Best Custom Lotion Boxes Styles at an Affordable Rate

19 Jul 2022, By Kevin

Best Custom Lotion Boxes Styles at an Affordable Rate

Skin and body care products are always the most in-demand. Most of the time, people purchase these products because of the packaging. Packaging has undoubtedly played a major role as it appeals and convinces customers to grab your products. Essentially for body care, there are several lotions on the market.

The Demand for Lotions!

People love trying new lotions and choosing from their favorite fragrances. When making a purchase, customers greatly judge the product from its packaging. A high-end packaging means a high-quality product. Similarly, if the packaging is neglected, it will harm the credibility and name of your brand. It is a human conscience to trust a thing whose appearance looks more promising.

A vivid increase was witnessed in the number of brands that manufacture and sell lotions. When we visit a store, we find multiple lotions of different brands. Thus, people have a variety of lotions available to select and purchase from. Amidst the ongoing competition in the industry, making your brand stand out is tough. It is high time for every brand to accept that packaging plays a major role, and neglecting it means neglecting your brand.

Hence, your custom lotion boxes must be stylish and appealing to have the most sales and convince your customers to purchase your lotions.

Elegant and Unique Box Styles for your Lotions!

Team Urgent Boxes is a one-stop shop for brands. Our team has researched the factors that have the most impact in grabbing customer attention, and we have a conclusion now!

The thing that has the potential to grab the most attention is your box alone. Having a unique box structure will help you get the maximum attention. For that purpose, we have a variety of box styles.

Below Listed are a Few Box Styles for you to Choose From:

  • Tray and sleeve boxes:

It consists of two portions; a sleeve that covers the tray on which your product will be placed.

  • Hexagon two-piece boxes:

The attractive hexagonal structure of these boxes is highly attractive.

  • Bookend boxes:

Their book-like structure has a unique opening, making them one of a kind!

  • Pillow boxes:

By adjusting the size of this box style, pillow boxes can serve as the best packaging as the lotion boxes for your brand

  • Gable bags:

Many brands have preferred this box style for its distinct look in packaging skincare products.

  • Mailer boxes:

It is the perfect box style if you have to pack a variety of products in one single box.

  • Fence partition boxes:

Adding a partition and forming blocks within your packaging can keep your products aligned and in order.

There are many other box styles as well. You can get a detailed overview of them on our website. Moreover, you can also modify the sizes of your lotion boxes. You can customize any box style into any size!

Personalize your Lotion Boxes!

With our customization features, you can now personalize your lotion boxes easily. Personalizing an outlook will help you have a better brand worth in the market. Your packaging speaks for your brand. Thus, making sure that your packaging serves this purpose is paramount. 

You can decide on a print for your lotion boxes and mention details about your brand. Making the most of your print can serve as a great strategic aspect. For this purpose, you can have illustrations on your prints or different designs. Brands often choose to maintain their elegance and simplicity and only go for a single color theme. It is entirely your decision and what you want your lotion boxes to look like.

Furthermore, personalize a die-cut window, especially if you pack several products together or as a gift box. With a die-cut, your customers will be able to look at your lotions as well.

Lastly, you can use our foiling and embossing/debossing feature can also be used to beautify your boxes more!

Clients require guidance for their customization process. Thus, Team Urgent Boxes offers design support. Our professional designers will help you design trendy lotion boxes. Moreover, we do not charge you to receive help and guidance from our design support. Our experts are available and completely free for you to benefit from!

Custom Boxes Wholesale

Urgent Boxes is a notable name when it comes to facilitating and being of great help to the clients. Some brands have a minimum budget. Thus, they want their lotion boxes within that limit. With custom boxes wholesale, you can purchase the bulk of your lotion boxes at affordable prices. Our wholesale deals are highly affordable. We ensure to deliver quality services.

Team Urgent Boxes values each of its clients and considers their success as their own. Hence, we ensure that every concern of yours is catered to and solved!

Free Shipping!

  • Our shipping services are safe and reliable.
  • We make sure to safely deliver your packaging right at your doorstep without you having a troublesome experience.
  • Moreover, our shipping is completely free for our clients. We’d love it if you consider this as a token of love!

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