design packaging that aligns with their brand and differentiates the company’s products in the crowded market. They can craft the size, shape, and design of packages following the demands of their cannabis products. Besides that, they can opt for specified materials, artworks, finishings and add-ons to outshine their products.

Excellent and Protective Packaging Solution

Like various other cannabis products, THC vape cartridges are highly vulnerable. They are stored in delicate containers. They are prone to leakage or damage if not packed adequately. Custom THC vape cartridge packaging has become an optimal choice to keep products secure on the counter shelves and during shipping as well. Because of the robust features, these boxes have become first-rate choices for retailers and online stores. But, the following materials are suitable for the manufacturing of vape boxes:


Kraft brown paper is the most recommendable choice to keep packaging simple yet graceful. 


The cardboard is a sturdy piece of paper. It gives water, moisture, light and heatproof packaging to THC vape cartridges. 


Corrugated paper containing thick fluted layers is used to craft strong mailer boxes. Thick corrugation flutes can withstand travelling shocks or traumas and ensure the delivery of products in their actual form to consumers. 


Rigid paper is perfect for giving luxury and a classy feel to boxes. It is expensive and can be utilized for subscription, gift, or promotional purposes. 

Establish True Brand’s Identity

Custom THC vape cartridge packaging boxes are not just limited to product safety. Apart from that, they are an excellent source of brand advertisement. Companies can label packaging with essential branding elements to create brand awareness. They can print boxes with logo images, the company’s name, promotional slogans, popular services, discount offers, etc. An alluring logo image on packaging outshines products on the shelves. Moreover, it builds the brand’s separate identity and helps win the client’s trust. 

Enhance Customer’s Unboxing Experience:

There are ample numbers of brands that are selling THC vape online. The customers cannot wait to open their parcels. Quality packaging leaves a good impression on the buyers about the respective brand.  You can elevate the box’s appeal by adding die-cut windows, foam holders, inside prints, etc. Printed THC vape cartridge boxes with dividers keep vape pens organized and prevent collisions. There are different kinds of inserts available in the market. But, cardboard and corrugated paper inserts are cheap choices. You can opt for foam holders if you intend to give a luxury feel to the packaging. 

Diversity in Box’s Styles:

Today’s trends have evolved. The audiences look for modern and handy-style boxes. Custom THC vape cartridge boxes come in a wide range of styles. All them are highly practical and easiest to handle or ship around. Look at the few examples of suitable box styles for vape cartridges. 

Vape-Cartridge Packaging Boxes: Eco-Friendly

Global warming has become one of the most challenging problems of the 21st century. Packaging can be the most significant cause of accelerating climate change.  That’s why both consumers and brands have started preferring biodegradable packaging.  Printed THC vape cartridge packaging built with sustainable substrates and eco-friendly lamination is entirely recyclable.  Additionally, it can be reused as well. 

Innumerable Advantages of Custom THC Vape Cartridge Boxes:

There are many benefits of custom THC vape cartridge packaging boxes.  Have a look at the following points to learn how these boxes can prove helpful for your cannabis business:

  • Help in boosting the sales 
  • Leave a good impression on the buyers 
  • Strengthen the brand’s image
  • Assist in winning competition 
  • Friendly to the environmental 
  • Durable packaging solution 
  • Enhance the shelf value of products 
  • Outstand products on the shelves


After reading this blog, you must have discovered the secret behind the inflated demand for custom THC vape cartridge packaging boxes. They have become crucial for businesses to get the lead and win the fierce competition.

Why Choose Urgent Boxes to Order the Best Custom THC Vape Cartridge Packaging?

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