5 Outrageous Ideas for your Bagel Boxes

16 Apr 2022, By Jessica

5 Outrageous Ideas for your Bagel Boxes

Bagels are highly preferred by health conscious people. They are now being normally prioritized over regular bread. With its great nutritious properties, people never forget to consume them on a daily basis. Many bakeries now sell bagels. It is true to say that there is now literally an influx of bakeries that produce bagels. Moreover, there are now many small home based businesses as well that sell bagels. Undoubtedly, there is a massive competition amongst all these bakeries to make their bagels preferred by customers.

One smart route you can take to make your bagels popular among bagel lovers is by having a better box to pack them. Not only your bagels but the boxes you pack and present them in hold great importance as well.

Why is it Important to have Better Bagel Box Packaging?

In order to have better sales and larger recognition of your bagels, it is firstly important for you to understand the importance of a quality packaging. The outlook of your packaging is the first thing people will notice about you. It greatly reflects and speaks for your brand. Furthermore, by customizing your bagel boxes, you come in authority to completely decide every aspect that will go into the production of your custom bagel boxes. From deciding the packaging material to personalizing a unique outlook, everything goes as per your requirements.

This is a complete guide for you that consists of 5 outrageous ideas that will help you make better and classic custom bagel boxes for your bakery!

Select the Perfect Material for Your Custom Bagel Boxes

It is paramount to have a high quality material for your custom bagel boxes. Food products require better protection which is able to secure them and do not get them contaminated. Since bagels are highly nutritious, they require extra strong durability in its box material to shield them properly. You can choose a high quality paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard or Kraft for the production of your custom bagel boxes.

These stocks are reliable and will be able to provide stronger protection, ensure hygiene and prevent them from getting contaminated. Moreover, you can also adjust and increase the thickness of your material as well. Thus, this is the best part about customization; any and every aspect can be molded according to your preferences!

Urgent Boxes have one of the finest quality stocks. An outstanding fact about the stocks provided by Team Urgent Boxes is that their stocks possess great eco-friendly properties. In today’s world, people are extremely considerate about the purchases they make. They want to make sure that no such product is purchased by them that may potentially pose a threat to the environment. Moreover, having eco-friendly packaging is important for food to ensure hygiene. Therefore, stocks provided by Urgent Boxes are ideal for manufacturing your custom bagel boxes!

Utilize Amazing Box Styles Available

Customization has uncountable benefits. To profit more by making your custom bagel boxes stand a class apart from all other bagel boxes, you can use box styles as well. Urgent boxes provide a wide range of uniquely structured boxes. Here, you will find the perfectly styled boxes to present your bagels in the most classic way.

Some suggestions you can consider from the box styles are as follows:

Furthermore, you can find more box styles and their description on our website as well!

Innovative Prints for a Better Appearance

We highly emphasize on a quality appearance as much as we do for a quality stock. The appearance of your custom bagel boxes will become your identity. In simpler words, people will start recognizing you more for your appearance. Hence, it is very important to have an outlook that is able to make your bagel boxes grab all the attention in the market.

Let your artistic skills flow! Brainstorm! Be creative, innovative and extraordinary!

Furthermore, to assist you in personalizing a print for your custom bakery boxes, you can get the design support provided by Urgent Boxes onboard with you. They will help you make a print that will be able to stand out and catch all the eyes on it. A trick to make your bagel boxes look lavishing is coating. Coating will be a layer that will cover your prints while making an exquisite look of it. We offer three different types of coats i.e. gloss, matte and aqueous. Thus, you can use the one that appeals to you the most!

The Importance of a Die-Cut Window

Many customers want to have a look at the bagels before making a purchase. Bagels are usually placed on shelves as well. If the boxes are completely sealed, the customers cannot have a look at the bagels. Henceforth, to cater to this concern of your customers, personalize a die-cut window on your custom bagel boxes.

Basically, a die-cut allows you to see through a packaging without opening it. A high quality PVC sheet also covers the die-cut area. Moreover, you can be creative with your die-cut shape as well. Having this feature on your custom bagel boxes will add to its elegance while catering to buyer’s concern as well!.

Pro tip: Make the Most of your Add-Ons

Customizing comes along with great benefits. At Urgent Boxes, you are introduced to some amazing features termed as add-ons. By using these features, you will give some detailing in order to enhance the outlook of your custom bagel boxes. That’s the whole purpose of customization; Looking for ways to make your bagel boxes better and aesthetically appealing.

With the foiling feature, you can make an exquisite look of the logo on your custom bagel boxes. You can thus outline or imprint your logo with a gold or silver foil. This will enhance the overall outlook of your logo and make it more eye-captivating. Our magical features, embossing and debossing will give a 3D impact to the patterns or logo on your bagel boxes. It will intensify the overall outlook of the packaging of your bagel boxes. Therefore, using this feature will make your custom bagel boxes appealing to the eyes.

That’s it. You’re all set to amaze your competitors and the customers by the charm and aura your custom bagel boxes will possess!

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