How can you Boost your Fast Food Business with Custom Burger Boxes?

21 Jul 2023, By Adam

How can you Boost your Fast Food Business with Custom Burger Boxes?

It is admitted that burgers are everyone’s favorite fast food item worldwide. And they are available in different flavors and sizes. And for its differentiation, custom burger boxes are very much needed.

Besides, it protects the burgers from moisture and contamination. Thus it keeps the burger’s taste and aroma fresh. Moreover, burger packaging with a logo helps to solidify your identity.

Hence custom packaging offers a plethora of benefits to small and large-scale food franchises. And we have pinned all the important points in this blog. So read it till the end and learn the secret to upscale your food business.

Custom burger boxes with logo

Brands like McDonald’s and Burger King are recognizable through their signature logo designs. And people spot their favorite food brands from a distance.

A prominent logo is important for all the right reasons. Hence it is used everywhere, from billboards to packaging. It makes your brand credible, creates awareness, and attracts customers.

As a result, it makes your burger brand popular and increases sales.

Attractive packaging

The burgers are packed in a signature custom burger box. And almost all of them have the same style and design. However, you can make it stand out using different images, colors, designs, and printing techniques.

And the best way is to print mouthwatering burger images. It tells the customers about the burger’s flavor, ingredients, and size. Hence it makes the food packaging informative and attractive.

Further, you can use different colors, laminates, and finishing details to enhance the image’s sharpness. 

Communicative packaging

Food authorities are very much concerned about the food quality. Hence the food brands ensure that the burgers are manufactured as per international food standards. It maintains the burger's quality and improves the brand’s credibility.

Hence, printing the ingredients, safety labels, and food allergy warnings is important. It helps the customers make healthy food choices and builds a strong customer-brand relationship.

Use of environmentally friendly material

The purpose of a custom burger box is to protect the burgers from damage. Therefore the brands use top-quality packaging substrate. And in the food industry, cardboard and kraft are commonly used.

And it is popular for its amazing characteristics. For example, it is durable, shipped flat, and lightweight. And above all, it’s highly customizable.

Thus you can design the burger packaging in any color, size, style, or design. However, there are certain printing limitations with kraft, whereas cardboard offers infinite customization options. 

Lastly, both the packaging substrates are eco-safe (decomposable, recyclable, and reusable. Thus it keeps the environment clean and healthy.

Inside printing

Yummy and juicy burgers are irresistible. And you can make them even more tempting with inside printing. You can print mouthwatering images, slogans, and burgers’ nutritional information. 

Moreover, you can mention the manufacturing process and safety protocols to impress the customers. Hence it creates informative and engaging wholesale custom burger boxes

And you can use different design techniques and laminates to highlight the inside printing. For instance, you can opt for spot UV or foil stamping. Both give target-specific gloss and shine. Thus it gives a contrasting effect and makes the particular information stand out. 

Right size packaging

In food packaging, accurate size is very important. It keeps the burgers intact and prevents the sauces from smudging. Hence you can order the kraft and cardboard burger packaging in the exact size.

Moreover, they are easy to assemble and carry around. And it provides customers with frustration-free packaging. On top of that, it lowers global packaging waste and promotes sustainable packaging.

Food-grade laminated packaging

You can make custom printed burger boxes free of harmful chemicals and allergens with the following.

  • Gloss lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Aqueous coating

These are food-grade lamination, and it improves the box’s shelf life. A thin and transparent layer is applied on the box surface. And it makes the packaging durable and strong. Above all, it makes the burger packaging spotless and stainless. 

And the aqueous coating is popularly used because of its eco-friendly properties. It is liquid based, quickly dries out, and contains no harmful chemicals.

Why choose us?

Urgent Boxes is an all-rounder custom box supplier. We design attractive, functional, and eco-safe custom printed burger boxes. You can specify the box details in the quotation form, and our experts will design them in your preferred size, stock, and color.

Or send your suggestion or design samples to and we will provide an innovative packaging solution. Last but not least, we offer an instant quote, excellent design, digital sample, and market competitive rates. Choose us as your printing partner and get worldwide free shipping and doorstep delivery service. 

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