How to Make your Celebrations Memorable with Custom Pyramid Boxes?

14 Jul 2023, By Adam

How to Make your Celebrations Memorable with Custom Pyramid Boxes?

As the name tells, the custom pyramid boxes are pyramid shaped. And worldwide, it is appreciated for its unique packaging style and shape. Thus it is widely used for gift and luxury packaging. 

However, there are several ways to make pyramid packaging aesthetically pleasing. You can use customized embellishments, eye-catching colors, printing techniques, etc. 

So this blog highlights important tips and tricks to design beautiful packaging. Let us dive into the details.

Use of eco-friendly material

Across the globe, chocolates are the best gift items. Hence brands pay special attention to their packaging. And customers also appreciate versatile and attractive packaging styles.

And for that, custom pyramid boxes are the best. It is one of a kind packaging style and is in high demand. Therefore it is manufactured in bulk quantities. And small to big-scale chocolate brands can create a difference using sustainable packaging.

You can design the pyramid packaging in kraft, rigid, or cardboard stock. It is environmentally safe and causes no land pollution. Plus, it is versatile, durable, and strong.

Hence it is customizable in any stock, size, design, and color. So cherish your happy moments sustainably!

Custom pyramid boxes with hang tags

The sweet treats are a must, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or anniversary party. It doubles up the celebrations and makes everyone happy. Hence it is the best way to make your friends and loved ones feel special.

All you need is to pack the chocolates in the box, and you are good to go! But for a more special effect, you can attach the hang tags on the packaging.

You can print personalized messages, greetings, or quotations on it. Moreover, it makes the custom printed pyramid boxes aesthetically appealing. Hence you can customize the hang tags or cards in any shape, size, color, or print. 

Pyramid packaging with ribbon

Lately, unboxing videos have become quite a thing on social media platforms. And the customers look forward to exciting videos and eagerly await the influencer’s review.

Therefore, from electronics to apparel to cosmetics brands, all focus on customized packaging. It has the immense power to make or break the brand image. 

Hence they pay attention to the box style, stock, size, color, and design. The truth is that minute decoration is of paramount importance. It amplifies the packaging and upscales the unboxing experience.

So you can decorate the wholesale pyramid boxes with stylish and colorful ribbons. It excites the customers, and they enjoy the entire unboxing experience. Besides, you have other options like hemp rope or ribbon bows. And you can choose them depending on your personal preference. 

Luxury custom pyramid boxes

The custom printed pyramid packaging instantly grabs customers' attention because of its three-dimensional shape. And it is customizable in different colors, sizes, and themes. Therefore the brands use it for promotional and gift packaging.

So to impress business peers and potential customers, it is important to design luxury packaging. And for that, foil stamping tops the list. The beautiful and glossy metallic foil gives an iconic look to the packaging.

Besides, it is a neat and sophisticated printing method (no use of ink). Thus the colored foil firmly adheres to the pyramid box with high heat and pressure. Moreover, hot foil stamping complements other printing techniques like embossing and debossing. Thus it is a versatile finishing technique.

And the best part is that you can choose red, copper, rose gold, green, golden, silver, or blue foil. It looks stunning on the dark substrate and gives a glossy look to the images, initials, dates, or greetings.

Why choose Urgent Boxes?

We are an award-winning custom box supplier across USA and Canada. And over the years, we won the trust of top-notch brands, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. We aim to provide high-quality packaging to our A-list clients at affordable rates. 

Our customer-centric policies facilitate startup brands to grow their business. Thus you can order a minimum of 100 custom pyramid boxes in any size, color, or theme. And our graphic designers and packaging consultants will design the packaging to your needs.

And in the end, we share a 2D and 3D sample of pyramid packaging. Once you are satisfied with the box style, size, color, and design, we will start production. And our quality control thoroughly checks the quality before dispatching.

Hence it takes 8 days (rush order) and 12 days (standard order) to print and dispatch the orders to your doorstep. Lastly, there are no hidden tariffs, die-cut plate charges, or additional fees. 

Therefore whether short run or a bulk order, we provide an instant quote, free shipping, and doorstep delivery service. Place your orders now and talk to our packaging team. Call +1-646-224-228 or email ; our in-house team is more than happy to help you!


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