5 Spooky Style Boxes For Halloween Treat In A Different Way

20 Oct 2022, By Adam

5 Spooky Style Boxes For Halloween Treat In A Different Way

Crawl into the deadliest night of the year with pumpkins burning, skeletons hanging, wolves howling, and the cold wind whispering. Caution! The spooky killer is ready to hunt you down. Run and fulfill the traditional Halloween ritual "trick or treat." But are you looking for spooky custom Halloween favor boxes? The fear of losing ghost cookies, spider biscuits, and chocolates gives shivers down your spine? 

Here are five chilling and freaky packaging ideas that will make the kids scream at the top of their lungs  

1. Jack O Lantern Halloween Treat Box

The mysterious night is incomplete without Jack o lantern custom candy boxes. The vibrant orange-colored boxes with creepy demonic faces make the celebrations creepy as hell.  Whether you want to pack the treats for a shindig, or plan to host a spooky party, our monstrous packaging designs are good to go. The boxes are perfect for stuffing the chocolate bars and gummies.

Our experts at Urgent Boxes design Halloween packaging as per your need. We can craft the ghoulish faces on the box style you love. It is time to ghost typical themed boxes and explore our scary range of two-piece, countertop, dispenser, reverse tuck end, and gable-shaped boxes.  Want to go the extra mile in the dark lane? Make your packaging scream “Halloween” with our customized add-ons like orange and black colored ribbons, scary handles, and creepy stickers.

2. Frankenstein Treat Bags

Go crazy on 31 October night with our neon-colored customized Halloween boxes. The green Frankenstein boxes are scary enough to turn your blood as cold as ice. The gable-shaped boxes are perfect for oozing killer vibes on a cold lonely night. The kraft and cardboard material makes the packaging reliable, durable, and creative. If you want to run with the boxes teeming with sweets and never look back, we got you covered.

Want to make changes to the custom boxes with no minimum? Feel free to share the scary sketches with our team. Our team knows how to intensify the celebrations with frightening designs. If you want the boxes to give a death stare to the onlookers, our graphic designers are on it. 

Before moving on to the production phase, we share 3D mockups of custom Halloween boxes with our clients. If you feel that the boxes are not creating a horrifying atmosphere, we can revise the designs again. 

3. Coffin Shaped Two-Piece Box

Multiply the weird vibes with coffin-shaped Halloween box styles. The STE Box is perfect for making the Halloween festivity memorable. Whether you want to gift, collect or distribute the treats, our customized boxes are good to go.

Pro tip: the black- and orange-colored personalized Halloween boxes are the best for radiating the cemetery vibes.

On top of that, if you want to enhance the shelf life of the boxes, we have amazing customized surface coatings in stores. During the Halloween season, no one enjoys dusty, scratchy, and greasy boxes. Everyone looks forward to top-notch packaging. An aqueous coating is the best; it is water soluble, eco-safe, and quickly dries out. Hence it is applied all over the box and adds an extra protective layer.

4. Skeleton-Themed Counter Display Packaging

Kids and adults are excited like crazy for Halloween, "the deadliest night of the year!". The night is filled with mystery, fun, and pranks. Moreover, the spooky costumes, decorations, and treats double the spirits of the festival.

The food display counters are full of worth screaming packaging. Do you know that the skeleton-themed boxes are the monsters of deadly art? You can stock the trays with candies, gummies, and chocolates. Trust us; the treat-thirsty vampires won't chase you!

The best part? It is super fun for the kids to cherry-pick their favorite treat without the hassle of opening the packaging. No squeaking and screeching at all. Do the skeleton-styled boxes scare the hell out of you? We are on it if you are looking for counter display boxes printed with a haunted house, black cat, or wacky witch. You are free to experiment with the spooky styles.

5. Hexagon Spider Web Boxes

It is unfair to celebrate the mysterious night without hexagon spider web boxes. The six-cornered box covered with creepy and dusty spider web is one of a kind. The packaging provides enough space to ghost the candies from zombies, witches, and flying monkeys. The lid covers the bottom of the box with no chance of dropping the treats.

Do you want to explore the next level of thrills and chills with Urgent Boxes? We also have Hexagon spider web die-cut boxes in our graveyard. It gives the kids a sneak peek of the yum yum treats and excites them to splurge.

Black and orange colored wholesale Halloween boxes are a killer combo. The printed white cobweb on the orange and black base gives a boo-tiful look to the boxes. And the sticky web makes sure you stick around the packaging all night long.  

Caution! Choose Urgent Boxes For Ghastly Boxes

We are a dab hand at carving boxes that spook the masses. Our customized Halloween packaging is guaranteed to be a smashing hit! Let us make the 31 October the ultimate night of fright with our spine-tingling designs. All zombies are talking about our packaging- it is spooktacular!

From rates, paper quality, printing techniques, 3D samples, and shipment, everything is fang-tastic. Our in-house experts have supernatural powers to make your packaging shine bright on a frightful night. 

Where the dead gathers to have fun- ghostly boxes are coming your way!

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