Add some Valuable Features in Food Packaging Boxes Ideas

25 Jun 2022, By Jimmy

Add some Valuable Features in Food Packaging Boxes Ideas

Food packaging demands to be extraordinary in every aspect. Your food packaging must look unique and protect your food from getting contaminated. You cannot overlook your packaging in a progressive world where everyone supports creativity. It won't be wrong to say that a food business perhaps never fails, but only if you let it fail. Failure happens when you neglect the quality of your food and your packaging. Enhanced branding is every brand's dream. Thus, it is paramount for you to modify your packaging to target enhanced branding.

In today's world, many young entrepreneurs have joined the food business. They look for better packaging for customers to take away their food. At Urgent Boxes, you have got yourself covered. Here are some valuable features you can add to your food packaging boxes to have remarkable packaging!

Have Sturdy and Eco-Friendly Packaging!

A brand must ensure the hygiene of its food. If your box is of low quality, your food will most likely get contaminated. This way, your food quality will decrease, and thus, you will lose customers. When we talk about food items that are in demand by health or diet-conscious people, they require extra layering or a relatively thick packaging. For instance, bagels are a highly nutritious food item. Hence, they require extra-durable bagel boxes.

To cater to this concern, Team Urgent Boxes offers one of the finest quality stocks.

  • Our stocks are of extremely high quality
  • You can preserve the goodness of your food.
  • Your food will be prevented from getting contaminated.

The stocks we offer are:

  1. Paperboard
  2. Cardboard
  3. Kraft
  4. Corrugated Cardboard

These stocks are naturally thick. However, you can still adjust their thickness. Moreover, our stocks are highly eco-friendly. This means that your bagel boxes can be recycled easily and are safe for the environment! The eco-friendly element of your boxes will truly result in a highly valuable element in your packaging!

Make Impressive and Noticeable Prints!

Making your food boxes worthy of your customer's attention is paramount. Your prints need to radiate happiness if we talk about bakery items such as donuts. If you have classic pink donut boxes, you can also make them more elegant!

  • If you're a young entrepreneur, write a story about the journey of establishing your bakery.
  • Tell a story about your bakery
  • List down some recipes for people

This way, you can make your donut boxes unique, and people will be willing to purchase them!

Customization add-ons to make your food boxes remarkable!

At Urgent Boxes, we have specially designed some add-ons to help you intensify your food box outlook. This way, your boxes will be able to stand out. If your food is placed on a shelf with multiple other bakery products, making your box attract people towards it is important.

With the use of these add-ons, your boxes will become highly attractive!

  • You can imprint your logo/designs/patterns on your food boxes with foiling.
  • With embossing/debossing, you will give a 3D look to these elements on your packaging.
  • A die-cut window will be a very smart feature on your packaging. You can be innovative with die-cuts as well. Your customers will be able to see through the packaging. This element will be able to satisfy your customers!
  • You can give a coat to your food boxes as well. The coating will be the best option to make your boxes impressive if you are working on donut boxes. 

Creativity is Welcomed!

Team Urgent Boxes has always appreciated if their clients have put forth their ideas. Customization is about being creative and innovative and letting your artistic skills flow. Often, customers purchase a food product because the packaging attracts them.  

It is quite common for people to try new food items. If you are a new food brand in the market, you need to invite customers through your packaging. This means that your packaging must be convincing enough to grab customers! We at Urgent Boxes highly appreciate our clients' ideas and have encouraged them to own their packaging!

Our Panel of Professional Designers:

  • Most of the time, clients get indecisive and are unsure of what they want as a packaging.
  • For this purpose, we offer design support.
  • Our experts will help and guide you throughout the customization process.
  • Moreover, they are aware of the new packaging trends as well. Thus, you will be able to form some amazingly trendy boxes easily!
  • Our design support is completely free. Hence, you don't have to worry about payment while benefitting from our design service!

Free Shipping:

  • Our shipping services are safe. We value our clients trust in us!
  • Clients trust our shipping service. We deliver your packaging right at your doorstep.
  • Your packaging will reach to you within time
  • We offer worldwide shipping. Thus, you can get your custom food boxes in any part of the world.
  • Moreover, our shipping service is completely free!

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