Team Urgent Boxes The Experts of Food Packaging

09 Sep 2022, By Adam

Team Urgent Boxes The Experts of Food Packaging

We at Urgent Boxes have been working to provide excellent food packaging to the food industry for years now. Receiving worldwide acknowledgement and recognition, we proudly stand and continue to deliver our countless services. We aim to deliver our professionalism at its absolute best.

Food industry, unquestionably, is one of the largest growing industries. Many people joined food business over the past few years, be it on a large scale or a relatively small one. A food packaging requires details and attention to its every aspect. It cannot settle with any other typical packaging. Especially when it comes to the packaging material, having a top-quality material is a need that cannot be looked past.

The solution to your food packaging concern is Team Urgent Boxes! Our custom food boxes will help you provide quality packaging, and ultimately deliver quality food. In food business in particular, nothing matters more than quality. Hence, building supreme quality custom food boxes with Team Urgent Boxes will help you take the lead.

Dominating the burger industry with Optimum Burger Boxes!

It’s a fact which is no secret that burgers are amongst one of the most loved fast food items, probably one of the most purchased and demanded too. Today, every restaurant, big or small, has been increasing their sales and popularity for its burgers. Apart from trying new recipes, adding flavors to its packaging stand equally important; rather the most impacting.

We offer multiple box styles for your custom burger boxes. Usually, people prefer gable or pillow box style as their custom food boxes. They are spacious and will be a better way of delivering your food.

These box styles will help make your food even more tempting. The more exquisite a packaging is the greater attention you will be able to grab. Thus, these optimum styles for your burger boxes are the most efficient way to dominate the burger industry!

Highly-Equipped Printing Available for your Burger Boxes!

We offer fine printing to our clients. Having sleek prints, with your brand logo and other details is paramount. Usually, people are trying out new restaurants. For such a situation, having an elaboration of your food business on your custom food boxes and its other details will be beneficial.

We offer digital, onset and offset printing techniques. Furthermore, we provide coating for your printed burger boxes as well. It is sufficient to coat your prints in order to:

  • Make them shine
  • Make them last long
  • Provide an exquisite and glazy exterior.

At Urgent Boxes, we offer 3 coating styles.

  1. Gloss coating
  2. Matte coating
  3. Aqueous coating

The purpose of customization is to have one of the most unique packaging. Hence, through coating, you leave your burger boxes with attractiveness. It helps you to leave a good first impression on your customers. Especially, if you are new to this industry, having luxurious and appealing burger boxes is as important as appealing your burgers must be.

Further Enhancements:

To add more to the outlook of your burger boxes, Team Urgent Boxes recommends their add-ons. Our additional features will bring the best out of your custom food boxes. In other words, you’ll be creating some magic now!

For Instance:

  • To make the first glimpse of your customers on your burgers worthwhile and surprising, add a die-cut window.
  • Intensify your brand logo by foiling and embossing/debossing.

Generating Sales Strategically on a Restricted budget!

Having a jump in sales is not difficult, if done strategically. Everything is possible when you will. And if you will for it, Team Urgent Boxes believes in you. We have never kept our services restricted. We welcome new and under developing businesses to get our team to work with them as well!

To have your burger boxes while on a not-so-flexible budget, choose our custom boxes wholesale. With our appealing and fascinating wholesale grabs, you can assist yourself through uncertain circumstances as well.

Our burger boxes wholesale purchase is highly budget-friendly. With such a coast saving offer at hand, you won’t have to deal with the stress of restricted budgets!

Guaranteed Stocks Durability:

  • Our packaging material is known to be the finest and of extreme high quality.
  • Having durability, especially in custom food boxes is paramount. This helps to ensure safe takeaways or home deliveries, if or when needed.
  • We offer paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and Kraft for optimum quality burger boxes.
  • The thickness of the stocks is adjustable.
  • All stocks offered at Urgent Boxes are sturdy and promising.
  • Furthermore, our stocks are highly eco-friendly as well.
  • The nature friendliness of a packaging depicts its hygiene as well. Hence, people will ultimately trust your food brand and have no hygiene issues!

Free design support:

  • Customization is diverse and practically a new concept to many. It can sometimes get overwhelming and confusing.
  • Hence, to facilitate our clients and let them be open to the numerous benefits of customization, we offer design support.
  • Our expert customization designers will help manufacture a trendy, unique and attractive outlook for your burger boxes.
  • Moreover, our expert designers will be available to assist you throughout the customization process, without you having to pay for them!

24/7 Customer Services:

  • We receive several queries and questions on an everyday basis. However, none of our clients were made to wait until having their questions answered,
  • Our customer inquiry is highly professional, with a 24/7 availability.
  • Thus, you can reach us out at any time, without worrying about odd hours.

Free Shipping Worldwide:

  • It is true to state that the worst kind of stress is the shipping stress.
  • The hassle of shipment procedures can be tiresome.
  • To save our clients from this stress, we offer free shipping worldwide.
  • You can now get your burger boxes delivered right at your doorstep, globally!

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