Enhance the Worth of Ice-Creams with Cone-Sleeve Packaging

17 Feb 2023, By CoCo

Enhance the Worth of Ice-Creams with Cone-Sleeve Packaging

Do you want to elevate the status of your indistinguishable ice cream brand? Then it would help if you chose customized cone sleeve packaging. Customized packaging for cone sleeves will upgrade your brand’s status and develop people's trust. In addition to the brand’s promotion, it is also the best way to keep your ice creams undissolved. Ice-creams are prone to melt and spoil due to their exposure to the sun and pollution. So, you can keep your ice cream frozen and preserve its taste with the high-end cone-sleeve packaging.

Printed Cone Sleeve Packaging with Innumerable Personalized Designs

You must know that customers need to be more impressed by plain packaging. They look for fashionable packaging to eliminate the monotony from their lives. You can add uniqueness to custom cone sleeve with a plethora of customized solutions., We offer numerous options for customization at affordable prices. You can select whatever suit your taste.

Choose the Design for Cone Sleeve for Ice-Creams

First, we ask customers to share their design kits with us. If you need to gain design knowledge, you can visit our website at and see the design library to get an idea. Besides this, you can also avail of the design assistance of our experts without any cost.

Manufacturing of Cone Sleeve Packaging with Food-Grade Material

The thing that you have to keep in view is the use of the finest quality hygienic material. Today, they have become conscious regarding their health. That’s why, w ensure that the material used for packaging does not contain any harmful substance that can affect the customer’s health. Nothing can be more suitable than kraft and cardboard paper. These paper stocks are 100% safe for food and the environment. Kraft and cardboard papers come in various thicknesses. You can choose the thickness of the box following your product’s specifications. However, cardboard paper is flexible, and you can mold it into various shapes and sizes effortlessly. Besides this, kraft and cardboard paper packaging is biodegradable, and you can recycle it without polluting the environment.

Selection of Enticing Color Scheme Combination

As it’s spoken earlier that ice-cream is the favorite dessert of all groups of people. But kids have a particular fondness. You can seek the attention of children towards your multi-color printed cone-sleeve packaging. You can choose two color models, CMYK and PMS, for various color combinations. CMYK is four color process and produces limited color shades. In comparison, there is Pantone Matching System. However, it costs high than CMYK but produces endless hue combinations.

Emboss the Logo Image to Elevate the Box’s Designs

Inevitably, you cannot stand out in the competitive crowd with standard packaging. You have to go out of your way to boost the sales of your brand’s items. Cone sleeve packaging with logo design is the best marketing hack. You can engrave the company’s details on the box and create awareness among the massive public. In this way, the popularity of your business increase and will give rise to sales as well. We propose you emboss or deboss the logo image to give the box’s packaging a three-dimensional effect.

Add Classiness to the Cone Sleeve Packaging with Foil Stamping

In addition to embossing and debossing, there is foil stamping. It is used to give a luxurious look. It is obtainable in various colors. You can foil stamp the design patterns with silver and gold folioing to make it elegant.

Choose Urgent Boxes for First-Quality Cone Sleeve Packaging

Looking for innovative ways to design your cone sleeve for ice cream? Proceed with Urgent Boxes. We are a USA-based top-ranked packaging company providing our services worldwide. Our company equips the world-best packaging creators who can produce whatever you want. Besides this, we use premium quality material and modern printing techniques for appealing cone-sleeve wholesale packaging. Besides designing innovative, customized packaging, we have incorporated policies to facilitate the customers. These are as follows:

  • Free Quotation
  • Zero plates and die-cut charges
  • Technical support
  • Free shipping to your doorsteps
  • Free design assistance 
  • Live chat facility 
  • Shortest Turnaround 
  • Free design mock-ups in digital forms
  • Reliable payment process
  • 100% customer satisfaction services

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