Tips and Tricks to Customize Elegant and Impeccable Custom Bottle Neckers

15 Sep 2023, By Adam

Tips and Tricks to Customize Elegant and Impeccable Custom Bottle Neckers

Wishing to enhance the value of your beverage brand? Custom bottle neckers or hang tags must be your preference. They act as the best marketing tool. Most of the time, retail owners undervalue these kinds of marketing strategies and end up with nothing. These hang tags on bottles, also known as mini billboards, are very influential in creating awareness about the company’s products. We at Urgent Boxes customize first-rate custom printed bottle neckers at reasonable prices. You can count on us to get a tailormade tag in any preferred size, shape, color and material.

Want a guide on creating exclusive and up-to-the-mark bottle neckers? Look no further. This blog is written for you. It will highlight all essential steps you can follow to produce an ultimate bottle necker wholesale.

Frame Custom Bottle Necker into Right Fit Size and Shape

The first step for customizing a bottle necker is forming a perfect layout and design. We all know that bottles for drinks do not have standard sizes. They come in numerous forms. A ready-made bottleneck cannot be a reasonable choice. Want to customize a precise and right size bottle necker wholesale for hanging around your beverage bottle? Then you have to share the product’s dimensions with the team of experts who can shape it into exact form. Additionally, you can stylize these tags into oval, rectangular or round shapes. The diversity in the necker styles stands outs from the products in the crowded market.

Choose Cardboard Paper to Create Sturdy and Striking Bottle Necker Wholesale

Another considerable thing in the customization of bottle neckers wholesale is the material. You have to choose premium material to build a long-lasting necker. Bottle neckers customized with average-quality paper will likely curve or tear apart. That’s why they deserve sustainable cardboard paper. Cardboard is a strong paper. It has the power to resist moisturization, sun heat, scratches etc. Moreover, you can enhance the appeal of cardboard neckers from both sides of printing. Both sides of printing will help to add detailed promotional information. Lastly, cardboard paper is cost-effective.

Select Brown Kraft Paper for Simple and Organic Bottles Neckers Wholesale

Brown kraft bottle neckers are emerging in trends due to their plain and unadorned look. Kraft bottle neckers with a minimal logo design or artwork outstand among the adorned bottle neckers. Moreover, kraft paper is available in various colors, like black, brown, and white. You can opt for anyone. However, brown kraft paper is preferable due to its organic look. Brown kraft paper is unbleached and uncoated. Thus, you can recycle it effortlessly.

Foil Stamp Logo Design of Bottle Neckers to Outstand the Brand’s Image

Labelling bottle necker wholesale with the brand’s logo is an immediate and inexpensive way to advertise the company’s name. Usually, the tags are printed with other details like product descriptions, QR codes, special offers etc., so the logo image becomes blurred among all these prints. The lamination of the logo image with the hot foil stamping prominent it among the rest of the designs and gives it a distinctive identity. Hot foil stamping is accessible in numerous colors such as silver, gold, rose gold foiling, holographic foil etc.

Furnish Your Bottle Neckers with Premium Finishings and Add-Ons

Spotless and unblemished objects always become the center of the client’s attention and grab their attention at first sight. You can give a flawless look to printed bottle neckers by applying coatings and enhancements. Their names include: embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV, gloss finish, matt coating and aqueous etc. the lamination of the box’s surface with coating adds a protective layer against the scratches, smudges, fingerprints, marks etc. besides coatings, embossing, debossing, foil stamp and spot UV enhance the color prints.

What are the Benefits of Using Custom Bottle Neckers Around Bottles?

After reading this blog post, you must be curious about the benefits of custom bottle neckers for the beverage business. These are as follows:

  • Helpful in brand’s marketing
  • Outstand the products on the busy shelves
  • Call into attention the buyers towards products immediately
  • Build a strong relationship between buyers and brands
  • The best tool to announce new products and promotional discounts

Urgent Boxes: Ultimate Place for Bottle Neckers

Novice in the beverage business and looking for a reliable packaging company to customize bottle necker wholesale? Please don’t go ahead. Urgent Boxes must be your first pick to customize a bespoke bottle necker with the quickest turnaround. Our packaging team comprises a skilled team of manufacturers who know how to build an exact product following the client’s requirements. Moreover, we also offer design mock-ups to get the client’s final approval before the beginning of the order. You can buy boxes in bulk quantity and avail of huge discounts deals to save the company’s budget. Place order now.


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