Why Corrugated Material Used for Pizza Boxes?

01 Mar 2024, By Adam

Why Corrugated Material Used for Pizza Boxes?

The global pizza industry is worth billions of dollars. The pizza brands and manufacturers are making big bucks and continue to do so in the future. The thing is that whether it's takeaway or dine-in orders customers love hot and fresh pizzas. So the brands prefer durable and long-lasting pizza boxes.

It is noteworthy that corrugated packaging is not an ordinary food storage box. It is a thick paperboard box made of three layers. The corrugated flute is sandwiched between the outer and the inner layer. As a result, corrugated pizza boxes are damage-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. It prevents the boxes from collapsing or wear and tear. Most the corrugated boxes trap the heat inside thus keeping the pizza slices warm and fresh. This is the beginning. Read this blog for more information.

100% Environmentally Compatible Packaging

Corrugated pizza boxes are made from eco-safe material. Thus there is no need to worry about the carbon footprint or packaging waste. Corrugated boxes are reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. It is non-hazardous and balances the ecosystem. Moreover, we offer eco-friendly surface laminates and finishes. It makes the corrugated pizza boxes attractive and durable.

For instance, the aqueous coating is a liquid-based protective coat applied all over the box. It makes the packaging resistant to wear and tear, scratches, fingerprints, and smudges.

Maximum Protection

Corrugated boxes are known for their remarkable strength and quality. These boxes are perfect for packing and sending food items. The single, double, or triple corrugation traps the heat inside and keeps the pizzas fresh and warm. Plus, it protects the pizza slices from harmful environmental factors. There is no moisture intrusion, sunlight, or contamination.

The best part is that fluting strengthens the packaging and prevents it from damage. Thus whether it is home delivery or a dine-in order there is no need to worry about the quality.

Powerful Branding Tool

Besides top-notch protection, corrugated pizza boxes offer a limitless customization margin. Have you ever seen a blank pizza box? NEVER! It is always printed with eye-catching colors, themes, artwork, and typography. Most importantly, the unique logo and the brand name steal the show. It creates awareness and engages food lovers.

With time, corrugated pizza boxes become a powerful marketing tool and make your brand famous. So, pizza boxes with a logo are a remarkable marketing strategy and grab the customer's attention.

Custom Shape and Size

Pizza slices are available in different sizes and flavors. So customized packaging is a no-brainer. You can't pack pizza slices in over or under-sized boxes. Right-sized boxes are a must for preserving the shape, taste, and texture of the pizzas. Brands can order pizza boxes in any size, style, or color. Share the design samples and we will customize the packaging. We have the latest machinery and cutting tools to fulfil your orders. Mention the exact length, width, and height of the boxes and leave the rest to our experts.

Hassle-Free Opening Mechanism

A corrugated pizza box is a one-piece box. It comes with a hinged lid and offers an easy opening and closing experience. All you need is to open the lid, take out the pizza slice and that’s it! It is a simple and functional packaging design. It is a protective box style and prevents the pizza slices from moisture, sunlight, and dust.

Excellent Delivery Box

No one likes to have crumbled, soggy, or stale pizzas. Thus the pizza brands focus on quality packaging. They prefer durable and sturdy corrugated pizza boxes.

It keeps the pizzas fresh and warm. Plus it is a safe packaging solution and prevents the pizzas from damage.

Cost-Effective Packaging Solution

Cardboard boxes are lightweight thus the brands can order them in bulk quantities. Whether you order small or large pizza boxes there is no need to worry about the shipment fare.

Next, you can save big by ordering wholesale corrugated boxes. As the order size increases the price per unit decreases. But, we offer minimum order quantity. If you are on a budget you can order only 100 boxes.

The thing is that whether you opt for wholesale or MOQ policy the quality is 10/10. The boxes are checked by our experts. They ensure the corrugated pizza boxes are designed as per the quotation form and meet the international packaging criteria.

Easy to Customize

There is no denying that corrugated pizza boxes are durable. It is known for its excellent quality and strength. Not only this, it offers endless customization options. The brands can distinguish their packaging with digital printing. It gives excellent results and promises the customers a memorable visual experience. Whether you want one or full-colored printing you can count on us. Feel free to print any color, design, text, or theme on the corrugated pizza boxes. It looks attractive and engages the food lovers.

Go the Extra Mile with Tamper-Proof Packaging

Corrugated pizza boxes are long-lasting and sturdy. It protects the food and keeps it warm. But, you can win the customer's trust with tamper-proof packaging. It is a simple paper attached to the box lid. It secures the packaging and prevents it from tampering. If the seal is broken it means the box is compromised. Thus customized sticker or labels is an amazing way to seal corrugated boxes. The best part is that it makes the food packaging informative. For instance, you can print the customer name, pizza flavor, price, manufacturing date, or storage conditions.

Long story short, there are unlimited ways to customize the packaging.

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Corrugated Kraft vs Corrugated Cardboard Pizza Boxes; Which One is the Best?

Food packaging should be as attractive as the food itself. We design colorful, attractive, and engaging pizza boxes. It hooks the customers and turns them into repeat business.

We offer two packaging options: cardboard and kraft. Both are excellent packaging substrates. They are durable, damage-resistant, recyclable, and easy to customize.

Yet, when it comes to color variation and add-ons cardboard takes an edge. You can print any color, text, or design and enhance it with the gloss coating. It improves the texture, color, and image sharpness. Thus the corrugated pizza boxes are pleasant to touch and visually attractive.


Urgent Boxes is a professional packaging company based in the USA. We are the best at our craft and provide unparalleled quality, endless customization, and digital proof under one roof. Order corrugated pizza boxes in any size, color, or style and we will deliver them to your doorsteps within a few business days.

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