Perfect Solution for Your Packing Needs

02 May 2023, By Adam

Perfect Solution for Your Packing Needs

Custom cardboard suitcase boxes are perfect for shipping and mailer purposes. It delivers heavy and lightweight items safely to the final destination. The cardboard stock is durable and strong; thus, it provides maximum protection. Hence you can pack the electronics, makeup kit, footwear, and toys without worrying about damage. The handle boxes have a strong locking mechanism that prevents the accidental opening of the box. And that makes it a perfect solution for your packaging needs. However, in today’s blog, we will discuss interesting ideas to make your boxes creative and handy. So let us get into the details.

Custom Cardboard Suitcase Boxes with Handles

Suitcase packaging is known as a briefcase-style box. It usually comes with handles at the top. And it makes the packaging convenient and easy to use. Thus travelers and businessmen can carry their valuable goods safely. The kraft or cardboard handles improve the aesthetics and functionality of the packaging. It gives an attractive and versatile look to the suitcase boxes. Moreover, it makes the boxes safer and more durable.

Hence it is the best way to keep your goods safe and secure. Lastly, you can order the handles in any size, stock, color, or style.

Gift Packaging Ideas

The tuck-front box style is ideal for gift or subscription packaging. You can pack high-end skincare products, cosmetics, or electronic devices. It secures them and also gives them a presentable look. There are several ways to embellish the custom cardboard suitcase boxes. For instance, you can tie a beautiful ribbon knot or lace at the lid. Or you can wrap around a hemp rope for a classic look. It upscales the unboxing experience and makes the receivers feel valued.

Next, you can attach a handwritten note or greeting card to deliver an important message. It makes your packaging attractive and informative. 

Suitcase Boxes with Customized Stickers

There are unlimited ways to design custom printed suitcase packaging. You can use different add-ons to make your packaging stand out. For example, you can make it eye-catching with customized stickers or labels. You can glue pictures of famous monuments like the Eiffel tower, the statue of liberty, or the great wall of China.

Thus it gives it an attractive look and transforms the boxes into a traveling guide!

Use of Custom Inserts

During traveling, it is important to organize your cardboard boxes with handles. It keeps all the important documents, files, and items in place. And you don’t need to panic at the last moment. Therefore the custom dividers or inserts are a must-have. It sections the box and creates space for holding valuable items. The best part is that it keeps them safe and secure until you reach your destination.

Moreover, it prevents the boxes from collapsing or wrinkling. And no matter how much you travel, it keeps the shape and style of the packaging intact. You can order custom-printed, colorful, or plain inserts. And you can even customize them in your preferred stock (kraft, cardboard, or rigid).

Inside Printing

They say you learn a lot while traveling. And that’s true because you get a chance to explore different countries, their culture, and traditions. But you can make it even more exciting and memorable with inside-box printing. You can print a world map, important traveling tips, and interesting information. Further, you can highlight it with different design techniques like embossing, debossing, or foil stamping. It makes it eye-catching and enhances the visual and tactile experience.

So there are countless ways to design suitcase packaging. Depending on your taste, you can use different colors, designs, laminates, and add-ons. 

Use of Green Packaging

Wholesale suitcase boxes are in high demand because of their versatile features. It is a durable, stylish, and sustainable packaging solution. The cardboard material is highly customizable; hence you can design it in different colors, sizes, and designs. And the best part is that it is 100% reusable, recyclable, and decomposable. Thus, it supports green packaging and reduces global packaging waste. Moreover, you can enhance the cardboard packaging with custom surface laminates, finishings, and decorations. In a nutshell, it offers functionality and sustainability all in one box.

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