Get High-End Custom Brownie Boxes at Affordable Prices

12 Jan 2023, By CoCo

Get High-End Custom Brownie Boxes at Affordable Prices

Are you running a bakery shop? Looking for novel ideas to pack mouthwatering brownies? It’s time to end your quest. You can find unlimited customized designs for brownie boxes on our homepage. Visit to get ideas about the box’s designs. Remain in our contact, and we will guide you step by step on how you can customize an outstanding custom brownie box for your bakery brand.

Custom Brownie Boxes in Diverse Styles and Shapes:

You can enhance the worth of your bakery products by packing them in stylish and trendiest boxes. In the present age, people are impressed by the presentation of the products instead of the product itself. We can customize custom brownie boxes in various personalized shapes and styles. Die-cut boxes, two-piece boxes, and brownie boxes with a window cut out are among the most popular box styles.  However, we can create brownie boxes in exclusive shapes based on customers’ demands. We can turn these box styles into any shape you request. For example, we can transform the two-piece box into various forms such as heart shape, square and rectangular, etc.

Choose Cardboard Box with Inserts for the Safety of Products

Material choice can have a significant impact on the quality of the food. Therefore, you must make sure to select premium quality food-grade material. You can choose kraft and cardboard paper for the customization of brownie boxes. We recommend you to select cardboard paper. You can customize cardboard boxes with various add-ons and finishings.  A cardboard box with inserts gives 100% protection to the items. You can place large quality brownies in a two-piece brownie box. Dividers in the box will keep them in their place and prevent them from smashing into each other.

Promote Bakery’s Business with Logo Brownie Box

Each company owns a distinct symbol that distinguishes it from its competitors. You can print the logo of the brand and its name on the package. It will set apart your brand’s products in the crowd. Customers will recognize your product on the store shelves at first glance.  This way, your old customers stay connected with you. and you can captivate the new ones.

Customization of Brownie Gift Boxes with Personalized Designs

Brownies are the most favorite dessert worldwide. Each group of people loves to have them. Mostly, people gift brownies to their loved ones on their special occasions. You can customize brownie gift boxes from us. We suggest you choose rigid box for gifts. It is strong and you can customize it with unlimited options. It gives very luxurious and sophisticated look to the products. You can make it more captivating with the addition of incredible add-ons. You can customize a rigid box in a two-piece style or sleeve box. You can adorn the package with die-cuts, colorful ribbons, bows, etc.

Accomplish Brownie Box Packaging with Embellishments

Embellishments and enhancements are used to increase the value of the box packaging. You can accomplish the packaging with the following finishing solutions:

  • Embossing / Debossing

The debossing and embossing procedure is similar. But they both produce opposite results. Embossing gives an exceptional dimension to packaging. It raises the artwork and graphics. You can emboss the logo image to pre-eminent it. In comparison to embossing, debossing represses color designs. 

However, it is a matter of your choice to pick out between these two finishings. But if it still confuses you, contact our skilled designers, and they will guide you. 

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A plethora of Add-Ons for Brownie Box Packaging

Add-ons include all those protection and decoration options you can use to create an ideal box. We offer multiple add-ons like:

  • Inserts
  • Window Cut-Outs
  • Perforations
  • Gluing
  • Ribbons


We offer inserts in cardboard, foam, and kraft. The dividers in the box ensure the safety of the inside products. They keep brownies intact and in their natural condition. The packed items are also secure from colliding with each other.

Brownie box with display windows

A box with windows is the best promotional tool. You can showcase your yummiest brownies in front of the audience. The onlookers can see through the product and estimate its quality. In this way, you can facilitate customers in decision-making.

Gift Brownie box with Ribbons

Gift packaging must always be this way, you can create a good impression on the recipient. You can use multi-color ribbons, laces, bows, etc. Their addition can alter the overall appearance of the box packaging.

Save Money with Brownie Boxes Wholesale

Customized boxes can be a great help in saving you money. Regarding brownie boxes wholesale, you can benefit your bakery business in numerous ways when you get customized boxes in large quantities. You can focus on business without worrying about ending up in the brownie boxes. Besides this, wholesale services play a massive part in reducing carbon emissions. Shipment cost reduces, and petroleum consumption also diminishes.

Why Choose Urgent Boxes for Custom Bakery Boxes?

Our company must be your first choice. We customize top-notch custom bakery boxes in required designs and prints at cost-effective prices. Besides this, our outstanding services include:

  • Free Design Assistance

Regarding customized box design, you can visit our website at You can find our design templates for customized brownie boxes. Apart from it, we can also provide free design templates in 2D and 3D digital forms. You can also customize the package in your exclusive print designs with the assistance of our designers. Our customer representative team is available 24 hours to assist you.

  • Quickest Turnaround Time

Our packaging experts make sure to deliver the order at the promised time. However, our standard turnaround time is 14 to 17 business days. In comparison, our rush delivery time is 9 to 12 business days.

  • Free Shipping Facility

We do not charge any penny in the name of shipping. Besides this, we do not charge for plates and die-cuts.

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