Difference Between GSM and PT Unit Systems

18 Nov 2023, By Adam

Difference Between GSM and PT Unit Systems

Ultimate Guide on GSM Vs. PT Unit Systems 

GSM and PT systems are the two units’ options for measuring printing material. But here comes the question of what these unit systems are and the criteria for using them in packaging and printing. At first, you have to be clear about the difference between PT and GSM measuring units. The clarity between these two-unit systems plays a pivotal part in making suitable printing and packaging choices in customized packaging. However, this blog will bring forward everything you must learn about grams per square meter and point system. Stay with us.

Why Do Measuring Paper Units Matter?

In the present age, packaging has become the need of each industry. The brands do their best to use quality packaging to elevate their status. The packaging of a product has the potential to increase or decrease the value of a product. 

Various quality assurance tests are performed to ensure the actual quality of packaging. Because defective packaging can destroy the company's overall image and product’s value. You have to stay mindful to create a flawless product’s packaging. The most crucial aspect of creating perfect packaging is its material. The most favorable stock options are Kraft, cardboard, paper board, and corrugated. 

The material quality depends on strength, weight, and molecule structure. Here, you will stick to this question: how do you assess the thickness and weight of paper? GSM and PT units’ systems are the answer to it. These units help in determining the right thickness and weightage of paper. The higher the GSM and PT, the stronger the packaging will be.

GSM vs PT Unit System

GSM stands for (Grams per square meter), and PT stands for (point system). Both system units evaluate the thickness of paper in packaging and printing. They help to identify the mass and density of any paper. The paper could be in cardboard, paper board, or any other form. Besides the box’s thickness, its weight also plays a crucial role. However, reams and packets are their measuring units. 

Let’s talk about these measuring unit systems separately.

Grams Per Square Meter (GSM):

Grams per square meter (GSM) is the metric equivalent of a point system. However, it is based on the metric methods rather than inches. You must have analyzed the packaging material and noticed that the thickness of the paper does not decide its durability. There is the possibility of paper being thin but substantial enough to resist external harm. On that note, you must remember that the higher the GSM, the higher the thickness.

PT (Point System):

Like GMS, PT is another measuring unit that calculates the thickness using the caliper of that paper. Manufacturers measure the thickness of relevant paper by using a micrometer. We can define equality of point to 0.001 inches. Thus, the 10th pt would represent 0.01 inches thickness of stock. The most common notion about the Point system is that the production team and supplier used it to measure the weight during transportation. The point system also determines which machine is suitable for paper printing. Like grams per square meter, the paper's thickness will increase as the point increases.

Description of Popular GSM and PT Paper Weights

Following are some typical GSM and PT weights and how to use them:

35-55 3-6 Newspaper:  fragile and thin
90-100 7 Printer paper
120-140 8 Posters and bulletins
210-300 9-12 Magazine covers
350-600 14-20 Packaging boxes, invitation, busienss cards, flyers etc.


Converting GSM And PT Units:

Both PT and unit systems are used to calculate the paper’s thickness. There exists a great difference between these unit systems as GSM considers the weight of the paper in its calculation while PT does not. However, a conversion chart can help you understand how to study it.

Are GSM And PT Unit Systems the Ultimate Factors for Choosing Paper Packaging? 

Regarding the selection of packaging material, the grams per square meter and point system are not the only deciding factors. They are only useful for measuring the box’s thickness and density. There are a lot of other elements that can be a great help in picking out the best paper for packaging.

To Summarize:

The selection of the measuring unit depends on the diversity of paper packaging. The overall printing and packaging procedure depends on the thickness of the paper. We know that analyzing the thickness, weight, GSM, and PT of paper is a very hard task. There is no need to be overwhelmed. You are not supposed to perform this task by yourself. You can reach us at Urgent Boxes. We understand the complexity of customized packaging. Our experts will help you out in finding out the best options. However, if you are unsure about anything, our team will aid you in bringing your imaginative ideas to life. So, don’t keep on waiting. Join hands with us to make the right choices.

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