Top 5 Lipstick Packaging Ideas and Tricks

22 Jun 2022, By Ronny

Top 5 Lipstick Packaging Ideas and Tricks

Having access to various makeup products is something every individual looks forward to. With people trying new products or restocking the old ones, makeup is never out of demand. Unquestionably, lipstick is a go-to makeup product. They are always in the user’s bag, along with them, at all times.

Multiple makeup brands are now most known for their lipsticks. Moreover, many new brands have stepped into the cosmetic industry as well. There are many things that a brand has to deal with, the topmost being the packaging.

Truly, the packaging is one of the prime concerns and matters a lot. Especially if you’re a makeup brand, you would require unique packaging. Makeup is art, and showcasing art on your packaging is essential. Having a packaging credible packaging for your lipstick boxes is important.

At Urgent Boxes, you can now build a laudable outlook of your custom lipstick boxes. You get your hands on some fantastic customization features to make your packaging stand a class apart!

Here are the top 5 lipstick packaging ideas and tricks you can use to have unique and attractive custom lipstick boxes for your brand!

Multiply Uniqueness By a Unique Box Style

At Urgent Boxes, you get your hands on a wide range of box styles. A unique box style for your packaging for lip gloss is an intelligent way to grab attention. Customization is all about creativity. To begin with this creativity, the first step is to have uniquely structured custom lipstick boxes.

Below listed are some box styles for you to choose from:

  1. Tray and sleeve boxes
  2. Two-piece hexagon boxes
  3. Straight tuck-end boxes
  4. Bookend boxes

With these box styles, your packaging for lip gloss will completely change its aura. Thus, more people will be tempted by your custom lipstick boxes and will want to purchase them!

Have an Attractive Outlook of Your Logo!

Now here’s a secret trick. Logo truly is the most crucial element of packaging and holds great importance for a brand. Moreover, the value of your brand is reflected through your logo. People will notice the logo on your custom lipstick boxes. Hence, it is paramount for you to make your logo attractive.

"For this purpose, we present you with our secret trick!"

Our most in-demand features, foiling and embossing/debossing will help you make your logo eye-captivating. You can customize the color of your foil. Pairing it with embossing will immediately make your logo exquisite. Thus, you will get the desired look of your logo!

Build a Pleasing Appearance By Customizing your Prints!

Now you can have custom prints to set a statement for your packaging for lip gloss. At Urgent Boxes, you can access digital, offset and onset printing techniques. Hence, you will get the accuracy of prints you need.

Step-By-Step Guide to Gesigning and Deciding on a Print!

  1. Be sure of what you want as a print. Ask yourself as many questions as possible regarding an appealing outlook. Does your brand require graphics on their packaging for lip gloss? Do you need a simple yet luxurious look?
  2. Decide the color theme of your custom lipstick boxes. Most of the time, brands choose multiple and vibrant colors. However, some maintain the simplicity and choose a single color as well. Either way, it depends upon what YOU WANT!
  3. Print information about your lipstick, or have a short description of them.
  • Make Your Custom Lipstick Boxes Iconic By Adding a Die-Cut!

Many brands have received appreciation for having a die-cut on their custom lipstick boxes. It not only facilitates a customer’s concern of looking at the product before purchase. This feature can also become an iconic element of your boxes. A die-cut is a window-like structure. It allows your customers to see through the packaging before buying your lipsticks. Moreover, it will be a noticeable element on your packaging for lip gloss.

You can choose to be creative with your die-cut as well!

  • Coating: The Most Important Trick For You to Know!

Last but not least, a coating is the perfect packaging tip to make your custom lipstick boxes exquisite. It will not only make your packaging unique but also shield your print. To protect prints from damage, shielding them is paramount. Thus, you can do it with coating.

There are three types of coats: gloss, matte and aqueous. They will make your packaging highly attractive!

Our Design Support

  • To assist our clients, Team Urgent Boxes provides design support.
  • Our experts know the ongoing packaging trends and will help you build trendy packaging.
  • Moreover, our design support is entirely free for our clients to benefit from!

Eco-Friendly Stocks

  • We provide the finest quality stocks to our clients.
  • Our packaging material is sturdy. Thus, your lipsticks will stay protected in it.
  • Furthermore, our material is environmentally friendly.
  • It means that your packaging will be safe for the environment as well!

Customer Support

  • Clients have queries and want the team to solve them as soon as possible.
  • For this purpose, our customer support is available 24/7.
  • You can reach out to us whenever you want!

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