A Comprehensive Guide to Spot UV Printing

13 Mar 2024, By Adam

A Comprehensive Guide to Spot UV Printing

Spot UV is an exclusive printing method. It adds shine and texture to a particular design. It is used on business cards, wedding invites, and custom boxes. Spot UV enhances the colors of PMS and CMYK. It highlights the particular area and draws attention to the details. As a result, the printed boxes appear to be more vibrant, shiny, and eye-catching. It highlights the particular area and draws attention to the details.

Do you know why brands prefer the spot UV technique? It is a target-specific technique and adds shine to the logo design. The logo looks prominent and grabs the customer's attention. Thus it is an incredible branding tool and helps your customized packaging stand out from the crowd.

Spot UV is a unique imprinting method and adds a glossy sheen. It is known for its premium and exclusive touch.

Application Method

As the name tells, the Spot UV technique involves the use of ultraviolet light. It solidifies or cures the coating. It adds an extra layer of protection and seals the logo design or text. It enhances the color vibrancy and at the same time protects the logo from scratches or fading. The shine intensity varies from highly reflective shine to a glossy look.

If you are looking for a protective and shiny coating, spot UV is your go-to. It is an incredible technique that quickly dries out and gives excellent results.

What are the Perks of Using Spot UV on Custom Packaging?

As mentioned earlier, it is a premium printing technique. It takes the packaging to the next level and makes your brand the talk of the town. Let us take a look at the following benefits of Spot UV printing

  • Exclusive Shine: Do you want to give a distinctive look to the business cards or invites? Spot UV is the best option. It adds a balanced shine and creates a contrasting effect. As a result, the particular design stands out and looks aesthetically appealing.
  • Unparalleled Quality: Most brands think that spot UV undermines text readability. But, that is not true. As a matter of fact, it adds shine and improves the text's readability. Hence the printed text, images, and themes are easy to read. It offers the utmost ease to the customers and they can easily read the printed information.
  • Protective Features: Do you know spot UV offers shine and protection at the same time? Yes, you heard it right. Besides glossy sheen or texture, it fully protects the logo design. It prevents it from fingerprints, smudges, scratches, and smudges. Thus the spot UV area is visually appealing and pleasant to touch. Sounds incredible!
  • Durability: Spot UV is a long-lasting technique. It prevents the box from wear and tear, fading, or collapsing. It extends the shelf life of the box. Plus, it is a great visual treat for the customers.
  • Great Value for Money: Spot UV is an add-on and instantly transforms your packaging. It makes your packaging eye-catching and worth purchasing. Hence, every penny spent on spot UV is worth the results.

Go Green with the Spot UV Printing Method

Brands, manufacturers, and consumers have become eco-conscious. It is a great change and promotes sustainable packaging solutions. Small and large businesses have switched to environmentally compatible printing methods and spot UV is one of them.

It is a planet-friendly technique and is free of harmful toxins, chemicals, or allergens. It is non-hazardous and balances the ecosystem.

It is a versatile technique and can be printed on any packaging substrate. For instance, it applies to kraft, cardboard, corrugated, and rigid boxes. It gives excellent results and makes the customized packaging eye-catching.

In a nutshell, spot UV is 100% environmentally friendly and poses no threats. It is safe to use and versatile and makes your packaging stand out from the crowd.

Spot UV Printing on Glass Laminated Boxes

Spot UV can be applied to any box surface. However, Gloss Lamination is already shiny and eye-catching. If you apply spot UV on a shiny surface it gives an overlapping effect.

Spot UV adds shine to a particular area. Therefore, it makes no sense to apply it to gloss-laminated packaging.

Spot UV Printing on Matte Laminated Boxes

What is Matte Lamination? It is the opposite of gloss lamination. It lacks shine and gives a subtle and sophisticated look to the boxes.

Plus, matte lamination gives a velvety texture and upgrades the tactile experience. Thus the boxes are pleasant to touch.

Spot UV on the matte surface looks phenomenal. It spellbounds the customers and makes them fall in love with your boxes.

In the same way, foil stamping looks stunning on a matte surface. It highlights the details and gives a premium vibe.

What is Raised Spot UV Printing?

Raised spot UV printing is not the correct word. Instead raised ink printing is the actual phrase. 

Basically, it adds texture, style, and shine to a particular logo or text. You can feel the difference the moment you touch the design. 

How it works? First of all, the powder is added to the particular text or design. Afterwards, it is heated and a chemical reaction takes place. As a result, the ink “raises” and looks different from the rest. 

Final Thoughts 

Urgent Boxes is a specialized print and packaging supplier. We have the expertise, technology, and machinery to fulfill your orders. Name the box material, size, color, or add-ons and we will customize the boxes according to your needs. Do you want your brochures, pamphlets, business cards, or boxes to stand out? You can never go wrong with spot UV. It is eco-safe, versatile, and gives promising results. Get on board with us and add a new dimension to your packaging with our exclusive printing methods.   

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