What is Kraft Paper? [How is it Made Complete Guide]

23 Apr 2024, By Adam

What is Kraft Paper? [How is it Made Complete Guide]

Kraft Paper is the product of softwood trees like pine and spruce. The sturdier and more durable fiber of such trees' wood pulps makes it resilient. But, one of the most exceptional features of kraft material is its sustainability. Since this paper produces renewable wood resources, you can expect it to be more eco-friendly than the other papers.

Along with this, the next superb quality of kraft paper is it's lightweight. It does not make your custom boxes heavier but still manages its durability.

How Kraft Paper is Manufactured?

Making kraft paper goes through several steps. Let’s explore them one by one.

  • Pulping

The chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp is the initial step of kraft paper manufacturing. In this process, the lignin is removed. The removal of lignin increases the cellulose of the sturdy fibers of wood. As a result, the paper has excellent strength and tear-resistant quality.

  • Screening And Washing

The next step is the screening of the mixture to avoid any impurities. This way, the manufacturer removes all the harsh chemicals and uncooked wood chips. After this step, they move towards washing the wood pulp to remove remaining impurities.

  • Bleaching If Needed

The natural brown kraft paper undergoes bleaching if you need the desired color. Most of the time, customers need innovations in the outer appearance of the packaging. Now, the bleaching is necessary to enhance the appeal of this paper. Also, the bleaching removes the residual impurities from kraft paper and makes it visually appealing.

  • Paper Formation

Washed pulp is now used to form a slurry with water. After this, the mixture is poured onto the paper machine to create paper. In this process, the water is drained, and a paper web is formed.

  • Pressing 

The pressing is needed to remove any water particles from the paper web. So, it is pressed between the rollers to increase its density.

  • Drying

After pressing, the partially formed paper goes through the heating rollers. These heating rollers give more resilience to kraft paper and set its fibers together.

  • Winding and Cutting

At the end, kraft paper is used to cut it into desired shapes and sizes.

What are the Types of Kraft Paper?

Do you know that there are different types of kraft paper, and everyone has unique qualities? You can choose one that suits your needs.

Virgin Natural Brown Kraft Paper

This natural kraft paper is best for heavy-weight items. You will find these papers clean and sturdier in packaging. Plus, it carries the heavier items in most enormous carton. The natural virgin kraft paper packaging is fantastic for lifting a variety of products with protection.

Recycled Kraft Paper 

Although it is not as resilient as virgin kraft paper, it is more eco-friendly. The recycled Kraft paper is the best environmentally friendly option for all. You can cut the carbon footprints with the low consumption of packaging waste.

Bleached or White Kraft Paper 

The natural brown kraft paper can be bleached in a suitable color. Brands use the white color to leave a good impression of products. Like virgin kraft, this paper is also durable and strong.  

Black Kraft Paper 

The most popular use of Black kraft paper is for dark backgrounds for pictures. But it is perfect to give an iconic look to your artwork.  

What are the Benefits of Using Kraft Paper for Packaging?

There are so many brands that are shifting towards the use of kraft Boxes for many reasons. One of its most important factors is its eco-friendly nature. Yet, they have so many other benefits that give them importance. Here, we discuss the basic properties of kraft stock for packaging.   

Versatile Nature

Kraft Papers has excellent potential for a variety of purposes. You can use them to wrap, pack products, and craft different shapes. The distinctive texture and thickness of these papers allow you to experiment with packaging. Kraft material can be turned into any packaging shape, from Kraft Bags to Kraft Food boxes. No matter what type of products you want to pack, they fulfill all the requirements.

Eco Friendly

The use of Kraft boxes minimizes your carbon footprint in the packaging world. The wave of the shift towards eco-friendly packaging gives importance to kraft paper. It brings no harm to the environment and safe packaging for all kinds of products. Even if you want to discard it, decomposing will take no time. The kraft paper is a 100% recyclable material and serves a better purpose for your brand. So, you can choose it to give a good impression of your products. While using this material, you tell customers that you are committed to environmental safety first.


Kraft paper is a sustainable option for all products. It is a breathable material and allows the air to go through the packaging. In this way, you can sustain the quality of products inside the boxes. Hence, it is an excellent option for those products that need ventilation.

Cost Effective 

As you know that the natural kraft paper is more affordable than other papers. You can replace the plastic packaging with kraft to remain within budget. It will save your money and bring eco-conscious customers to your brand. Furthermore, the kraft material does not bring a heavy cost shipping.

Buying the Kraft Mylar Bags is an ideal solution for your coffees, beans, and other products. These bags stop the humidity dust, and heat outside. You can keep them fresh for a long time.

Easily Customizable 

The kraft packaging material allows you to choose from different packaging options. You can choose versatile shapes, sizes, and dimensions for your kraft boxes. It will enable you to print the brand names, taglines, and other information on the boxes to become famous. The personalized way of kraft packaging gives rise to your brand name. So, you can use this factor to remain on top among competitors.

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What Factors Make Kraft Paper Packaging Eco-Friendly?

Quality in packaging is not just a critical factor for brands. There are various other things that you have to consider while customizing the boxes. Here, we discuss the basic properties of kraft boxes.  


Kraft paper is an ideal material for eco-friendly packaging. It is sustainable and has no bad impact on the environment. The best part of this material is that it is recyclable.

Production Method

Natural wood fiber is used to create the kraft paper. This process requires fewer chemicals for conversion than other materials. So, this method is self-sustaining due to kraft recyclability. Besides, the brands use eco-friendly inks to print the kraft boxes. The whole kraft customization procedure helps the brands support nature friendliness.

Wrapping it Up

This detailed guide about the kraft paper has cleared all confusion. Natural kraft material is perfect solution for them who follow the sustainable packaging goals. It has been made of the wood pulp that is rich with strong fibers. Kraft paper undergoes the several steps before its formation and you can choose its different types. The durable and strong kraft material provide the needed security to the packed products. You can customize it in a way that compliment your brand. Hence, its ecofriendly nature gives your brand an edge on competitors. 

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