Top 5 Best Tricks to Attract your Customers with Candle Boxes

07 Mar 2022, By Adam

Top 5 Best Tricks to Attract your Customers with Candle Boxes

Candles are one of the most purchased products in today's world. They have helped people in various ways. Candles are used for health benefits and to set a relaxing environment. Different scented candles create different ambiance. Its use and popularity keeps increasing with every passing day. Therefore, many manufacturers want to invest and try their luck in this industry.

Influence of Personalized Candle Boxes

Brands have realized that a personalized candle box is a smart route that can help them enhance their branding. Moreover, customers purchase a candle whose packaging is able to reflect its aura. Packaging has a key role to play when it comes to a product like candles. People perceive what kind of an environment the candle is able to create with what the packaging expresses. Therefore, the candle boxes which are ?expressive? are sold out the most.

Apart from sales, the quality of your candle boxes set you a step above your competitors. Your brand value and worth increases in the market. With a distinct packaging, you're able to lead the industry and survive the ongoing competition.

Therefore, your sales improve along with an enhanced brand value. Moreover, you're able to maintain a position you want in the industry. Your packaging of candle boxes becomes your identity in the industry and becomes your representative. In simpler words, your packaging becomes your source to communicate with your customers!

Customize your own candle box packaging

It is paramount for a brand to improvise their packaging in order to survive the market competition. Moreover, your candle boxes become your source of recognition. Therefore, it is important to customize your packaging smartly. Only an exquisite packaging is worthy enough to stand for your brand amongst other candle box packaging. With the following customization tricks, you will be able to achieve your desired goal of having an exquisite packaging of candle boxes.

Choose a Quality Material

The first trick to achieve a quality packaging starts by choosing a high-quality packaging material. The shipping of candles takes place globally. In order to ensure no damage occurs to the candles, using a good quality material is a priority. However, it is important to have a strong packaging for your candle boxes. Your material must be able to support the candles.

Prefer the following materials

  • Paperboard

This stock is generally thicker than a regular paper. If your candles are light in weight, this stock is their perfect fit. Moreover, you can add layers to your packaging as well!

  • Cardboard

This is a relatively strong material and is able to support your cardboard boxes wholesale. It acts as a shield for your candles. Heavy-weight candles can be stored in this stock!

  • Corrugated cardboard

This material is of a high-end quality. It has a maximized thickness. Therefore, this is an ideal stock for global shipping.

Moreover, all these stocks are eco-friendly which means that they do not pose a threat to the environment. People are very picky about the products they want to purchase. This is because of the packaging material. Customers boycott any product that does not have an eco-friendly packaging. Therefore, these stocks will add to the brand's credibility. Hence, your candle boxes will be able to generate sales.

Select a unique box style

Packaging companies provide many box styles for candle boxes. With a box style different from others, your packaging will be able to stand out. A unique packaging will help your brand to grow. Below are some box styles you can choose from,

  • Tray and sleeve packaging

This packaging style is widely used for various products. It consists of two parts; a tray and a sleeve. Sleeve acts as a shield for your tray where you place your candle.

  • Two Piece Hexagon Boxes

This is a very innovative style for your candle boxes. As the name suggests, it has a unique shape. Therefore, it will prove to be a recognizable packaging for your brand in the market.

  • Double Wall With Display Lid

This packaging style is ideal if you want a unique display for your candle boxes. It will showcase your candles in a better way.

Moreover, you can customize ANY box style into whatever size you require. Customization allows you to control every element of the packaging of your candle boxes.

Allow your customers to get a glance of your Candle Boxes through Die-Cut Window

Regardless of how fascinating your packaging appeals, buyers still would want to have a look at the candles. They want to do so to ensure that the candle is not damaged. Therefore, personalizing a die-cut window on candle boxes gives an exquisite outlook to the packaging. A die-cut is a hole or a shape. Through this, your customers can have a look at the candles. Moreover, you can customize your die-cut into any shape or size. This also puts a great impression on your customers and showcases your consideration.

However, it is important to make a shield for the die-cut. Since there will be no stock on that particular area, adding a layer which is transparent and is able to support the candles is important. Therefore, a high-quality PVC sheet covers your die-cut. It is a strong and durable covering. Hence, your die-cut will be covered. Moreover, customers will be able to have a better look at the candles as well!

Add-on features

There are different additional features that intensify the overall appearance of a packaging. luxury Candle boxes wholesale helps you to cut down the cost. Moreover, you can customize your candles all at once. This is a cost-effective method. All your additional features will be added to the packaging of your candle boxes wholesale.

  • Foiling

Print or outline the logo or pattern of your candle boxes with a foiling. Gold and silver foiling looks very eye-infectious on the packaging. It will help your boxes to stand out amongst others.

  • Embossing and Debossing

This feature enhances your packaging a lot. Regarded as magical features, they give a 3D effect to the pattern or logo personalized for your candle boxes. All these features are tricks which will help your candle box stand out in a throng of other candle boxes. In order to cut down the cost, you can customize your packaging in candle boxes wholesale and smartly dominate the industry!

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