Ways to create your Gable Boxes with Handle in a Different Way

28 Jun 2022, By James

Ways to create your Gable Boxes with Handle in a Different Way

For years, manufacturers have looked for ways to pack their food products uniquely. At the same time, they cannot risk damaging their food. Moreover, in unprecedented times such as covid-19, many people started their own small food and bakery businesses. It is equally important for a small business to have an appealing packaging, just like a large-scale business.

Over time, brands have realized the importance of good quality packaging. Packaging was quite neglected back in the days. However, brands started to realize how important packaging is for their brand to grow and provide a shield to their bakery items. With every passing day, the competition amongst these bakery brands keeps increasing. Not only large scale but there is great competition among online businesses.

Team Urgent Boxes has been facilitating and dealing with client issues for years.Gable boxes with handle are truly a unique way to pack your goods. Their happy-go-lucky ambiance and aura make them an ideal packaging, especially for sweets and desserts. Henceforth, the design team at Urgent Boxes has suggested some amazing ways to create your gable bags innovatively!

Personalize trendy and attractive prints for your Gable Boxes

To attract more customers to your brand, you can personalize the appearance of your gable boxes with handle. Your prints become your brand identity and help you grab more attention. Thus, making the most of your packaging through prints is important. 

The primary concern of every bakery is to have vibrant prints that give a sweet and happy vibe. For that purpose:

  • Choose appropriate colors
  • Give illustrations to your prints
  • Print animated cake or chocolates

Such Elements will Look Unique and Inspirational as your print!

Add a die-cut window to your gable boxes!

Adding a die-cut to your boxes will look extremely aesthetic. It will allow your customers to see through the packaging and add a remarkable element to your box. It will be very inspiring if you choose to be creative with your die-cuts. However, some bakeries choose to be minimalistic with their die-cuts. Yet, they manage to steal the spotlight!

Emboss/Deboss the designs and patterns of your packaging

If you have prints personalized for your gable boxes with handle, add some magic to them. With embossing/debossing, you will intensify the whole look of your packaging. Moreover, your boxes will be able to stand out more as well. Using this element for your logo will prove to be highly captivating. Your logo is your brand statement that truly sets your standard. Thus, adding details to it will help you get the best look for your logo.

Use foiling to make your Gable Boxes Eye-Captivating

To lure your customers towards your boxes, use foiling. With foiling, you can imprint your logo or patterns on your gable boxes with handle. Moreover, you can also add a foil layer to the handle of your gable boxes. Foiling is usually of either gold or silver. However, Team Urgent Boxes encourages you to be creative. Hence, you can also choose to customize the color of your foil in contrast to the color of your prints!

Give a Coat to your Packaging!

It is always better to add some final details to your packaging. For this purpose, you can give your gable boxes with handles a coat. They will maximize the attractiveness of your boxes. Moreover, the coated layer will make your boxes a class apart as it will attract more customers.

There are Three Types of Coatings:

  1. Gloss
  2. Matte
  3. Aqueous

All these coatings will be ideal for your packaging. They will make your boxes vibrant yet exquisite!

Economical Bulk Purchases

  • Often clients are worried about personalizing their packaging due to the expenses.
  • Your limited budget must not limit your dreams-this is what Team Urgent Boxes truly believes.
  • We have also extended our support to small businesses and welcomed them here.
  • We now offer cake boxes wholesale as well!
  • With cake boxes wholesale, you get your hands on a bulk quantity of your packaging within a limited budget!

About Our Packaging Material:

  • While looking for ways to make some attractive and stylish gable boxes, we cannot neglect the importance of the packaging material.
  • Your gable boxes with handle need to be manufactured with high-quality material.
  • At Urgent Boxes, you get your hands on one of the finest quality stocks.

We offer:

  1. Paperboard
  2. Cardboard
  3. Kraft
  4. Corrugated Cardboard
  • All these stocks are naturally thick.
  • However, you can also choose to adjust the thickness of these stocks.
  • An amazing fact about our stocks is that they are highly eco-friendly!

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