Custom Cupcake Boxes are the Best Look for your Cupcakes

17 Aug 2022, By James

Custom Cupcake Boxes are the Best Look for your Cupcakes

Custom Cupcake Boxes

Product outline:

  • Custom cupcake boxes are optimum for an enhanced and better branding of your sweet delicacies.
  • With several cupcake bakeries and a large and small scale, making your ultimate mark and name in the market is strategic.
  • The key to taking a lead revolves around having an ideal packaging for your cupcakes. Your cupcake packaging must go well with your cupcakes.
  • For that purpose, customizing your cupcake packaging at Urgent Boxes and having printed cupcake boxes is the perfect strategic way to have an impact on your sales.
  • Furthermore, you can even choose your packaging material, increase the thickness of your custom cupcake boxes and provide a better protection to your cupcakes.
  • For small bakeries, Team Urgent Boxes offers cupcake boxes wholesale, which is highly pocket-friendly!

Smart Packaging with Team Urgent Boxes!

Team Urgent Boxes is a dominant packaging company in the United States. We have helped many clients reach a position they have always wanted to. It is paramount for brands to realize that a personalized packaging is the true way to success. Your packaging represents your brand. Hence, to have a credibility of your brand, having capability in your cupcake packaging is important!

Having a thoughtful packaging and putting in efforts for your packaging is a journey. And, this journey will take you to the success you dream of.

Team Urgent Boxes understands the demand of the clients and works according to the likes of the market as well. We ensure that our clients are the decider and in control of their packaging. With our highly equipped printing techniques, you will get the perfect printed layers for your custom cupcake boxes!

Furthermore, we offer an exemplary range of box styles. These boxes have a unique structure, are highly attractive and hence, will be able to stand out. Some suggested box styles by Team Urgent Boxes are as follows:

  • Tray and sleeve boxes
  • Two-piece hexagon boxes
  • Fence partition boxes
  • Stylish bookend boxes
  • Gable bags
  • Pillow boxes
  • Mailer boxes
  • 123 Auto bottom boxes

How to have a safe delivery of your cupcakes?

Be it any occasion, cupcakes just know how to fit in!

Their happy-go-lucky aura radiates every corner of the room. This is why even today; every person in the United States is a fan of cupcakes. On a daily basis, a large number of people order cupcakes to be delivered at their doorstep.

The delivery processes are usually hectic. The customers get disappointed upon receiving damaged cupcake boxes. To avoid the disappointment of your customers, make sure to have sturdy custom cupcake boxes.

For a sturdier packaging, having a sturdier stock is required. At Urgent Boxes, we offer one of the sturdiest and most durable packaging stocks, which are enlisted below:

  • Paperboard 
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated Cardboard

Henceforth, manufacturing your custom cupcake boxes with our stocks will be highly benefitting. Surely, you will never disappoint your customers and earn some loyal ones!

Lead your customers with an enhanced printed cupcake boxes!

Our printing techniques are sufficiently equipped and hence you will be able to have exquisitely printed cupcake boxes. Usually, brands complain over the prints fading away and getting damaged with a slight inconvenience. However, the clients of Urgent Boxes have never faced these issues. 

We make sure to provide a skilled printing over your custom cupcake boxes. Hence, your prints will last long, stand out and not get damaged easily.

It is to be noted that having an ordinary, typical or common packaging won’t excite your customers. In order to excite and intrigue your customers, your custom cupcake boxes must have eye-captivating prints.

You can choose to keep the prints simple and minimal as well. As long as your packaging is aesthetic and appeals to the eyes, your custom cupcake boxes will do the job!

Nature friendly packaging is our prime concern!

Team Urgent Boxes has always been a volunteer to the green environment initiative. We believe and understand how neglected our environment has been and it has caused major damaged. To undo the damage, Team Urgent Boxes has been doing the needful!

Our packaging stocks are highly eco-friendly. They are of extreme fine quality and thus, do not project any harm to the environment. All the stocks provided at Urgent Boxes can be recycled, and are easily bio-degradable. Hence, you won’t have the fear of manufacturing a cupcake packaging that will contribute to the harm. Rather, it will contribute to the cause every individual has pledged for!

Our luxurious box styling!

Team Urgent Boxes makes sure to make your boxes as exquisite as we can. For that purpose, we offer a plethora of additional features. These features will help you enhance and intensify your printed cupcake boxes. An excellent strategy of influenced sales is having an enhanced packaging. Your packaging paves a way for you to the hearts of the customers.

To be true, packaging is a major way of advertising. If your packaging is hard to resist, you will surely gain more sales.

Our additional features are enlisted and describe as follows:

  • Die-cut window:

The sneak-peak window will let your customers have a better look of your delicious cupcakes without having to open the cupcake packaging.

  • Foiling:

The foiling feature is a significant way to enhance your custom cupcake boxes. You can print all the details of your brand on your packaging and it will become highly eye-captivating.

  • Embossing/debossing:

Nothing is better than giving doing some magic to the foiled details through embossing/debossing!

  • Coating:

At Urgent Boxes, we offer three different coats for your printed cupcake boxes.

  1. Gloss coating
  2. Matte coating
  3. Aqueous coating

Enjoy a bulk purchase of your customized cupcake packaging:

  • Team Urgent Boxes offers a heartwarming bulk purchase offer to their clients.
  • With cupcake boxes wholesale, manage your budget and provide your brand with the best custom cupcake boxes!

Customer inquiry:

  • Our customer support has a 24/7 availability.
  • You can reach us out whenever you want. We are quick and trained in dealing with all the queries quickly!

Design support:

  • We at Urgent Boxes provide design support.
  • Most of the times, clients cannot reach to a conclusion and decide on their box styling. Hence, our professionals will assist and guide you!
  • Our design support is free as a token of love for our clients!

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