Why Do You Need Customized Boxes for Food Packaging

10 Jan 2023, By jane

Why Do You Need Customized Boxes for Food Packaging

Before further discussion, you must know the importance of custom food boxes. Two main reasons can compel you to choose the path of customization. One is the surging competition among food brands in the market. Another is protecting food items, as food products are more likely to get contaminated and moist. In this situation, multipurpose customized boxes are an ultimatum for you. You can use them for promotional purposes and give safe storage to your mouthwatering items.

What are the Key Features of Custom Boxes Wholesale?

Customized boxes are of great importance. While Custom Food Boxes have some prominent attributes that are as follows:

  1. Firstly, food box packaging is customized with food-grade and sustainable material. So, you don't have to get worried about the food's quality. Your edibles stay fresh and delicious for an extended period.
  2. Secondly, these are environmentally friendly. You can decompose or recycle the packaging without polluting the surroundings.
  3. Thirdly, you can give the package a promotional touch by adding the logo and the company's tag lines.
  4. Fourthly, these are reasonable. You can save a significant amount if you order in bulk.

Choose Urgent Boxes for Food Box Packaging Wholesale

So, whom to choose for custom boxes wholesale? You can rely on our services. Our company is one of the top-rate packaging suppliers. Besides food packaging, we have been offering our services in the beauty, apparel, cannabis, and tobacco industry. We offer plenty of customized solutions. You have full liberty to select whatever suits your taste.

Shake the Lead Out with Custom Printed Food Boxes:

Are you new in business and dreaming of getting a lead? We at Urgent Boxes are at your service to turn your dreams into reality. You can set apart your products in the crowd with printed food boxes. You can design the prints keeping in view the targeted audiences. For example, you can print out famous comic characters or cartoons on the chocolates and candies boxes to seek the kid's attention. Furthermore, buyers love informational food packaging. You can make it instructive by adding the description of food items, their ingredient, flavor, expiry date, price, etc.

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Customization of Food Box Packaging with Sustainable Cardboard Material:

The safety of the food must be your company's priority. You cannot risk your food by packing them in an average-quality box. We suggest you use cardboard paper.

What are the characteristics of cardboard paper:

  • It is recyclable.
  • It is versatile, and you can use it for any range of food items.
  • It is strong and endurable to moisture, heat, sunburn, etc.
  • It is food friendly. It keeps edibles warm and fresh. Cardboard paper enhances their storage life.
  • Cardboard is not only high in quality but also costs significantly less.
  • Cardboard is feasible and accustomed to printing as well.

Use of Food-Grade Inks and Material for Food Boxes Wholesale:

Material selection for the packaging of custom food boxes seems challenging. Because today, customers have become very conscious. They make sure to choose a reliable brand that sells healthy and hygienic food. You can build clients' trust in your brand's items by choosing food-safe material for box packaging. Kraft and cardboard are the best options. Kraft is made of pine wood and is 100% non-toxic. Besides this, you can also ensure the utilization of food-grade inks and prints.

The Most Popular Styles of Food Boxes:

An incredible box's style can add value to your food packaging. You can select the box's design, color, and size. Food items come in a range of sizes and shapes. Each item has its specific packaging demands. For example, hamburgers have mini and large sizes. So, we can customize custom burger boxes in any size to your demands. However, a gable box is one of the preferable box options. It presents items very professionally. Besides this, two-piece boxes, sleeve packaging, and tuck-front are also on the top list.

Role of Add-Ons in Food Box Packaging

Add-ons are one of the essential components in customization. However, they have a particular role in custom food boxes. You can keep edibles separated with the help of inserts. In comparison, you can add a window in the package to showcase the items before the audience. We will recommend you add thick PVC sheets for the display window. It will keep edibles prevented from dirt and pollutants etc.

Urgent Boxes the Best Packaging Supplier for Custom Boxes Wholesale

Our company is one of the top-rated packaging suppliers in the USA and Canada. You can avail of our high-end services at very reasonable costs. Our hardworking staff makes its utmost effort to create an ideal bespoke package. Share your product's requirements with our team and see the magic. However, our outstanding services include:

  • We ship the order to your doorsteps without any fee.
  • Our company does not charge for plates and die-cuts.
  • You can get quote within 24 hours.
  • You can avail of design assistance without any charges.
  • Our standard delivery time is 14 to 17 business days.
  • You can get the order in a rush in 9 to 12 business days.
  • Our minimum order policy is 100 boxes.
  • Our customer service staff is at your hand all the time.
  • You can get customized packages in all custom designs, colors, materials, and sizes.
  • You can obtain our cutting-edge services at very cost-effective prices.
  • We offer free 2D and 3D digital design samples.

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