Attract Attention of Food Lovers with Custom Printed Food Boxes

13 Mar 2023, By Tokio

Attract Attention of Food Lovers with Custom Printed Food Boxes

Custom Food Boxes Wholesale: Printed Noodle and Pasta Boxes

Today, getting a lead in the food industry is becoming challenging due to the cut-throat competition. Custom food packaging boxes have become a necessity for the packaging of food products. A custom food packaging box performs various functions. First, they help prevent food items like pasta, noodles, burgers, etc., from getting moist and hard. They are designed to give safe storage to the packed items. 

Secondly, custom printed noodle and Pasta boxes are an excellent promotional tool. You can customize the package with the company's logo and trademarks to create awareness of your brand. Ultimately, it will increase sales and generate revenue. 

Custom Printed Pasta and Noodles Boxes in Diverse Shapes and Sizes

Each food product needs box packaging accordingly. You cannot pack pasta or noodles in a burger box. A gable box also called a box with handles, is one of the most usable boxes for noodle packaging. Gable box is easy to handle and gives safe storage to the products. It provides secure storage for food items and enhances their shelf lives. Besides this, kraft and cardboard boxes are the most optimal options if you have to pack ready-made noodles or pasta.

Is Rigid Best Choice for Food Box Packaging?

You can use rigid boxes in some cases. It is recyclable but impossible to mold and bend. We mainly use rigid boxes to pack baked food items like cakes, chocolates, cookies, etc. They look very stylish and sleek. Furthermore, rigid is viable for prints. To make packaging more alluring, you can choose outside and inside printing. You can varnish the box with laminations, embossing, and foil stamping. 

Eco-Friendly Person? Go Green with Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Are you an environment lover and aim at making your surroundings secure from pollution? Yes! There could be no best place than Urgent Boxes. Our company has been at the lead in the reduction of carbon emissions. Today, brands and manufacturers prefer green packaging. 

You can build a good impression on your clients with climate-friendly boxes and play a part in the diminishing of climate effects. We make use of climate-friendly packaging material at the request of clients. We can print your package with eco-friendly inks as well. 

Use of 100% Food-Grade Material for Custom Pasta Boxes

Material selection for food products becomes a little challenging. Food items like noodles and pasta are at risk of damage and are more likely to get contaminated. So, you must use 100% non-toxic material for food packaging. We prioritize food-grade kraft and cardboard paper for custom pasta boxes. Kraft paper is lightweight and gives an elegant look to the box packaging.

On the other hand, there is sturdy cardboard. Cardboard is accustomed to prints and laminations. Our printing inks are also food grade, specified by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Make Your Printed Noodle Box Packaging Secure with Coatings and Add-Ons:

We apply the following coating solutions for printed noodle and pasta boxes:

  • Gloss laminations
  • Matt lamination
  • Spot UV 
  • Aqueous coating

You can prefer aqueous coating over gloss and matt lamination. Aqueous is climate-friendly and waterproof as well. It can secure edibles from moisture and heat etc. 

In add-ons, we use inserts, handles, window cut-outs, etc.

  • Inserts: keep products intact and prevent bumping 
  • Handles:  aid in carrying and shipping the box
  • Window cut-outs: allow the clients to see through the inside products without touching them

Short in Budget? Avail of Our Wholesale Services:

Our company has been supplying its services at wholesale rates. You can choose us to take advantage of this offer. How can it be beneficial for your business?

Firstly, wholesale custom packaging assists in the running of your business smoothly. Their delivery is also as crucial as the customization process itself. You can choose us as we ensure the secure delivery of the order to your doorsteps at the promised time.

Secondly, wholesale packaging proves advantageous. In offset printing, you have to pay one-time printing plate charges, and many prints get ready. Besides this, shipping costs also reduce.

Thirdly, wholesale is suitable for the environment as well. You become free from the trouble of continual order placement and shipment. In this way, you can play a massive role in reducing carbon emissions.

Reasons to Choose Urgent Boxes for Food Box Packaging: 

Whether you have been running a food business for ages or a new one does not matter. You can give life to your food products with premium customized boxes. So, whom to choose? Urgent Boxes is the one-end solution for all your packaging needs. 

Following are some reasons that may compel you to experience our services:

  • High-End Services at Reasonable Prices:

We maintain the quality of the products. We follow the motto; what we promise, we deliver. You can avail of our remarkable services at very reasonable prices.

  • Free Shipping Facility:

We wish to unburden our clients. That's why we ship the order to your doorsteps without charging any penny.

Need Assistance? Get Advantage of Free Design Support:

It's the reality that no one is an expert in everything. Suppose you are a newbie or an experienced one in the retail business. Finally, you can turn your ideas into practical shapes with the assistance of our experts. We offer free-of-cost creative design guidance from our experts. Apart from it, our team stays connected with you throughout the manufacturing process. 

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