Give a Classy Look to Your Perfume with Our Versatile Boxes

03 Feb 2023, By CoCo

Give a Classy Look to Your Perfume with Our Versatile Boxes

Perfume is one of the most expensive and fancy beauty products. That’s why they deserve exclusive packaging. You cannot decrease the value of your high-quality items by packing them in an ordinary and average box. So, how to get distinguished in the competitive market and earn fame in the beauty industry? Its ultimate solution includes customized packaging. You can bring your beauty brand to life with our custom luxury perfume boxes.

What’s Special About Our Tailor-Made Perfume Boxes Wholesale?

Is there something unique about our customized boxes? Yes! We guarantee you that after experiencing our services, you will forget the rest. First of all, these can cost you significantly less. However, you can avail of our special discounts on bulk orders and save a massive budget. Additionally, we provide innumerable personalized options and assist clients in choosing the right ones.

Key Aspects of Our Custom Perfume Boxes

  • Perfume boxes in accurate sizes and styles
  • Cost-effective and resistant to contamination, scratches, smudges, etc.
  • Manufactured with sustainable and high-quality material
  • Box packaging printed with top-quality printing techniques
  • Dazzling Color Prints with CMYK and PMS
  • Premium perfume gift packaging boxes

Enclosing of Perfume Bottles in Straight Tuck-End Boxes

Most perfume bottles come in glass containers and vary in their size. The glass bottles are vulnerable to breakage due to the traveling jerks. You have to be very conscious while thinking about the box’s style. You cannot pick out a large box to pack a tiny perfume bottle. Imagine packing a costly perfume bottle in an inappropriate box. It will look unappealing and expose your items to external harm. Ultimately, your brand’s image will also damage. Nothing could be more suitable than reverse and straight tuck end boxes to pack lightweight delicate glass bottles. Bottles are enclosed safely in the box and are prevented from external harm. These styles of boxes are manufactured in such a way that makes it easy for clients to put in and draw out the products. These are also easy to customize. Furthermore, you can move these boxes quickly from one place to another. Besides this, you can select sleeve packaging and a tuck front box with inserts to pack several objects.

Use of Rigid Boxes for Elegant Perfume Gift Packaging

We use kraft, cardboard, and rigid stock to manufacture top-quality custom perfume boxes. All these material options are long-lasting and suitable for the environment's health. However, rigid is an exception. Mainly, customers demand rigid boxes when they have to pack high-priced products. Or they need boxes for gift purposes. The top quality of rigid boxes is their sturdy and unbendable nature. They do not want mold and are customizable to endless designs. You can print boxes with appealing artwork and illustrations. And you can also astonish your giftees by adding their names or wishes on the box.  You can add a personal touch to the box by adding die cuts and adorning the box with multi-color bows, ribbons, etc.

Addition of Inserts in the Perfume Box for Extra Protection

Custom perfume boxes are designed to keep the customers’ demands in view. Some clients needed an individualized box to pack many perfume bottles. We propose to add inserts and compartments in the sleeve and tuck front box. The primary function of inserts in the box is to keep objects intact and secure from bumping into each other.  These are highly affordable. You can choose kraft, cardboard, and foam inserts. Kraft and cardboard inserts are sustainable. We place foam inserts on the customer’s requests to add aesthetics to the box.

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Create Awareness of the Brand with the Perfume Box Packaging Logo

The main intention of brands in choosing luxury perfume boxes is to market their brand name in the crowded market. We recommend you design a box with the logo of your company. The box with the image of the company’s symbol will stand out your brand’s products and differentiate it from your competitors.  You can foil stamp and emboss the logo artwork to elevate the design.

Beautify the Perfume Packaging with Gloss and Matt Finish

The purpose of lamination is to add an extra protective layer and make the box’s packaging classier and more elegant.  You can laminate the box with a gloss finish for a shiny appearance.  However, the matt will be an appropriate option if you have to add sophistication to the box. Unlike gloss, it is non-reflective to light and gives a smooth and soft touch.

Choose Urgent Boxes for Incredible Custom Perfume Boxes

Our company has been supplying its cutting-edge services for a decade. We must be your first choice for perfume packaging as we customize boxes whatever our client’s request.  

So, you can contact us to place your order now. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to assist.

  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Zero set-up fee
  • No plates and die-cut charges
  • Technical support
  • Free design assistance
  • Quickest turnaround
  • Competitive prices

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